7 Best Mini Crib For Small Spaces

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Is there a baby on the way, but you don’t know how you will manage the little space at home to fit in a standard size crib? Go for the best mini cribs. They are great space savers and multitaskers too. You won’t even need to get a bassinet or toddler bed later on since they serve as both.

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However, it is easy to get confused when choosing the best mini crib for your baby, and you can spend hours searching with no tangible result; everything may look good with some ‘buts’ that you don’t like.

That is why I took the pain to narrow down the search for you. 

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I’ll try to give you the best mini cribs for each need (be it a limited space, ease of conversion, etc.). Keep in mind that I chose these cribs based on their specifications and compared them with the reviews given by real-time parents, like you and me. So can we get started already?

What is a mini crib?

Mini cribs are cribs that are smaller than the standard sizes. This means that they are not up to 25.38 inches wide or 49.75 inches long. They are ideal for small spaces and are created with different needs in mind. 

Some are designed for easy storage and can be folded flat and kept under the bed; peradventure, you need to take it to a sitter or the grandparent’s house. Others have wheels, making it easy to relocate them. 

Though mini cribs are small, they are usually suitable for babies until they turn two or three or start climbing over the rails. At this point, you will need to transition to a twin bed or one for toddlers, but you can also get the conversion kit for your mini crib and continue its use.

If you intend to use the conversion kits, get them when buying the crib. Some cribs versions may be discontinued, making it difficult for you to find the conversion kits for them.

Since mini cribs have a more petite frame, you will need to buy the corresponding size of mattress and crib sheets. Though some cribs come with mattresses, some of them are not more than one inch, and that’s too light for your baby.

How will I choose the best mini crib for my baby?

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Your choice of the mini crib will depend mostly on your needs and the size of your pocket. However, some fundamental needs cannot be ignored when choosing the best mini crib. You should consider the following when picking the best mini crib for your baby.

Factors to consider when choosing a mini crib for your baby

  • Safety

The most important thing to consider when choosing a crib for your baby is safety. The crib should be free from harmful chemicals. It should either meet the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or be Greenguard Gold certified cribs.

The mattress you choose should be firm, dense, and not sag under the baby’s weight. It should fit snugly into the crib, and there should be no space between the mattress and crib. 

The bars of the crib should not have spaces that are wider than 2 3/8 inches. Some experts even suggest that you should try to pass a soda through it. If it passes, then the spaces are too broad, and that is dangerous. 

Ensure that the crib is sturdy and does not wobble when you shake it. 

Look out for nails or screws pointing out of the crib and if the crib is painted, ensure that the paint will not peel. 

The headboard of your baby’s crib should have no decorative cutouts, and there should be no pointy embellishments on the corners of the bed where your baby’s clothes can get caught. 

  • Size

The standard size for mini cribs is 24 x 38 inches, but some cribs are made more compact than that. 

Photo ofa mother standing beside a mini crib

Though your baby may not suffer from the short length now, they may feel cramped up in more narrowed cribs. 

When choosing your crib, consider the availability of the mattress for it and the type of sheets you will use. 

  • Portability

People choose the best mini cribs because of their portability and ease to carry around. You will commonly find cribs with wheels to help you relocate your baby to any part of the house that you are in. But you must ensure that the crib you buy has lockable wheels; you don’t want the crib moving around with your baby in it and no one to control. 

Most of these cribs are collapsible and easy to store, so you should look out for one with easy assembling. You will find this helpful if you frequently drop off your baby with the grandma or nanny.

  • Versatility

No one wants to spend all their earnings changing cribs every few months. That is why you need to ensure that the crib you buy will grow with your baby.

Photo of a toddler beside her mini crib

It must not possibly be a convertible crib, but it should have at least two adjustable bed positions. The higher position is excellent for when your child is newborn, but you will need the lower positions when the child can sit, crawl, or even start rolling. 

