7 Fascinating Ride on toys for 1 year old

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Ride on toys are essential for your child’s personal growth, and they are fun too. Many parents appreciate the distraction these toys provide when they need to get the child out of their hair for some time.

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However, choosing the best ride on toys for one year old can be a real challenge.

I went through the available ride on toys for one year olds in the market and came up with a list of the most interesting and affordable toys. 

I found particular interest in the Little Tikes Go N’ Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe Ride on. I love its simple and balanced build; plus, it is a lot of fun for your young one.

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If you need something specific for females, you will appreciate the Kiddieland My First Minnie Ride on Feminine Toy. 

The list includes other lovable toys that can make childhood even more fun for your child. Read on to learn more about them – their pros and cons.

Best ride on toys for one year old

  1. Little Tikes Go N’ Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe Ride on
Photo of a boy on a Ride on toy for 1 year old

This three-wheeled scooter attracts children almost immediately. It has two handlebars to help your child get around quickly.

This toy is sturdy, and the third wheel at the back provides balance for the giraffe while your child is riding around.

The seat is adjustable so you can help your baby find the perfect position. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor rides and can offer all the fun your little one needs.

You can personalize this toy by spotting decals on the giraffe. 

The scooter toy is very light and will grow with your child until they weigh 50 pounds.

Product information

Assembly: not required

Product dimensions:15.5” x 22” x 16”

Product weight: 4.73 pounds

Maximum child weight: 50 pounds

Recommended age: 12 months to 3 years


  • The toy is very light and can easily be carried around
  • Has an adjustable seat to keep your child comfortable at every age
  • The decals can add more fun for your baby


  • Some buyers say that the third wheel topples over easily
  • Though this toy is supposed to take your child until they turn 3, it can be too small for them by that time.
  1. Kiddieland My First Minnie Ride on Feminine Toy 
Photo of Kiddieland Ride on toy for 1 year old

I was so attracted to this toy because of its mild and lovely feminine look. It is just the best to suit your little princess’ tantrums.

This Minnie Mouse Ride On from Kiddieland is also available in the Mickey Mouse Ride On if you need an alternative.

This scooter has dashboard features like buttons for headlight and music and a horn.

Children can use this bike as a walker by pushing it with the handlebar or ride the toy and use the handlebar as support to keep them from falling backward while sitting on the toy. 

It can be used by children between the ages of 1 – 3 years.

Product information

Assembly: required 

Product dimension: 19.63” x 9.5” x 18.5”

Product weight: 5.14 pounds


  • The toy will grow with your child
  • It acts as both a walker and scooter
  • It has a simple, attractive design for girls


  • It usually requires an AA battery to start, though it is attached 
  • The wheels do not paddle well on carpets and thick rugs. It can only ride smoothly on flat surfaces.
  1. Little tikes princess horse and carriage toy
Photo of Little tikes princess; one of the best Ride on toys for 1 year old

Still another mind-blowing toy for girls, this toy gives your child the Cinderella feeling. 

The horse is easy to regulate by parents for children that are too young to ride alone; the reins allow them to do this. You can also decide to push from the back.

The horse entertains your baby by making a clopping sound as it moves. 

This toy has a door you can open to make it easy for your little one to step in and out easily. It also comes with four wheels that keep the carriage balance. They also turn 360 degrees for easy movement. 

You can take advantage of the two cup holders to place your drink and your baby’s, the trunk to store your baby’s snacks, and the roof, which acts as a parent console.

It comes with a floorboard that keeps your baby’s feet from dragging on the floor while the carriage is moving. But you will need to remove this floorboard when the baby is older to help them move the carriage with their feet.

