10 Simple Things To Do During Pregnancy To Have An Intelligent Baby

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Naturally, as a first-time mom, you want nothing less than the best for your baby. This desire will propel you to carry out the adequate preparation that is required before your child is born.

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But wait! Do you know that there are things to do during pregnancy to have an intelligent baby? Well if you have not heard of this before, this article will reveal certain secrets on how to have a smart baby.

Just as heredity is a major determinant to the outcome of a child, so also the environment a baby develops in, determines whether you will be having an intelligent baby or not.

Science has revealed that there are deliberate steps to take as an expectant mother that could help your baby’s mind develop during pregnancy. 

Tips In Pregnancy For An Intelligent Baby

The following tips in pregnancy will help you give birth to an intelligent baby, check them out;

Preparing The Ground

This is an important factor that is often not recognized but it contributes to a great extent to the fetus that will be conceived. Therefore, where there’s a deliberate desire to increase baby intelligence during pregnancy, ensure this factor is not ignored and the necessary adjustments or corrections are made.

It is good you begin a healthy lifestyle that will help you to have an intelligent baby before conception. Hence, avoid the consumption of foreign substances that may be harmful to your health and capable of causing prenatal damages.

Some of these substances include cocaine, alcohol, etc.

You don’t have to feel bad if you are pregnant already and did not put this into consideration. You can still maximize the use of these helpful tips in pregnancy for an intelligent baby, which will be discussed later in this article.

Here are the basic requirements from a mom-to-be that desires to have an intelligent baby.

Staying Healthy

As a mom to be, the healthiness of your body during pregnancy determines to a great extent the outcome of your baby, and for you to stay healthy as an expectant mom, the following is required;

Eat Healthily

Consuming healthy foods that contain Omega-3 is required because it is needed for fetal brain development. The foods that support fetal development include vegetables, fruits, walnuts, fish, hemp seed, mustard oil, and other foods that contain Omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition, the regular intake of proteins will help to produce hormones and build up cells for your fetus. Therefore increase your consumption of foods rich in protein such as eggs, chicken breast, meat, oat, etc.

More so, you need to take foods that are rich in Iron. A growing baby that is suffering from iron deficiency, will likely suffer from low IQ, asides from other problems that may come along with this challenge. Examples of foods that are rich in Iron includes chicken, red meat, legumes, etc

Your baby needs vitamin C for the production of collagen, vitamin B12 and folic acid for the production of red blood cells, zinc for the development of your baby’s brain, and vitamin D for healthy bones. Hence, an adequate amount of vitamins must be included in your diet for your baby’s mental development during pregnancy.

In addition, expose your body to sunlight from where you get vitamin D that supports the proper development of the heart of your baby.

Findings revealed that Iodine helps the thyroid gland to function adequately while a lack of it can negatively affect your baby’s IQ. Food that contains Iodine includes iodized salt, yogurt milk, etc

Most importantly, do not take hard substances like caffeine, tobacco, etc because they can disrupt the development of your growing child.

Sleep Well 

This is an important factor that you should not joke with as a first-time mom if you want to increase baby intelligence during pregnancy. Getting an adequate amount of sleep will help the brain of your baby to grow well, help to improve your immunity and help you to have a safe and healthy birth.

Healthy Exercise 

photo of pregnant women exercising; one of the important things to do during pregnancy to have an intelligent baby

As a new mom-to-be, you cannot just engage in the regular exercises that everybody does, you should seek advice from your medical practitioner about the best form of exercise that is healthy for you and your baby. Check out these safe pre-natal workouts.

Engaging in aerobic exercise has proved to be helpful for the development of the fetus and also the health of the mother. Aerobic exercise done by pregnant women helps to improve the functioning of your baby’s brain.

In addition, taking a regular walk for about 25 minutes can help to improve the brain development of your little one.

Avoid Stress

Stress could be deadly during pregnancy if not checked or controlled because it has a way of disrupting the growth of your fetus. The excess hormones that are produced when your body is stressed can harm the IQ level and emotional development of your baby.

Simple exercises such as practicing yoga, taking a walk, keeping your mind on creative ideas will help to ease off stress and help your body to produce hormones that will support the healthy growth of your fetus.  

