Best Baby Bottles (Top 8)

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Bottles come in different materials, shapes, and sizes, and your baby depends on you to get the right one for them. 

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Choosing the wrong bottle and nipple has many implications. Your baby may take in more or less milk than they need, burp excessively, or even consume toxins from poorly produced bottles.

Our article discusses the types of baby bottles, best baby bottles and how to choose them.

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These are our best picks

  1. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Original Newborn Bottle – Best baby bottles for gas
  2. Philip Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottle with AirFree Vent – Best baby bottles for colic
  3. Philip Avent Glass Natural Baby Bottle – Best glass baby bottles
  4. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles – Best for budget
  5. Nanobebe Breastmilk Bottle – Best baby bottles for breastfed babies
  6. Olababy Gentle Bottle – Best baby bottle for newborns
  7. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bottle – Best baby bottles for pumping
  8. Evenflo Feeding Balance with Wide Neck Glass Bottles– Best for easy latching

Types of baby bottles

Baby bottles are classified according to their material, shape, or feature. However, the commonest classification is based on materials. This is because the material of your baby bottle can seep into your baby’s food and pose health challenges. 

However, there have been technological advancements made to manage these issues.

Below are the types of baby bottle materials based on material:

Plastic baby bottles

These are the commonest and standard bottles used for feeding babies. They are mostly made from polypropylene, which is hard plastic. Plastic bottles are the cheapest in the market.

The major problem with plastic bottles is that some of them can break down and seep into the food. 

Some bottles are now free from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), phthalate, Bisphenol A (BPA), and Bisphenol S (BPS).  These chemicals are harmful to a baby’s health and you should avoid them. 


  • They are very lightweight and affordable
  • You can heat it in the microwave because it the withstand temperature, up to 180 degrees Celsius
  • They have clear markings that help you measure milk
  • They don’t break
  • You can sterilize them with either hot or cold water


  • It can be difficult to clean and make them fully dry
  • They are not so durable
  • They can have scratches
  • You have to deodorize them frequently because they absorb odors

Silicone baby bottles

These bottles are made from soft and flexible food-grade silicone materials. They are usually free from PVC, BPA, and Phthalate.

They are the newest in the market and are better than plastic. 

Though there is not much research about silicone bottles, they can leach at very high or low temperatures, so they are not perfect for storing milk in the fridge.

However, you can avoid the leaching problem by using the bottle frequently.


  • The material cannot break
  • It is free from toxin
  • It is safer than some plastic bottles
  • It is very lightweight


  • It is quite prices
  • Can leach chemicals when they meet very low or high temperature
  • It is not very available in grocery stores or local supermarkets

Glass baby bottles

Glass bottles were the earliest types of bottles used for feeding babies before plastics came into the picture. They are safe and do not seep any chemicals into your baby’s food. 

They do not also absorb odor or add flavor to your baby’s food. Hence, you won’t need to deodorize. Again, your baby will enjoy the pure taste of their milk or formula.

The problem with glass bottles is that they break easily, and you can’t be sure of a good grip. Also, they are not very common today.


  • It is not toxic and does not seep harmful chemicals into your baby’s food
  • It is easy to wash and maintain
  • It preserves the natural taste and flavor of your baby’s food tastes
  • You can use them with many breast pumps


  • They are expensive 
  • They are heavy 
  • They are not readily available 
  • They can break if dropped

How to choose the best bottle for your baby

The most important thing about choosing the best baby bottle is considering your baby’s needs. Some babies may select bottles and only choose to feed from one type.

Since it may be difficult to know the type of bottle your baby will like, buy the starter kit of your chosen brand. Only commit to buying a bottle set if your baby loves the bottle.

Some babies have special needs, and can only use a particular type of bottle. In this case, you have to rely on the physician for recommendations.

Another thing to consider is your budget. Plastics are the cheapest, but you can go for silicone or glass if you have the money. 

The best baby bottles to try

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Original Newborn Bottle

Photo of Dr Brown's Natural Flow; one of the best baby bottles

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The patented venting system of Natural Flow Original Newborn Bottle from Dr. Brown has been clinically proven to reduce colic in babies. It can also reduce gas, spit-up, and burping.

Also, this bottle can keep the essential vitamins of your breastmilk and formula active because there is not much air to destroy them. 

Moms who had babies with colic can tell how great Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Original Newborn Bottle was. It will be a great choice for you if you have a gassy baby.

This baby bottle is made from silicone and BPA-free plastic but you can choose from any of these glass bottles that Dr. Brown makes.

This bottle is also great for pumping. You can attach it directly to your breast pump, and you’re good to go. When you are done, detach them and place the nipples. 

It also works well for babies that are still breastfeeding. This is because this bottle from Dr. Brown’s bottles eliminates air and the nipples have been known to reduce nipple confusion. 

A slow-flow silicone nipple will work well with this bottle. It will also help you control feeding more. 

When you buy this set, you will get bottles, caps, nipples, and cleaning brushes.