Best mini cribs for 2021

I have researched some of the best cribs you can find for your baby. Though this is not all, it can be an excellent place to start. 

I have divided them into sections according to their characteristics, but I found out that most of the best cribs out there are convertible. That is why you will see more cribs listed under the section for convertible cribs. 

Best portable mini crib

Photo of Babyletto Origami best mini crib

If you have been looking for the best portable mini crib to buy, then you need to hurry down for Babyletto Origami Mini Crib. This crib can act as a bassinet and co-sleeper and be one of your best choices for saving space. It can take your infant up till they turn 18 months old.

The pretty thing about this crib is that it is available in four lovely colors: black, classic white, funky lagoon, and petal pink. 

However, it has only two adjustable mattress sizes for your baby’s comfort and security. 

This crib is very safe for kids as it is made out of New Zealand Pine Wood and has been certified by Greenguard Gold. It has also been screened for 10,000 chemicals and 360 volatile organic chemicals. 

Of all the features the Origami mini has, I particularly love the wheels and their locking mechanisms. It makes it easy for you to carry the crib from one room to another and help your baby to take a nap in different locations. You can even comfortably convert your baby’s room for guests by just moving out the crib.

Though not so heavily designed, the Origami crib can fit perfectly with many types of decorations.

Though this is one of the best white mini cribs, it can take a standard size mattress of 37 x 23.86 inches. The crib has dimensions of 39.2 x 25.7 x 36 inches.

The downside of this crib is that it may have a chemical smell when new, and it is not the best for active sleepers after 6 to 9 months. But this is not so bad; the latter is a condition that affects many mini-cribs.

Photo of Delta Children best mini crib

This is one of the best foldable mini cribs, as they have wheels and can be easily folded for easy transportation and storage. 

This crib is rated safe though it is not Greenguard Gold certified; it meets the safety standards on toxic chemicals in a baby product. But despite this testing, it still has a strong chemical smell when new.

To solve this issue, you need to air in a well-ventilated room for two to three days before setting your baby in.

It has two adjustable bed positions for the comfort and safety of your baby. You can choose the higher position when the baby is younger for easy reach and the lower one when the baby is older for protection.

The good thing about this mini crib is that it has a 2 to 3-inch thick mattress, which is better than other cribs, and it is very affordable with the mattress. But the mattress will fold in if you use smaller crib sheets.

However, the crib is difficult to assemble even with the provided instructions, but Delta Children have provided a tutorial video online to fix the crib with ease.

Best mini crib for small spaces

Photo of Bloom Alma best mini crib

The ultra-tiny footprint of the Bloom Alma mini crib makes it very suitable for homes with limited space. Though a little expensive, it is available in many lovely colors and patent designs that are pleasing to behold. 

This is one of the best adjustable mini cribs with two-bed heights suitable for both infants and toddlers. You can use this mini crib right from infancy to when your child becomes 12 months old. 

This crib is safe and made from durable beech wood and a low volatile organic chemical finishing that won’t gas off that irritating chemical odor for the baby. There is no lead, PVC, MDF products, or formaldehyde in all Bloom’s products. 

Its safety features are perfectly locked in place to keep your child safe. 

Best mini cribs with storage and changer

Dream on me Jayden 4-in-1 with changing table

Photo of Dream on Me Jayden best mini crib

This is ideal for people looking for a mini crib that can help them save more space at home. This is the best mini crib with a changing table for your baby and additional room to put your baby’s belongings. 

It is available in a 9 color variety and can fit into any nursery color scheme. The mattress height had three adjusted levels, and the crib can be converted to a daybed or twin bed. The conversion kits are sold separately. 

This mini crib comes with a changer and changing pad to help you save more space. It has a belt attached to the changer to keep your baby secure until you are done changing. However, you should always hold your baby when changing. 

This crib meets the ASTM and US CPSC standards; hence, it is very safe for your baby. 

