50+ Striking god Names For Baby Boy

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Stories surrounding the different deities are usually mysterious and inspiring. Giving your little one any of the gods names for baby boy, will connect him to those interesting stories which depict the power and virtue of these different gods.

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I have a detailed list of some of the names inspired by the gods of the Greek, Roman, and the biblical God, as well as their meanings. 

Hope you find a perfect one for your son. 

Names Of Boys Inspired By Roman gods 

Photo of an ancient greek statue; greek god names for baby boy can be gotten

These names are popular and they have been for ages.

ConsusTo plantConsus was the Roman God of harvest and grain.
Saturn.God of agriculrureSaturn was father to Juno and Jupiter  It is the name of the 6th planet in the solar system
Quirinus a spearQuirnius was a Roman God.
PolluxsweetPollux was the son of Zeus and a twin brother to Castor. 
PlutowealthPluto is the god of the underworld. It is also the smallest planet in the solar system.
archwayJanus was known as the Roman God of beginnings and gateways. His two faces looked in opposite directions.  
Summanusbefore the morningSummanus was the Roman God of the sky, night, and lightning. 
CupidPassionate desireCupid was the son of Venus and the Roman God of love. He had wings to carry a bow and arrows.
VulcanflashVulcan was the God of fire.
woodSilvius was the name of an early Roman saint that was martyred in Alexandria. It is also the family name of the kings of Alba Longa ’.
MarsGod of warMars was the God of war. It is also the name of the 4th planet in the solar system.
.Neptune.God of the seaNeptune was equal to the Greek God Poseidon. It is the name of the 8th planet in the solar system
LiberFreedomLiber is the name given to  the god of fertility.
JupiterThe supreme GodJupiter was responsible for preserving the laws of the Roman state.
Evander:Good manEvander founded the city of Pallantium. It is a variation of Evandrus
FaunusBefriendFaunus was the god of fertility and agriculture.

Baby Names For Boys Inspired By Greek gods 

Photo of a baby boy
Apollo DestroyerApollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. He is the god of art, music, knowledge prophecy, and enlightenment.
AjaxBrave, strongAjax was a Greek hero who played an important role in Homer’s Iliad.
War, ruinAres was the bloodthirsty god of war who was  unreliable and moody
CastorBeaverCastor was the twin brother of Pollux. When he died, Pollux pleaded to Zeus to let them remain together. So they were transformed into the constellation.
ZeusKing of the godsZeus is known to be the god of the sky and thunder. It has become one of the popular baby boy names. 
Damon SubduesDamon displayed loyalty and trust when he risked his life to stand in the gap for his friend.
HectorTo holdHector was the son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba. He was recognized as the greatest fighter in the Trojan War.
HermesHerald of godsHermes was known as the god of trade and travel. He was the son of Maia and Zeus.
Perseus.DestroyerPerseus was a demi-god who saved Andromeda from a sea-monster. He also fought and defeated Medusa.
Proteus.FirstProteus was the prophetic god of the sea.
AdonislordAdonis, a young shepherd, was killed while hunting a wild boar.
AeolusMessenger and herald of the godsAeolus was the god of the wind. He is the son of the nymph Orseïs and Helen.
AdrastosNot inclined to run awayAdrastos was the name of the king of Argos.
AgamemnonVery steadfastAgamemnon was a brother to Menelaus, who led the Greek  group to Troy to recover Helen.
AchillesPainThis was the name of a warrior.
ArgusShiningArgus was the man who built the Argo and has hundred eyes.
BacchusGod of the wineBacchus was another name used to refer to the god of Dionysus.
AristaeusBestAristaeus was the god of agriculture and cattle. He was son to Apollo and the mortal Cyrene.
CephalusHeadCephalus was a faithful husband who stayed true to his wife despite being pursued by the Goddess Eos.
GlaucusBluish grayGlaucus was the name of the sea god. 
HeliosSunHelios was the name of the sun God who rode in a chariot across the sky.
LinusFlaxLinus was the son of the god Apollo. Apollo was mistakenly killed in a contest. 
Morpheus ShapeMorpheus was the God of dreams.
PerseusTo destroyPerseus was a hero.

Baby Boy Names Inspired By The Biblical God

Photo of the Bible; god names for baby boy can be gotten from there

If you like biblical names for your baby boy, here are a few amazing ones to consider:

NamesOriginMeaning Description
Hebrewexalted or high mountain.Aaron was the elder brother of Moses and he was the first high priest. The name is a strong boy name that may never go out of fashion soon.  
AbrahamHebrewfather of multitudesAbraham is as an important figure among the three popular faiths — Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.
AdamHebrewman from the red earth.According to the account given by the Christian religion, Adam was the first man to be created in God’s image.
AmosHebrewstrong, brave.Amos is a unique name for people of the Christian faith. He was one of the Twelve Minor Prophets in the Old Testament.
AndrewGreekmanlyAndrew was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ while he was on earth. The name is a versatile and popular name given to boys.

