9 Best Baby Bath Mats (for Fun & Safe Bath times)

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Nationwide Children’s Hospital recommends the use of anti-slip bath mats to prevent bathroom and shower-related accidents in children. This was after they discovered that accidents in the bathroom were becoming common for children; about 43,000 kids were injured yearly.

image of baby bath mat

It makes sense to take proactive measures to keep your child from slipping because you can never know how serious the accident will be. But how can you know whether the anti-slip mat you buy can truly protect your child? Not all bath mats are the same.

We have discovered the best baby bath mats in the market that can serve the purpose. They are listed below:

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Our Best Picks

  1. Gorilla Grip Baby Bath Mat –  Overall Best Bath Mat
  2. SkipHop Non-Slip Baby Bath MatBest for Easy Storage
  3. Munchin Quack Duck Bath MatMost Enticing Design
  4. Munchin Dandy Dots Bath MatMost Engaging Bath Mat
  5. All Pride Bath MatBest for Grip
  6. Othway Non-Slip Bathtub MatBest Soft Surface
  7. Tubmats Original Patented Bath MatBest for Feet Massage 
  8. Beehomee Non-Slip Bath MatBest Non-Slip
  9. Sheepping Baby Bath MatMost Ecofriendly

How to choose your baby bath mat 

You must consider some factors before buying a bath mat for your baby. They are:

  1. Material of the bath mat

A baby needs a safe bath mat made from non-toxic materials. Latex, PVC, and rubber are the commonest materials used for making bath mats. However, rubber mats and natural latex mats are so expensive. It can be cheaper to go for synthetic versions of these mats.

Since bath mats are made from plastics, they may contain BPA or phthalate. They may also contain allergens like latex which may be harmful to your baby’s skin.

Look at the description of a bath mat before buying to be sure it is free from these toxins.

Again, you should go for bath mats that are made from non-slip textured materials. Some of the mats in the market have bubbled surfaces that massage the feet. 

Also, consider whether you have a textured tub, to choose a suitable bath mat.

  1. Draining holes

It is common for a baby bath mat to hold water, which is why you should go for a mat with draining holes. It will make your mat last longer because it will reduce the rate at which mildew and mold will grow on it. They will not even grow if you clean and dry your mat properly

Also, draining holes in a mat reduces the risk of slipping when your child is bathing on it. This is because the surface will not be slippery, and there won’t be stagnant water on a bath mat with draining holes.

  1. Suction cups

Good baby bath mats come with suction cups to hold the mat to the bathtub or floor. This will prevent your baby from slipping when the floor is wet.

It is best to buy a bath mat with many suction cups evenly distributed in every area. They offer better grip and suction.

  1. Cleaning

You will need to clean your baby bath mat frequently to prevent germs from growing on it. However, some bath mats are easier to clean than others. In fact, you can throw some bath mats into a washing machine, and even quickly dry them. 

Some bath mats on the other hand come with antibacterial coating and mildew resistance that makes it easy to prevent germs. So, choose a bath mat that you can clean easily.

  1. Shape and size

Good bath mats for babies should have an attractive shape. though they are rectangular mostly rectangular mats in the market can also find oval or animal-shaped bath mats. This could entice the baby more and make them enjoy bath time.

Nevertheless, there are limitations for animal-shaped bath mats. They may not cover your tub surface.

  1. Design 

Some bath mats come in beautiful colors and patterns and can be very engaging for young minds. So, consider the type of colors and patterns that attract a child before buying a bath mat.

Besides the child, consider the color of your bathroom if the bath mat you’re choosing will match.

  1. Comfort

Bath mats with pebble designs and bubble-like textures are more comfortable for a baby. They can sit, relax, and enjoy their bath time.

9 Best Baby Bath Mats

  1. Gorilla Grip Baby Bath Mat – Overall Best Bath Mat
Photo of Gorilla Grip Baby Bath Mat

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We made this our overall best bath mat for babies because it is suitable for busy mums and great for babies. 

Firstly, it is free from latex, BPA, and phthalates. It also has drain holes and an antibacterial cover to prevent the growth of mildew and mold.

It has many suction cups to hold it firmly to the bathtub. This prevents children from slipping and sliding while they bathe.

Another great thing is that this baby bath mat is suitable for bathing older and younger kids. It is 35 x 16 inches to long and can cover a large part of your tub. It also covers every angle of the bathtub.

Are you too busy to scrub a bath mat daily? Go for this bathtub because you can wash it in a washing machine.


  • You can wash it in a washing machine
  • It is free from BPA, phthalate, and other toxins
  • It is made with an antibacterial cover and draining holes
  • It has strong suction cups to affix it to your tub
  • It is has a  durable material
  • It is available in 20 colors which fits a wide range of bathroom color-themes
  • It is long and can cover a huge portion of your tub


  • A buyer complained that it slips when you enter or leave the tub

Mark Joseph loves this baby bath mat

Mark from Parentalqueries.com said:

“I remember my wife scouring the internet for the perfect baby bath mat when our first child was on the way. We wanted something that would be safe for our baby and make bath time more fun.

