100+ Elegant Irish Girl Names

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If you’re expecting a baby girl and you are searching for befitting baby girl names, look no further – as there are beautiful Irish girl names that will look good on your princess. Irish names are eclectic – there are those of traditional and modern origin thereby making it relevant even in this present time.

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Getting names for your girl child can be a bit overwhelming since there are several choices out there. But looking through Irish girl names can help you narrow your search by picking a beautiful name of Irish origin.

Ireland has a beautiful and rich culture and this accounts for the reason why many names of Irish origin are beautiful and come with deep meaning. So, settling for Irish girl names is the starting point.

Therefore, if you have an Irish origin or you just love Irish names – the following are Irish female names that you can consider for your baby girl.

Irish Baby Girl Names

Here are some beautiful and cute Irish girl names with deep meanings that you can consider for your baby;

Aisling (It has variations like Aislin, Aislinn, Aesling, Ashlyn, Ashley, and Ashe)

Meaning: One of the most popular names in Ireland; it means vision or dream

Arlene (Its variations are Arline, Arleyne, Arleen, Arlen, Arlena, and Arlyn.

Meaning: A popular name that has consistently ranked among the top 1000 names over the last 100 years in the United States. It means promise, pledge, or devotion.

Aoife (With Aioffe, Aoif, Aeife, Aoibhe, and Ava as its variations)

Meaning: Another beautiful name that reflects beauty. It could also mean something radiant

Alana (Has variations like Alanna, Alaina, Alayna, Alyn, Alani, and Alannah

Meaning: Serenity, beauty, or a little rock

Bridget (It can alternatively be spelled as Bridgett, Brigit, and Brighid)

Meaning: Something strong, virtuous, strong, and of high status

Brenda (It has variations like Brienda, Brendah, Brenna, Brynn, and Brennan)

Meaning: A glowing sword, torch, or flame


Meaning: The white lady or a fair lady

Bedelia (Bidalia)

Meaning: Exalted one or one with strength

Casey (Variations include Kasey, Kaysee, Kacie, Kaycey, Caysie, and Cassie)

Meaning: To be vigilant, watchful, or brave

Colleen (Variations are Coleen, Collene, Colene, Collyne, and Coline)

Meaning: A young girl

Deirdre (Variations include Deedra, Deirdrah, and Deirdra)

Meaning: To be broken-hearted, sorrowful, raging, or fear


Meaning: To be skilled


Meaning: The shining one, to be bright

Fiona (Variations are Fionna, Fionah, Fianna, and Fiana

Meaning: Beautiful, fair, vine


Meaning: Gold, Yiddish

Kelly (Kelley, Kelli, Kellee, or Kellie)

Meaning: To be intelligent, bright-headed, bright

Kennedy (Kenedy, Kennedi, Kennidy, Kennedie, and Kennady)

Meaning: To be fierce, helmet-headed


Meaning: One who intoxicates

Maureen (Variations are Moreen, Maurine, Maura, Mo, Máire

Meaning: Of the sea, bitter, or to wish for something

Nora (It variations are Norah, Norreh, Noreen, Norene, and Norine)

Meaning: Honor

Regan (Reagan)

Meaning: A little king

Sheila (Variations are Sheilah, Sheala, Sheela, and Shelagh)

Meaning: Heavenly

It enjoyed its highest ranking in 1945 when it was placed among the first 100 names in the US


Meaning: Old and wise

Tara (Tarah, Tarra, Tarin, and Taryn)

Meaning: A star, a high place, or from the hill


Meaning: The lady of abundance

Irish Girls Names That Start With A

Check out the following Irish girl names that start with A. They will surely look good on your baby girl


Meaning: Little fire


Meaning: To be noble


Meaning: All good


Meaning: Little Eve


Meaning: A golden lady


Meaning: Joy, radiance


Meaning: White


Meaning: Delicate, slender


Meaning: Loving


Meaning: Pledge


Meaning: Dream


Meaning: Something that is treasured and valued

Gaelic Girl Names

Gaelic girl names are extremely beautiful and unique – little wonder these names are fast gaining popularity among different tribes and cultures around the world. Here are some Gaelic girl names that you can choose for your baby girl;

Orla (It has Orlaigh as its variation – it can be pronounced as or-la)

Meaning: Golden princess

Eimear (Pronounced as ee-mur)

Meaning: To be swift

Laoise (Pronounced as lee-sha)

Meaning: Light or a radiant girl

Fiadh (Pronounced as fee-a)

Meaning: Wild

Sadhbh (Pronounced as sive)

Meaning: To be lovely or sweet

Sinead (To be pronounced as shin-aid)

Meaning: God is gracious

Eabha (Pronounced as ey-VA)

Meaning: The mother of all life (the Irish form of Eve)

Clodagh (Pronounced as clo-da)

Meaning: Inspired by an ancient Irish deity

Roison (To be pronounced as ro-sheen)

Meaning: A little rose

Niamh (To be pronounced as neev or nee-iv)

Meaning: Brightness, luster, or radiance

Saoirse (To be pronounced as seer-sha)