  • It reduces gas and colic for real
  • It preserves the essential vitamins of breast and formula milk
  • You can use it directly with most breast pumps for easy storage
  • Can prevent nipple confusion


  • Cleaning can be quite challenging because the bottle has numerous parts
  • It may be difficult to see the measurement markings
  • Some parents complained that this bottle leaks

Philips Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottle with AirFree Vent

Photo of Philips Avent anti-colic bottle; one of the best baby bottles

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This Philips Avent bottle has an anti-colic valve that ensures that air doesn’t get into the nipple. It is great for kids that have terrible reflux. Even when the colic and spitting may not disappear completely, the frequency will reduce.

What makes parents choose this baby bottle over Dr. Brown’s is that it is easy to clean. Dr. Brown has so many parts for cleaning, but there are only a few with Philips, and you will be done before you know it.

This bottle is also great for pumping. You can use it with many breast pump brands and store your milk afterward. When the baby is ready to feed, you open the lid and place the nipple. It can take up to 9 ounces of milk. 

This bottle fits many nipples and you can still get a good anti-colic result when you use it with an anti-colic nipple. 

You can find these bottles in different colors including clear, green, and pink.


  • The anti-colic valve in this bottle prevents air from getting into the nipples and your baby’s tummy
  • It is easy to clean because it has very few parts
  • You can use it for newborns and older babies
  • You can use Philips Avent natural nipples or any other anti-colic nipple in place of this bottle’s nipple
  • It has different color varieties for you to choose from
  • You can use it for pumping


  • Some parents complained that this bottle leaks
  • It doesn’t have a deeply curved shape; hence, babies may not be able to hold it

Philip Avent Glass Natural Baby Bottle

Photo of Philips Avent Glass Natural bottle; one of the best baby bottles

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This bottle from Philips Avent uses pharmaceutical-grade glass with thermal shock resistance, which makes it easy to use when hot or cold. 

The advanced anti-colic system used here is a twin valve that vents air into the bottle, instead of your baby’s stomach. This reduces the colic and discomfort that babies feel when bottle feeding. 

It is a wide-neck bottle, but the nipple that comes with it is very flexible and promotes latching. Think of all the goodness you get from plastic baby bottles in glass and you will see this bottle. 

The downside to this bottle is that it is heavy and can break. Well, this is common to glass bottles. It is more prone to breaking because the bottle does not have any silicone sleeve protecting it.

Corrie Duffy of Corrie Cooks said his wife loves this bottle

He said:

“My wife loves “Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle With Natural Response Nipple” for our baby. It is a pack of four baby bottles that imitates the stream of milk a baby receives during breastfeeding, your baby may control the rate of flow. The aperture and tip of the bottle only release milk when the infant suckles, preventing any liquid gold from spilling during feedings. An anti-colic valve helps protect the baby’s sensitive stomach from gas-producing air, and a large, breast-shaped nipple matches the genuine thing in terms of sensation. A variety of sizes and colors are available.”


  • It uses pharmaceutical-grade glass which is safe and healthy for kids
  • It has an advanced anti-colic system that prevents gas and colic
  • The glass has thermal shock resistance which makes it easy to transition between cold and hot
  • It still has the great benefits of Philips Avent bottles, only that it is made of glass.


  • The bottle is heavier than its plastic counterpart because it is made of glass
  • The bottle can break

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles

Photo of Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottle; one of the best baby bottles

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These wide-neck bottles won’t add up much money to your budget because they don’t cost much. 

They have slow-flow nipples that make them suitable for newborns, younger babies, and breastfed babies. They allow babies to breathe when feeding. You can get an extra slow nipple for more controlled feeding.

They promote natural latching because of how they gently flex during feeding. The nipples are made from soft silicone, that mimics the natural breasts.

Your baby can hold these BPA-free bottles because of their deep curvy design. They also have a wide base that makes them easy to clean. 

It is available in 5, 9, and 11 ounces.

Mark Joseph said his wife loves this bottle

Mark Joseph is the founder and CEO of Parental Queries. He said:

“Honestly, my wife and I have tried so many different kinds and brands of baby bottles, but we always come back to the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles. They’re just the perfect size for little hands, they don’t leak (which is honestly a huge pain), and they have these little “petals” inside the nipple that help prevent your baby from getting gassy. Plus, they’re super affordable, which is always a win in our book!”


  • It comes with a slow-flow nipple that’s suitable for premies, newborns, and breastfed babies
  • Babies and caretakers comfortably hold the bottle because of its curvy shape
  • It improves latching and mimics the natural breastfeeding 
  • It has a wide neck, that makes it easy to wash


  • The bottle may leak if you don’t insert the nipple properly
  • Some of the baby’s food may be trapped in the curves when your baby wants to empty the bottle

Nanobebe Breastmilk Bottle

Photo of Nanobebe bottle; one of the best baby bottles

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Nanobebe breastmilk bottle is produced to resemble the natural breast and make it easy for breastfed children to enjoy bottles. This resemblance shows in shape and function, making it difficult for babies to refuse.

The design of this bottle allows it to warm and cools two times faster than other brands. Also, it can prevent bacteria from growing inside. 