We finally found the perfect mat, and our son loved it! He would splash and play in the water while we washed him. This bath mat is from Gorilla Grip and has the perfect amount of cushioning and suction. It also comes in various colors and designs to find the perfect one for your bathroom.”

  1. SkipHop Non-Slip Baby Bath Mat – Best for Easy Storage
Photo of SkipHop Non-Slip Baby Bath Mat

Check price on Amazon

This whale-shaped bath mat has a minimalist design and features that make it suitable for a child.

It is made with textured materials and has draining holes to flush out water. It is also made from BPA and phthalates-free materials, created to reduce the build-up of mildew.

There are suction cups on every part of the mat to hold it to the bathtub and prevent slipping.

This mat is quick to dry. Just hang the curved whale tail on any storage sofas to drip-dry quickly. However, it can be quite challenging to store this mat because its material is stiff. So, you can’t bend or fold it into a bag. Also, it is difficult to bend the corners to fit your bathtub.

However, it can be dangerous for your baby to sit or stand on this bath mat if the match doesn’t fit your tub perfectly. Poor-fitting will reduce the suction from the tub and make it slippery.


  • It is quick to dry; hang it on a wall and it will drip-dry
  • It does not slip 
  • Suction cups are covered all over the bath mat
  • It has a mold-resistant property
  • It doesn’t have any smell


  • It is quite easy for this baby bath mat to stain
  • It may be uncomfortable to stand on

Sharon Sanders loves this bath mat

Sharon is a mom and Co-Founder of Philadelphia Weekly. She said

“My babies used the Skip Hop Non-Slip Baby Bath Mat when they were young. It has a non-slip feature so my babies were extremely safe while bath time. I also love that it has little holes so water passes through them and does not stay with my baby. This is helpful especially when rinsing as soap is washed away. After bath time, the bath mat is also easy to dry as the whale tail also functions as a hook so it can be hanged and dried easily. Cleaning is quite easy because it is made of silicone and rubber material, hence wiping with a damp cloth already works well.”

  1. Munchkin Quack Duck Bath Mat – Most Enticing Design
Photo of Munchkin Quack Duck Baby Bath Mat

Check Price On Amazon

This baby bath mat is suitable for bathing babies and toddlers. It has a textured, non-slip surface and skid-resistant surface which prevents slipping and sliding.

It also has many suction cups distributed all over the mat for a good grip on the bathtub. This bathtub mat is long and can cover every area that your child could move to while batting.

It is easy to store this bath mat. Just roll it up and fit it into a small space. It is suitable for both boys and girls, and the duck-shaped is very interesting for babies.

The downside of this baby bath mat is that it has a strong smell that may not clear off quickly. Some moms said it took a week or more for the smell to clear up. Also, it doesn’t have a good grip because the suction cups are not very strong. So, it may be difficult for this much to stay in one place when it is clean and dry.


  • It has a durable material
  • You can clean it easily and it will dry quickly
  • Kids are enticed by the duck shape design of this bath mat
  • It is easy to store this bath mat because it is rollable


  • It has a strong smell that may not clear off quickly
  • It scratches easily
  • It doesn’t have a good grip
  1. Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat – Most Engaging Bath Mat
Photo of Dandy Dots Baby Bath Mat

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This baby bath mat is very colorful and allows babies to learn when bathing. It is very distracting for a stubborn bathing baby that won’t stop crying. Point to the colors and name them while they bathe to distract them from crying.

It is made from a durable and baby-friendly material. It also has skid-resistant properties, with numerous suction cups placed everywhere around the baby bath mat. All these prevent slipping. It also has a non-slippery surface.

This baby bath mat is long, which adds to the beauty of the bathroom. The color variety even makes it suitable for a number of bathroom themes.

Also, your baby can sit comfortably on this bath mat because it has raised dots that will prevent the baby, from sliding.


  • It is made from durable rubber material
  • It does not contain BPA or latex 
  • The surface is not slippery but is comfortable for your child to sit or stand
  • It has generously distributed suction cups on back side
  • It helps kids learn colors quickly 


  • This bath mat is long and may not fit all bathtubs
  • Some parents say it is not well cushioned
  1. All Pride Bath Mat – Best Grip
Photo of All Pride Baby Bath Mat

Check price on Amazon

This baby bath mat will not move from the place you keep it in your bathtub from the beginning of bath time to the end. Unlike other bath mats that move down the drain hole, this one stays intact because of its extremely powerful suction cups. This makes it suitable for very active babies.

Its draining holes are bigger than those of other bath mats and work more for preventing the accumulation of mildew. Still, that doesn’t lessen its grip.

