10 Best Toddler Climbing Toys

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If there is a trait that’s common to toddlers, it is climbing. Take your eyes off them for a few seconds, and you will find them on the sofa; if possible, they’ll make their way to the roof. Toddler climbing toys help you manage this while allowing them to flex their muscles, have all the fun they want, and stay safe at the same time. 

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These toys are in different designs and made to suit different sizes of space. You could find a big one to keep your child around the backyard or something portable and cute that fits indoors.

So, whether your kiddo is just entering the toddler stage or has become an active climber, here are the best toddler climbing toys in the market.

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What are climbing toys?

Like their name, climbing toys are fun structures designed to help your toddler strengthen their muscles, improve their motor skills, and help them gain balance. 

They are also helpful with building their imagination and social skills, especially when there are other children involved in the play.

There are different types of climbers available in different shapes and sizes. But they are not all about climbing. Some provide a tunnel for crawling and slides for more fun.

You can find the outdoor and indoor toddler climbing toys and those that can be used for different locations.

Most climbers are made of plastic with a few wooden lovelies. These are more portable and are lightweight. 

The steel-made ones are usually heavier and not portable. 

But despite the type you get, most of them will require assembly. 

  1. ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Set
ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Set; one of the best toddler climbing toys

This playset gives a soft feel and landing for your baby. It is made from durable foam with a smooth surface cover.

It is durable and is available in five unique shapes. You can assemble them any way you want to give your kid the fun of their lives. 

This toy set is very lightweight and can easily be moved around by your child. It is mainly appreciated for the gross motor development it gives to the baby.

It can be your baby gym, it is protective, and the bottom is slip-resistant and very stable. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean. This top set is phthalate-free and certified by GreenGuard Gold.

Its dimensions are 24 X 16 X 8 inches. It is suitable for children between the ages of 9 to three years.

  1. Eezy Peezy Gym playset
Eezy Peezy Gym playset; one of the best toddler climbing toys

Eezy peezy brings the monkey bars indoors. It is the best toddler climbing toy for older toddlers, and it is very useful for people with an open space. You just need to set it up and break it down for storage. 

This climbing toy is a lightweight dome with secure springs that can lock themselves. It has a bright color to attract the child and will definitely grow with them.

It has a light construction and is easy to assemble. Its self-locking spring makes it safe for children and can support up to 150 pounds of weight. 

The most attractive feature of this toy is the lovely bright color. However, this toy cannot be enjoyed by younger toddlers.

The user must be conversant with climbing and should not be more than 6 years of age.

  1. ECR4 Kids GUS Climb Caterpillar Tunnel – best for apartment living
ECR4 Kids GUS Climb Caterpillar Tunnel ; one of the best toddler climbing toys

This toy works well for the outdoors. It is made with durable weather-resistant materials. Though the materials are plastic, they are certified safe by Greenguard Gold.

The edges are all around to minimize the risk of injury for your little one. 

They are well grown and ready to ride; they can climb on the caterpillar and ride their way to life.

The caterpillar is big and comes in rearrangeable pieces. You can rearrange this caterpillar with your young one if they love to build and explore patterns. It is a great toy to help their motor and cognitive skills.

Children aged three to eight years can use this toy. You can remove the tunnel section of this toy to save space if your space is limited.

  1. Lil’ Monkey Fuji Climber with Tunnel – easy storage
Lil’ Monkey Fuji Climber climbing toy

Monkey bars are perfect for the outdoors, but the recent innovations have made them even more suitable indoors. 

The Lil’ Monkey Fuji Climber with Tunnel comes in beautiful colors and is easy to manipulate. 

It is easy for storage; you only need to fold it and slide it under the bed. 

Its features are unique. Your toddler can climb on the bars, duck, and crawl through the tunnel. 

It is made from durable and easy-to-clean materials. It can be used as an outdoor toy, but only during the summer. 

This toy is suitable for both younger and older toddlers.

  1. Little Tikes Tree House
Little Tikes Tree House; one of the best toddler climbing toys

This is another suitable climbing toddler toy that will help your child develop sociability. They can play on this toy with their friends. 

This toy is from Little Tikes, a reputable company, and it has a climber and swing set. Think of what your child needs to develop creativity, and you will find it here.

The fancy thing about this toy is its accommodation. It has two swings, a slide, a climbing wall, and a deck. It can take more than 300 pounds, at 81 pounds per child and not more than four children at once. 

The fancy tree trunk unit also has a climbing unit to make fun easier. 

The “treehouse” name is reflected in the structure of the deck. In it is a steering wheel to take your children around.

It is made of durable, safe, and easy to clean material; however, it can only be used by toddlers conversant with climbing. It is suitable for children between 3 to 10 years.

  1. Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber
Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber; one of the best toddler climbing toys

Do you want something that will widen your child’s imaginations? This toy is for you. 

It is an indoor toy that gives your child the outdoor experience right in the comfort of your room. It has some steps, two climbing walls, and an indoor slice. Also, it has a small deck furnished with two steering wheels to help them navigate through. 

Though this is an indoor toy, it can also work well outdoors. However, you will need an extra hand to lift it; it weighs 8 pounds. That could be a downside.

There is storage attached to the bottom portion of this toy. You can keep your child’s other toys and snacks in there for playtime. Children can also convert this space into a hideout when they are much older.

You can also convert this bottom storage into a sandbox when using the toy outdoor. 

This toy is suitable for children between the ages of two and eight years and can take a weight capacity of up to 240 pounds. 

This means that parents can join their kids to have fun with this toddler climbing toy

  1. Little Tikes Climber
Little Tikes Climber; one of the best toddler climbing toys

This toy is a climb and slide toy with a compact package. It is very suitable for beginners.