It can also prevent the essential nutrients in breast milk and formula.


  • It looks like the natural breast and can trick your baby into believing that they are breastfeeding
  • It is shorter with a bottom which makes it easy to hold and store
  • It prevents nipple confusion
  • It is easy to clean
  • It warms two times faster than some baby bottle brands


  • The bottle may leak
  • It may be difficult to remove all your milk from the bottle because of its shape

Olababy Gentle Bottle

Photo of Olababy bottle; one of the best baby bottles

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The nipple of this baby bottle is made from soft silicone material and mimics the natural feel of the breast. This promotes latching and entices babies to feed. Even babies that rejected other bottles will likely feed with this.

This natural breastfeeding system makes it a great option for moms that want to introduce their babies to bottle feeding. It also comes with a slow flow off-centered nipple that allows milk to flow continually for newborns. 

You can order a slower nipple if yours is not slow enough. How much you will enjoy this bottle depends on whether you have the right nipple or not.

Like other top-rated baby bottles, this bottle has an anti-colic system that prevents air from getting into your baby’s tummy. 

The neck is wide with a smooth structure which is easy to clean. 


  • Its nipple is made of soft silicone material and mimics the natural breastfeeding pattern
  • It has only three pieces to clean
  • It has an anti-colic structure that prevents air from entering your baby’s stomach
  • It comes with a slow-flow nipple 
  • Since it is similar to the mother’s breast, it makes it easy to introduce breastfed babies to bottle


  • The nipple may stick in when feeding

Medela Breast Milk Storage Bottle

Photo of Medela bottle; one of the best baby bottles

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Medela breast milk bottle collection bottle has a special design that makes it easy to pump, store, and feed your baby. Doctors even recommend this bottle for storing breast milk in the US.

The bottles come in a set of 6, are BPA-free, and can preserve the natural properties of breastmilk. Just screw the lid on and store it in the freezer or refrigerator, and you will be sure that your baby gets full nutrients on the next feeding. 

Medela bottles fit many breast pumps and you can pump directly. You can even buy a pumping adaptor if you use a breast pump that this bottle doesn’t fit. 

These bottles don’t come with nipples, but the bottle is compatible with other Medela collars and nipples. You can also use other nipple brands that you love. 

This bottle has millimeter markers that help you measure the amount you have pumped. You can also throw it into the dishwasher for cleaning.


  • It can adapt to many breast pumps, you can also buy an adaptor to connect to pumps that they don’t fit
  • It is compatible with many nipple brands
  • Also, it is more affordable than many bottles
  • You can see how much you pumped with the millimeter markings that won’t fade after washing
  • It has a strong lid that preserves milk in the fridge


  • You cannot write labels on this bottle
  • Some moms say that the bottle is too thin

Evenflo Feeding Balance with Wide Neck Glass Bottles

Photo of Evenflo with wide neck glass bottle; one of the best baby bottles

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The nipple of this glass bottle from Evenflo helps your child to latch easily. This is because the nipple has a gradual slope that helps babies envelop their mouths, just like when breastfeeding. 

The nipple is slow flow and produces a consistent amount of milk for your child consistently, as the breast does. 

It also comes with a venting system to minimize gas in the bottle and prevent colic for your child. This venting system has a valve that leaks, according to some parents.

These bottles are BPA-free and easy to clean. You even put it in the dishwasher, the top rack. 

This bottle is suitable for breastfed babies that consume between 3 and 5 ounces of milk each time. The bottle takes up to 6 ounces of milk so your baby can feed at once. 

Oberon Copeland loves this bottle

Oberon is the owner and CEO of She said:

“I have tried many different brands of baby bottles, and my favorite is the Evenflo Feeding Balance Bottle. I like that it has a wide base, which makes it easy to grip and prevents it from tipping over. The nipple is made from soft silicone, which is gentle on my baby’s gums. The Evenflo bottle also has an anti-colic valve, which helps to prevent air bubbles from forming. Overall, I have found the Evenflo Feeding Balance Bottle to be the best option for my baby. It is durable, easy to use, and provides a comfortable feeding experience for both my baby and me.”


  • It has an anti-colic system 
  • It is safe for washing in the dishwasher
  • The nipple promotes latching
  • You can use it for pumping if you buy the wide-neck pump adapter


  • It can be difficult to fit the nipple on the bottle
  • The bottle may leak
  • You cannot use this bottle with a Spectra pump


What kind of bottles do newborns need?

4 to 5 ounces bottles work perfectly for newborns because they do not consume much milk. As your baby grows, you can increase the size based on their needs.

What is the closest nipple to breastfeeding?

Newborn-size nipples made from soft silicone usually feel closer to the mom’s nipple. But we recommend Olababy Gentle Bottle and nipple for breastfed babies.


The bottle you use can influence how well your baby feeds. Consider your baby’s needs and choose the bottles that fit.

If you intend to combine bottle feeding with breastfeeding, choose your best bottle and use slow-flow newborn nipples that mimic breastfeeding. This will prevent nipple confusion, and help you manage two types of feeding.

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