Though this baby bath mat is not as long as the one from Gorilla, it can cover the area you use to bathe your baby. The surface does not slip or slide, so your baby will stay in one place.

It’s available in an oval or rectangular shape.


  • It has powerful suction cups for a strong grip on the bathtub or floor
  • It has large draining holes and prevents mildew accumulation 
  • It can stick to fiberglass
  • It is comfortable for babies to sit on
  • The surface does not
  • It is very cushioning


  • It is not suitable for textured bathtubs
  • The larger holes may make it difficult to clean
  1. Othway Non-Slip Bathtub Mat – Best Soft Surface
Photo of Othway Non-Slip Bathtub  Baby Bath Mat

Check price on Amazon

This mat uses a heavy-duty rubber, but that does not prevent it from being very soft and cushiony. It has a cobblestone surface which massage is a child’s, and traction to prevent slipping.

This baby bath mat is long but not suitable for textured bathtubs. It also has many suction cups evenly distributed around the mat to prevent slipping.

Are you an environmentally concerned mum? You will love this baby bath mat because it is made from environmentally friendly rubber.


  • This mat’s surface is very soft and comfortable for bathing a baby
  • It has a strong grip on the bathtub because of its many suction cups
  • It is long and stable for every bathtub
  • It is made from environmentally friendly rubber that is free from BPA and other toxins


  • The mat is quite heavy
  1. Tubmats Original Patented Bath Mat – Best for Feet Massage
Photo of Tubmats Original Patented  Baby Bath Mat

Check price on Amazon

Parents appreciate this baby bath mat because of its bubble-like surface. Kids also enjoy the bubble, only that they cannot pop them. 

Since it has a patented design, it can massage the feet. It is very long and suitable for both babies and adults. It is also suitable for a long bathtub.

Plus easy to clean this baby bath mat because you can wash it in a washing machine. However, you cannot put it in a dryer since it is vinyl.

We also like the fact that it has a stronger grip because of its multiple suction cups and it doesn’t hold water because it has numerous drainage holes.


  • The textured bubble-like surface  massages the feet
  • It has a strong grip
  • It has numerous drainage holes
  • You can wash it in a washing machine 
  • It is long and suitable for big bathtubs, and for bathing more than one child
  • It is suitable for both babies and adults
  • It doesn’t have a strange odor


  • A customer complained that your soapy feet may slip 
  1. Beehomee Non-Slip Bath Mat – Best Non-Slip
Photo of Beehomee Non-Slip Baby Bath Mat

Check price on Amazon

This is a very suitable bath mat for an active baby. It has more anti-slip properties that protect your baby from slipping even while they jump around during baths. They won’t even feel the hard bathtub surface because this mat has a bumpy surface that softens the jump.

It is even more safe for babies because of the surplus suction cups that provide a great grip on a bathtub.

This baby bath mat is long and can cover the necessary part of your tub. It is also made from durable PVC material that makes it last longer.

Your baby can still learn from this bathtub because of the cartoon aquatic animal-style prints on it. The beautiful colors also make a very engaging for children. 

The only downside here is that this mat was created for plain tubs. It may not stick well on a textured bathtub.


  • The bathtub is very engaging for babies because of the beautiful fish prints
  • It has great anti-slip features which protect your baby no matter how active they are
  • It is very suitable for babies who prefer to stand while bathing instead of sitting
  • It has a firm grip on the bathtub because of its numerous and strong suction cups
  • It will last very long because of its durable PVC material


  • You cannot use it on a textured bathtub surface
  1. Sheepping Baby Bath Mat – Most Ecofriendly
Photo of Sheepping Baby Bath Mat

Check price on Amazon

Besides the fact that this mat is eco-friendly, we love that it has very strong suction, with about 200 suction cups. It uses a durable material and will take a strong lead to your bathtub.

Though the surface is smooth, it still has anti-slip and anti-slide properties that keep your baby in one position while they bathe. The bubble design of this mat’s surface makes it supportive and comfortable for bathing.

It is an extra-long bath mat with dimensions of 40” x 16” that you can use to cover your entire bathtub. Not a little area will be exposed.

Again, we love that this bath mat has many holes to drain water.


  • It uses an eco-friendly material
  • It is long enough to cover the entire bathtub
  • You can clean it in a washing machine
  • It dries quickly
  • It has a soft textured surface
  • It has anti-slip and anti-slide properties


  • It is not suitable for textured bathtubs 


Can I put my baby in a bathtub without using a bath mat?

No. Using a bathtub without a non-slip bath mat can make your baby slip and fall while bathing. That is why you must use an anti-slip baby bath mat with a strong grip to hold your baby’s feet to prevent them from falling.


Baby bath mats can prevent bath time accidents for your baby. Consider your bathtub type, the material of a bath mat, and its safety before buying.

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