Intelligent Baby Signs

The intelligent baby signs are signals to mothers that you have an intelligent child now and if sustained, will remain so in the future. These signs are meant to be nurtured to help your baby to maximize his or her genius baby potential.

Intelligent babies exhibit these signs at different stages following their birth. Some show up these signs immediately after birth while others at other months in their first year.  

These are some of the signs to watch out for in your little one.

Level Of Alertness

Records show that a baby that seems to be paying rapt attention to events happening around him or her has the tendency of having a high IQ.

Eagerness To Speak

A child that is trying to talk even before the expected time, is likely to make his or her first recognizable speech by 10 months like ‘’mama’’ or ‘’dadda’’

Attain Other Abilities

Babies that can attain other abilities such as walking at nine months, crawling before six months, and showing other talents before the expected time.

Believe In Their Abilities

When you observe that your little one loves to try things out by him or herself, there is a sign that you are having a smart baby. 

Strong Memories

This is another intelligent baby signs that your baby may possess if you notice that he or she can recall things easily. For instance, if your baby can recognize a face that he or she barely sees, remember where his or her toys are kept, etc.

Keep Their Focus

Babies that can keep their focus on a task, images, toys, person, etc for as long as 12 minutes at 10months, are most likely to have a high IQ.

These babies are not easily distracted by the sound of things in the environment. They are goal-getters.

Prefers The Company Of Older Children

Photo of a baby and an older sibling; one of the signs of an intelligent baby

When your baby prefers the company of older children, it is an indication that your baby wants to acquire more knowledge than that of his or her age group.

Allow your baby to be free in relating with his or her older relations as this will help to sharpen this talent.

Love For Music

A baby that constantly hears musical songs while in the womb, will likely love music which is also a part of intelligent baby signs. You can help your baby to build up this talent by introducing musical instruments that suit his or her age per time.


A child that is head bent on achieving a particular desire, is portraying a sign of intelligence. These babies will rather plead with you for them to have their way rather than give up.

How To Have A Smart Baby

A healthy lifestyle will not only help you to have a healthy child, but it will also make your baby smarter and intelligent. The following few suggestions would help you have a smart baby at the end of your pregnancy journey, check them out;

Speak To Your Baby Early

Don’t be deceived that your baby is still too young to understand anything. From about 6months into your pregnancy, babies can identify sounds and voices. When you play particular music to your baby often, you will realize that soon he or she will start responding through leaping in the womb whenever the same song is played.

Tummy Massaging  

Tummy massaging is another tip on how to have a smart baby. A soothing or calming message is sent to the nervous system of your baby during a massage. You can start massaging your tummy from the third trimester till the time of delivery.

Use Of Supplements 

The use of supplements should not be overlooked, though a wholesome meal can provide you with the required nutrients during pregnancy. There are several prenatal supplements like those that contain vitamins and folic acid. All these will play an important role in a baby’s mind development during pregnancy.

Exposure To Sunshine 

Exposure to sunshine for at least 20 minutes daily will guarantee a level of vitamin D supply to the body. This in combination with diets containing vitamin D will guarantee healthy and strong bone development of the growing baby. 

How To Nurture An Intelligent Baby

Have you discovered some intelligent baby signs in your little one? Then, this is the time for you to act and do all that is possible to help your baby make the best use of all his or her talents and abilities.

Here are tips on what to do to help your intelligent growing child.

  • Encourage your little one with applause, praise, or a hug anytime they display any of these abilities.
  • Read books and talk to your baby as you will talk to a much older child or adult. This will help them to improve their communication skills.
  • Identify things that easily get their attention and purchase a creative thing that surrounds their area of focus.
  • Encourage your baby to do things by him or herself. For instance, put toys in places your baby can reach it and encourage him or her to go get them.
  • In case you have a curious child who asks both sensible and non-sensible questions, try to provide answers as much as you can, and if the child is old enough to read, then you can encourage him or her to find out the answers either by reading books or making research on the internet.
  • More so, do not forget that your baby needs good food to maintain whatever skill he or she has developed. Hence, ensure that your baby’s diet contains rich and helpful substances.

Final Thoughts

The outcome of your baby’s abilities and intelligence lies in your hands. There are things to do to get what you want. Take care of your body before conception and during pregnancy.

You must prepare the ground before conception, stay and eat healthily, avoid stress as much as possible, and also sleep well. 

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