Product information

Assembly: required

Product dimensions: 20” x 43.5” x 37.8”

Product weight: 11 pounds

Maximum child weight: 50 pounds

Recommended age: 18 months to 5 years


  • Movement is easy with the 360 rotatory wheels
  • The floorboard is removable to help your older toddler navigate the toy without your help


  • The horse cannot be removed, so it will remain a horse and carriage toy as long as you use it.
  • It is quite expensive 
  • It is more suitable for outdoors  since it too big and bulky for indoors
  • You need to assemble it yourself, which increases your risks of missing some parts or misplacing the stickers.
  1. XJD Baby Balance Bike
Photo of XJD Ride on toys for 1 year old

Having a tricycle to help your baby gain balance and confidence is a great thing. That is what this XJD Balance Bike does.

This bike is very durable because it is made from carbon steel. The seat is made from PU plastic, and the handlebars and wheels are made from EVA plastic, giving it a soft feel for your young child. 

It is a safe playmate for your child since all the materials used in making it meets all the requirements for CPSC.

Still concerning safety, the trike is made to turn not more than 135 degrees and the handlebar only 45 degrees to keep your child from tipping over.

This XJD Baby Balance Bike helps your child build their leg muscles and makes it easier for them to walk. It can be a real companion when they are still learning how to walk, jump and run.

This toy is suitable for babies of 10 months to 24 months and can be a perfect birthday gift for your baby.

Product information

Assembly: required

Product dimensions: 17.6” x 10.1” x 77”

Product weight: 5 pounds

Recommended age: 10 – 24 months


  • It is built will all safety measures for your child
  • It can be used at a younger age (10 months) and helps your child build leg muscles, stability, and confidence


  • It is expensive compared to the other ride on toys for one year olds
  • You cannot use the tricycle after your baby outgrows because there are no adjustable features
  • The product is not from a known brand, and many people are skeptical about the quality.
  1. Fisher-Price Stride to Ride Puppy
Photo of Fisher Price Ride on toys for 1 year old

This ride on toy for one year old is best for young babies, especially those that are yet to walk. It is a conversion toy and acts as a ride on toy and walker. You only need to flip open the hinged seat to assess the walker. 

It has beautiful features like the soft floppy ears that wiggle, the nose, and collar that lights up when your child scoots or pushes the toy. The mouth also moves up and down. 

This toy can also utter phrases, play sounds and teach your child manners, principles, and body parts in Spanish and English.

Though children tend to enjoy this toy more when they become older, the younger ones can still keep themselves busy and entertained with the shape sorter and easy to press buttons. 

These three buttons at the front of the toy help you or your child select the music mode, ABC mode, or 123 modes. This toy comes with 50 songs to keep your baby entertained.

This puppy has plastic wheels that make it suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Product information

Assembly: not required

Product dimensions: 18.5” x 23” x 13”

Product weight: 7.85 pounds

Recommended age: 9 months to 3 years


  • Your child gets to learn while playing with this puppy
  • Your child cannot move the seat up and down, so no matter how much they play, they still stay safe


  • The plastic wheels do not turn so well outdoors, so it is best used indoors
  • the battery will quickly drain if your child is to play with it daily
  • Though the fixed seat is a safety measure, it can make the toy less fun for older toddlers since they may want to switch the mode by themselves.
  • The volume level cannot be adjusted.
  1. Step2 Whisper Ride
Photo of Step 2 Ride on toy for 1 year old

This ride on toy for one year olds gives your child a relatively realistic feeling of driving a car. They can steer the wheel and honk the horn, put on the headlight, and can easily reach out to the storage in the dashboard to grab the snacks and toys you left for them.

This is a push toy car, so you are solely in charge of the speed and direction your child travels in. This parent-push kid’s car can take children between the ages of 18 months to 4 years.

It is available in lovely colors like blue pink and is suitable for both genders and can take kids that weigh up to 50 lbs.

Product information

Assembly: required

Product dimensions: 45.5” x 19” x 34”

Product weight: 17 pounds 

Maximum child weight: 50 pounds

Recommended age: 18 months to 4 years


  • Has a safety belt to keep your child snug
  • The height of the push handle is suitable for an average man or woman,
  • The push handle has a cup holder for mom or dad to put their drink or coffee
  • It is available in both masculine and feminine colors


  • Though the steering wheel turns, it is not connected to the tires, so your child can not drive the product
  1. Little Tikes cozy coupe ride on toy
Photo of Little tikes Ride on toy for 1 year old

This toy first works as a push car to help you push your toddler around the interior and exterior parts of the house. However, the child can power the toy with their feet when they get older.