The climbing wall that leads up to the top of the slide is about 12.5 inches high. Also, it has a hideout underneath that is large enough for the kid to crawl through. 

It is a small-sized toy that is easy to manipulate. It is suitable for children from one year old and above. This you cannot carry children that weigh more than 45 pounds.

  1. Pikler triangle
Pikler triangle; one of the best toddler climbing toys

This triangular climbing toy gives your child a different level of play. They can climb, hang, and swing through the hours.

This wooden toy is made with durable aspen wood and covered with baby-proof eco-wax. It is designed with bars for your little one to hang on. You can even wrap a blanket on it when you want to create another exciting playtime. 

The triangular shape helps shape your child’s cognitive and muscle development by being involved in creative and explorative activities.

It is stable and has a ramp that can be placed at different distances to improve its balance.

The triangle of this product comes disassembled, but you will find no challenge putting it together. It has lightweight and folds for easy storage. 

It is lovely and economical; suitable for kids between the ages of six months and 7 years.

It has dimensions 47.2 X 47.2 X 34.6 inches.

  1. Step2 Sports-Tastic Activity Climber
Step2 Sports-Tastic Activity Climber; one of the best toddler climbing toys

This activity climber is suitable for steering up the athletic spirit in your child. It works even better for rainy days. 

The toy is small enough to suit a small space. It is a three-in-one slide with a tethered baseball and basketball hoop to add to your fun. 

Though these games are mostly done outdoors, this toy allows you to bring the pitch down to your child’s room and loosen them up when the weather is cold, and they are all cooped up.

Children can climb up the toy and slide down, or stay on the ground and plays soccer, football, baseball, or basketball with the balls provided.

There is even a scoreboard provided to keep your records of their victories. 

This is an 8-pound set that is made from durable materials. It is easy to clean and is perfect for kids between one and three years of age. 

However, it can only take kids that do not weigh more than 45 pounds.

  1. ECR4Kids Climb and Slide – for small spaces and younger babies
ECR4Kids Climb and Slide; one of the best toddler climbing toys

If you have limited space in your house but still want to make childhood meaningful for your child with climbing toys, you have an option here.

This climbing toy has two pieces in two colors. You can set up this toy as a slide; it has soft foam that keeps each tumble easy for the child.

It has a two-pair stair piece to help your child get on and strengthen their leg muscle simultaneously. With this frequent stair-climbing practice, your toddler will be ready to get on the real stair in no time.

The surface is covered with a smooth and easy-to-clean material, and the pieces are easy to manipulate and assemble. They are lightweight, too; you do not need to bother about how you will relocate them. 

This toddler climbing toy is made with phthalate-free materials, and it is Greenguard Gold certified to keep your child and the environment safe. 

The dimensions for this toy are 40 X 20 X 10 inches. It can be used by children aged six months and above.

What to consider when choosing a climbing toy for toddlers

There are many types of climbing toys, and they are available in different shapes and sizes. The larger options are more suitable for the outdoors, but the more compact ones will give your kid fun indoors.

Photo of two kids in a playhouse

The features you consider most important when choosing a toddler climbing toy are widely dependent on you and your toddler. However, you should keep the following in mind:

  • The age and size of the child: there are specific weight limits a particular toy can carry, and the build of the toy will determine to what age your child can use it. Also, the activity the toy allows, if it’s suitable for toddlers that are yet to walk perfectly or super climbers. Find out about this before getting a toy, and know that the lightweight of some of the toys makes them not suitable for children above 6 years.
  • Outdoor or indoor: some toys are made of weather-resistant materials, and depending on the size, they can fit outside (in the backyard), inside, or both. The one you buy will depend on the number of toys you want to buy and the space you have both inside and out. However, it is more economical to purchase toys that are suitable for both the outdoors and indoor.
  • The material: the material used in making toddler climbing toys determines its weight, durability, and portability. Suppose you should consider if you want something that can be easy to move with. Here, plastics will work better. However, lighter plastics can break and are susceptible to weather. Consider your needs and choose the most suitable for you.
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  • The number of children it can take: for people who intend to have more than one kid playing on the toy, you need to check whether the toy can take the children’s weight. Do this by adding up all the weight of your children, and compare by the maximum weight capacity of the child. Know that some companies may want to promote their products falsely and mention a maximum weight that is higher than true.
  • Learning: at the toddling years, your toddler will be learning and exploring everything they can, and it is essential to impact them well. Some toddler climbing toys have extra features that will entertain your child and help them learn.
  • Timelessness: you should consider choosing toys that will grow with your child. It is better to buy a climbing that applies to a broader age range than those that will last only for a year. They are more economical and will save you stress.
  • Multi-use: This feature is what will make a timeless toy remain attractive to a child. Children get bored after doing an activity for a while and seek a change. Buying a climbing toy with a slide, tunnel, or basketball hoop can make them more appreciated. The features you should look out for depends on your child. If they want a swing, consider a climbing toy that can include that in its list of features.


Children turn out better when we parents manage their health and personal development. Getting them toddler climbing toys is one of the conscious steps to take towards that growth.

Many toddler climbing toys are reviewed in this article, but I especially love the ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Set. It is a soft climbing toy for toddlers that can be used by children that are yet to walk.

Though toddlers are generally safe, you need to keep an eye on your child while having fun. Tumbling and rolling are inevitable with climbing toys, but the safety of the product and your supervision will lessen their effects.

I hope this list of best toddler climbing toys is helpful. Help your friends (who have toddlers) know about it by sharing. Also check out these fascinating ride on toys for 1year olds.

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