Best convertible mini crib

Photo of Dream on me Violet best mini crib

This mini crib grows with your child and can be converted into a mini day bed or twin-size bed. However, you will have to buy the rails separately.

It has a compact, minimalist, flowing design made from solid pine wood. With its small footprints, it is an excellent option for small spaces and an even better option if you are co-sharing with your child. 

It is available in 6 finishes for you to choose from and love your child.

The good thing about this mini crib is its adjustable mattress position. It can be adjusted up to three positions for your comfort and adaptability. 

Alongside the crib, you will find the skimpy 1″ regulatory mattress pad. But when throwing it out, remember to replace it with a Greenguard Gold certified DOM non-toxic mattress. Other mini crib mattresses also fit as well.

For safety, this crib is free from lead and other toxic materials as it is JPMA certified. 

This product’s dimensions are 42L x 25W x 36H and can carry a maximum weight of 50 lbs.

You will get all the needed tools and instruction for assembling alongside the crib when you buy.

Photo of Da vinci Kalini best mini crib

This mini crib can adjust to four-bed levels so that you can easily reach your baby when they are younger and keep them safe when they grow. 

It serves as a baby crib, a day bed mini-bed for toddlers, and a twin-size bed. If you are looking for something safe, durable, and small enough to fit the tiny space in your house, this crib is for you.

This baby crib is the best non-toxic mini crib. It is Greenguard Gold certified and exceeds the safety standards recommended by ASTM International and US CPSC standards. It has also undergone screening for over 10,000 chemicals and 360 volatile organic chemicals and passed. This means that your baby will not be exposed to any dangerous chemicals when sleeping in the crib.

Like many other cribs, this convertible crib comes with a 1″ mattress, which for comfort’s sake, you will replace with something thicker. Though this is a conversion crib, you have to buy the conversion kits and on time.

Though not assembled when bought, you will find it easy to put together with the provided tools and clear instructions.

I particularly love this crib because it is made with safe and durable materials. Its small size makes it fit in almost everywhere; it can even comfortably go through the standard-sized doorway.

However, you may have to manage the softness of the material used for the frame’s finishing; it can be easily scratched. Besides this and the need for another mattress, there is nothing wrong with the crib. Its dimensions are 39.9″ x 28.6″ x 38″.

Photo of Stokke Sleepi best mini crib

Do you have a healthy amount to spend on a baby bed? Maybe you can love your child with this unique oval baby bed. Not only is it beautifully crafted, but its convertible nature is also made to last your baby until they turn 10. 

I have included this as one of my best mini cribs with wheels. It is very safe with no volatile organic chemical. It is made from beech laminate, beechwood, and beech plywood; they are glued together with water-based glues. 

The bed has four adjustable heights to suit your baby at every age. The perforated mattress support and open rod design on the sides make it sturdy and safe and allow easy airflow for your child. 

It comes with a portable mattress that is made from hypoallergenic foam and won’t have any adverse reaction on your child. 

Did I mention? This mini crib has lockable swivel wheels to aid movement and will stand still right where you keep your baby (after you have locked the wheels, of course). Also, the wheels are removable, so you can take them out when you have found a permanent destination for them. 

Parents have a particular liking for this bed. They especially admire the rod on top, which provides a place to cover the net, canopy, or decoration. 

You can purchase the Stokke Sleepi bed extensions and convert the bed into a toddler’s bed. You can also convert this bed into a 67.6″ long bed which is almost the exact size of a standard twin bed, by buying the Stokke Junior extension

The downside of this bed is the cost. It is pretty expensive, but since it can extend up to three different beds, the price is not bad. Also, it can be rather difficult to find sheets that will fit the round-sized mattress. 


There are many gorgeous mini cribs out there. And even cheap and durable cribs.

Though all are beautiful, not all might meet your specifications. Hence, you need to decide which is best for you (& your baby), then go get it. Also check out these beautiful crib sheets.

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