Meaning: Liberty or freedom

Caoimhe (To be pronounced as kee-VA)

Meaning: Precious, beautiful or gentle

Aidan (Pronounced as AY-dan)

Meaning: Like a fire

Delaney (To be pronounced as da-LAYN-ee)

Meaning: From the black river

Fidelma (Pronounced as fi-DEL-ma)

Meaning: A beautiful daughter

Kasey (To be pronounced as KAY-see. Its variation is Casey)

Meaning: To be watchful or alert

Mackenzie (Variations are Mckenzie, Makenzie, and Kenzie; it can be pronounced as ma-KEN-zee)

Meaning: Good-looking, beautiful

Shannon (To be pronounced as SHAN-an and variations include Shana, Shanna, Shannen, and Shanon)

Meaning: Wise woman

Slaine (To be pronounced as SLAW-na)

Meaning: To be healthy

Shea (Simply pronounced as SHAY and with variations as Shae, Schae, Shaye, and Shay)

Meaning: Worth admiring

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Irish Plant Names For Girls

The following are Irish plant names for girls that will look good on your baby;


Meaning: Blossom, smooth, gentle


Meaning: Violet, born on an Island


Meaning: Name of the flower in heaven, flowering branches


Meaning: A pretty plant, holy and descent

Maggie (This is the Scottish form of Margaret)

Meaning: Pearl, child of name


Meaning: Flower of Jasmine, fragrant flower, a plant in the Olive family


Meaning: Charming, flourishing, blossom


Meaning: Flower


Meaning: Flower, child born at Christmas, beautiful

Lily (A form of Lillian)

Meaning: A symbol of purity, Lily flower


Meaning: Precious, valuable, beautiful, darling child, little rock


Meaning: A plant name meaning ‘Eye of the day’

Lizzie (Lizzie is a variation of Elizabeth and its Hebrew form is Elisheba)

Meaning: The Lily flower meaning; God’s promise, God is satisfaction, God is my oath


Meaning: Rose; a flower name


Meaning: As delicate as a flower


Meaning: Fair-shouldered, flower


Meaning: Fair woman, sky, vine


Meaning: A flowering tree with red berries, the little red-haired one

Florry (A form of Florence)

Meaning: Flowering, blooming


Meaning: Purple flower, queen

Irish Girl Names That Mean Sun

The following are Irish girl names that mean sun – consider any of them for your baby and watch their lives radiate brightness and sunshine


Meaning: Beautiful radiance


Meaning: A sun goddess


Meaning: Radiance, brightness


Meaning: Radiant girl


Meaning: Radiance, brightness


Meaning: Like the sun, princess


Meaning: Shining, sunray, brightness

Nell (Variation is Helen)

Meaning: Shining light, the light of the sun

Norah (It variation is Eleanor)

Meaning: Sunray, light, a woman of honor


Meaning: Sunshine, beauty


Meaning: Ray of sunshine, radiance


Meaning: Sunray, shining light


Meaning: Mountain sunset


Meaning: Good-natured, sun, sweet

Nelly (A variant of the name ‘Eleanor’)

Meaning: Sunray, shining light, most beautiful woman


Meaning: Radiance of the sun


Meaning: A name from the Alder tree that means shining light, sunray, or even a champion


Meaning: House of the rising sun, wise one


Meaning: Ray of sunshine, the radiance of the sun

Aodnait (Its variations are Enat, Eny, and Ena)

Meaning: Fire


Meaning: Shining light, sunray

Irish Old Names For Girls

Besides being among beautiful Irish girl names, they are highly meaningful and have an amazing connection to the great Irish history and cultures;


Meaning: Good peace


Meaning: Fair

Fionnuala (It has variations like Fionnghuala and Finnguala)

Meaning: Beautiful face

Iseult (With variations like Isolde and Yseult)

Meaning: Mythological Irish princess


Meaning: Slender


Meaning: Uncertain


Meaning: Sovereign


Meaning: Beloved friend


Meaning: A Peninsula in South Ireland

Róinseach (It can be pronounced as rone-SHACH)

Meaning: A seal

Céibhfhionn (Can be pronounced as KAY-von)

Meaning: Fair locks

Bébinn (Can be pronounced as BAY-vin)

Meaning: The goddess of childbirth which means fair lady

Bláthnat (Can be pronounced as blah-NAD)

Meaning: A little flower

Oonagh (Can be pronounced as OU-na)

Meaning: A lamb

Orlaith (can be pronounced as Orla)

Meaning: Golden sovereign or golden princess

Mairead (Can be pronounced as MI-rade)

Meaning: Pearl

Bronagh (Pronounced as brona)

Meaning: Sorrowful or sad

Final Thoughts

Irish girl names are definitely among the most amazing and beautiful classes of names around. So, why don’t you take advantage of this and let your baby girl be identified with a name she will be proud of later in life.

Irish baby girl names include names that start with A, Gaelic Girl names, Irish plant names for girls, Iris girl names that mean Sun, or Irish old names for girls.

So, what name would you want to consider for your beautiful baby?

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