HebrewhappyAsher was one of the twelve sons of Jacob. The name started gaining its popularity in 1983 and it has since been on the top choice for baby names in the U.S.  
Hebrew lightningBarak worked along with Deborah the  prophetess in the Bible. He led the Israelite army to lay hold on Sisera- a Canaanite army commander.
BenjaminHebrew son of my right hand.Benjamin was the last son of the twelve sons of Jacob whose mother Rachel died after giving birth to him.  
Caleb Hebrew faith and devotionCaleb was one of the twelve spies that Moses sent to spy the promised land.  
Hebrew son of TalmaiBartholomew was a disciple of Jesus Christ. 
CyrusGreek LordCyrus is a popular name. 
DanielHebrew God is my judge.Daniel was thrown into the Lion’s den for praying to his God.
DavidHebrew belovedAccording to the Bible, King David was so powerful that he killed Goliath. 
66 chapters in the bible were written about him.  
ElijahHebrew my God is YahwehElijah was a Hebrew prophet.
it was the fifth most used name of boys  in 2019.
EmmanuelHebrew God with us.Emmanuel is another name for God. The name first showed up in the book of Isaiah.

Hebrew strong and firmA name, Ethan means.
Ethan was been top boys names in U.S for over 20years.
EsauHebrew son of IsaacAccording to the Bible, Esau was a twin to Jacob. He was born while his brother Jacob held to his leg. 
 EzekielHebrew God strengthensEzekiel was a priest and prophet in Isreal.
GabrielHebrew God is my strength.Gabriel is a name associated with the angel which came to deliver the message to virgin Mary that she will be the mither of the messiah.
He also appeared to Zechariah about the birth of his son John. 

Hebrew he who cuts down.Gideon was known to be the greatest of the judges in Israel.  
 HezekiahHebrew my strength is the lord.Hezekiah served as the 13th king of Judah, He was a righteous king and was considered to be a devote and obedient to God.
Hebrew he will laugh.Isaac was the promised son that God gave to Abraham and Sarah. He was the father of Esau and Jacob.

Hebrew and Greekthe Lord is salvation or healer.Jason of Thessalonica was  taken from his home by force.

Popular Baby Boy Names That Means God 

Photo of a toddler and a baby

You can also check out these names that have a connection with God and have great meanings. 

AtlasBearer of the heavensIt originated from Greek. It is said to be one of the top names for baby boys in the USA.

ChampionOscar has its roots in Irish. He was the son of Ossian and his grandfather was Finn Mac. Oscar was one of the greatest warriors in his time.
TheoGift of GodIt is used as the short form of the name Theodore.
Caleb Devotion to GodCaleb originated from among the Hebrews. In the Old Testament, he was one of the Israelites that was sent to spy the promised land. 
Elliot Jehovah is GodThe Anglicization of Elijah brought about the name Elliot.It is a unique though common name that is often given to baby boys. 
NathanielGift of GodNathaniel is a name that originated from the Hebrew word Netan’el. 
It is typically spelled as Nathanael. 
God is goodTobias is the Greek version of the Hebrew name Tobiah

The Lord has rememberedZachary is the English variant of Zacharias- a name that was derived from Zechariah (a Hebrew name).
Zachary was used for eight different people in the Bible and the most popular among them was the father of John the Baptist. 
TheaGodlyThea is an anglicized spelling of Theia. Theia is the goddess of light, the Titan of sight, and the mother of the moon.  
Jack God is graciousThe name Jack originated in medieval England and it is a derivative of John.
It is a common name for a baby boy especially in the Middle Ages.  
ElizaPledged to GodEliza was gotten from the name Elizabeth and it shares similarity with Aliza. 
Samuel Told by GodSamuel was originated from the Hebrew name Shemu’el. According to the Old Testament, Samuel was a great prophet and judge to the Israelites whose words always come to pass. He established the Hebrew monarchy and anointed Saul as the first King. 
EliasYahweh is GodThe Greek version of Elijah is Elias. .

Who is like LordMicah is often used as an alternative name to  Michael. 
Raphael God has healedRaphael is the name of an archangel. The name sounds artistic and it is very powerful. The name has great significance among the Jews. 
Ari Lion of GodThis name is the short way of spelling the name Ariel.


Why Should I Choose A god Name For My Baby? 

Giving your baby a god’s name depicts the inspiring virtues of your ancestors, or a culture you admire. 

What Boy Name Means Chosen By God?

Jeremy means one who God appoints.

Which Boy Name Means God’s Blessing?

Adom is an African name for a baby boy that means  “God’s blessing”

Final Thoughts

These names and their meanings are steeped in spirituality and rich culture.

If you want to hold tight to your faith and bless your children with beautiful names that reflect that, then biblical names might be a great option. 

Sometimes discovering the meaning of a name you’ve heard before makes it more special to you. 

Whatever you choose, enjoy the process of choosing a name. Take your time; say the name aloud to hear it, read up on all the different meanings behind the name, and settle for the one that resonates most with you. Your baby boy will thank you for it.

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