However, this foot power can only be used after the floor is removed. This also acts as a safety feature for younger babies. They won’t press the foot power by mistake when you just wanted them to stay still

This car has a gas cap, ignition, steering wheel, driver’s side door that opens, and cup holders. The front wheel is easy to maneuver as it steers 360 degrees.

Your older toddlers will use the storage area at the back for their toys and snacks. 

This toy is suitable for children under the age of five that weigh less than 50 pounds. Bigger children will fit in too snugly.

Product information

Assembly: required

Product dimensions: 29.5” x 16.5” x 33.5”

Product weight: 18 pounds 

Maximum child weight: 50 pounds

Recommended age: less than five years


  • The younger baby cannot assess the foot power and hence will not move around without control
  • It can be used both in the living room and park
  • It will grow with your child until they turn 5.


  • Attaching the decals for some parents
  • It may be challenging to assemble the toy if you do not have enough skills. However, some parents say it is not so challenging.

How will I choose the best ride on toy for my one year old?

Getting a ride on toy for your one year old can be a great way to rest from their tantrums, huh! However, we also need to be sure that they are safe while doing everything and nothing at the same time. 

Giving your toddler a ride on toy is allowing them to take controlled risks. However, you need to be sure that the ride on toy you are buying can help your baby gain all the advantages they need and keep them in place during the fun.

So, here is what to consider when buying a ride on toy for your one year old.

  • The size

One year olds do not have the height as older toddlers. So they do not need toys that will require them to reach the floor from the seat of a bike. Instead, you should get toys that are small enough to keep them safely fitted in.

  • Safety

It is essential to check the screws of the toy you are buying to ensure that they are tight. Popping out screws could injure your child and must be avoided.

You should also read the manufacturer’s manual and warnings before using the toy; only use it according to the manufacturer’s intentions. 

  • Core strength 

One of the core benefits of giving your child a ride on toy is building core strength. But before then, you should ensure that your one year old can sit up for a while without getting knocked over when riding the toy.

Getting a toy with a seat back and even covered sides can keep a one year old safe while riding. It will provide the needed stability and support.

  • Challenges and fun

Ride on toys are well known for being fun. Some come with music to keep your child entertained and even distracted from tantrums. 

Some come with more imaginative play, like the Step2 Whisper Ride Car, which helps your child have an almost realistic feel of driving.

How to choose the best ride on toys for your one year old boils down to the most important feature you want to focus on.

Frequently asked questions on ride on toys for one year old

Photo of a cat on a ride on toy

Why should I give my baby a ride on toy?

Kids love the ride on toys. They think it is fun, and they appreciate the sense of freedom it gives, especially when they can maneuver it by themselves. But this is not all.

Every child needs a ride on a toy because:

  • They improve their motor skills by learning to grab the walker with their hands and later using their feet to move the car 
  • It helps them develop their leg muscles and build core strength
  • Kids can learn to take action and see the resultant effects
  • They develop their minds by involving in imaginative play, making them have the feeling of driving a real car.

Can one year old ride bikes?

Not really. All a one year old will do when getting on a bike is to press every button, turn the handlebar in every direction to see what will happen. To give them movement and fun, assist by pushing.

What speed should I use for my one year old ride on toy?

Your child’s toy should not go faster than 3mph. It is safer to stick to 1 or 2mph as it can still give your child enough fun without risking their safety.


Ride on toys for one year old can be the most soothing toy for your kids, especially those with music and adjustable volumes. 

These toys help your child to grow with fun. They enjoy the sense of freedom, but this does not mean that we should let them go unsupervised. 

By ten to twelve months, you should start understanding your child’s personality and should buy a toy that is suitable for them. You could also get them computers for toddlers to keep them occupied.

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