Top Ranking 6 Best Crib Sheets of 2021

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Crib sheets are an aesthetic choice for moms-to-be in a bid to make the sleeping surface comfortable and at the same time providing a cover for the mattress. A crib sheet with soft fibers and punchy designs will not only make your baby’s bed safe and comfortable but also add some style and class to it.

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According to the American Association of Pediatrics – loose beddings, toys, crib bumpers, or blankets should be avoided in a baby’s sleeping environment because of suffocation risks. However, they advised fitted crib sheets, wearable blankets or sleeping sack, and a firm mattress.

So, the best crib sheets must fit tightly around the mattress, washable, soft enough, and should be made from baby-friendly materials.

Therefore, as a soon-to-be mom – the following guide to the best crib sheets will be of help as you plan for the nursery of your soon-to-arrive baby.

What To Consider When Buying A Crib Sheet

Buying the best crib sheets for your baby requires some deep thinking because you aim to make sure that baby is comfortable when they lay on it. Therefore, the following guide will make you take an informed decision when buying a crib sheet for your little one.

Weave pattern: This could either be the standard method or the satin crib sheet method. With the standard weaving pattern – you have a durable crib sheet while the satin method produces a silkier and softer crib sheet.

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Feel: The feeling is important because of the softness of the baby’s skin. So, you should buy a material that is soft, smooth, and supple.

Durability: Due to frequent washing, it could undergo wear and tear. So, durable types that can withstand the pressure of cleaning should be acquired. Besides, you could still use them if you have more children down the line.

Price: The prices of crib sheets are based on the quality of the product. You could get the budget-friendly type for as low as $7.98 while the quality types could be as high as $100 or more. So, the choice is yours.

Cleaning: Crib sheets are machine washable but the washing instructions vary from one manufacturer to the other. Therefore, it is advisable to read through the care label. Some materials might shrink with time – this will affect the fitting of the sheet

Breathability: A breathable material allows the passage of air within the crib mattress. This is needed to prevent heat buildup within the mattress. So, you should buy a breathable crib sheet that allows steady airflow.

Crib Sheets Materials

Cotton: This is the most popular natural material and the choice of most parents. Cotton produces breathable and soft crib sheets.

Bamboo: Fabrics from bamboo are referred to as rayon or modal. Sheets from the bamboo fabrics are soft, cool, and smooth on a baby’s delicate skin. Also, they are known to be moisture-wicking. However, the use of chemicals in making bamboo sheets is a setback in its usage.

Linen: Just like cotton, linen is also natural and breathable. It is resistant to dirt, durable, and does not produce allergies to the baby’s skin. However, it could shrink with regular washing especially when it is not preshrunk.

Polyester: This is synthetic, that is, it is not natural. It is very affordable, lightweight, does not wrinkle like the linen material, and easy to wash. However, it might not be breathable and durable like other materials

The Best Crib Sheets On Amazon:

American Baby Company Chenille Fitted Crib Sheet – The Best Winter Crib Sheets

Photo of American Baby Company Chenille Fitted Crib Sheets, one of the best crib sheets in 2021

The American baby fitted crib sheet is made from 100% polyester fabric material (super soft and velvet-like). With these fitted crib sheets, your little one is guaranteed a self-soothing feeling when their fingertips come in contact with the fabrics.

Also, it’s washable and durable – it is a good fit for many crib mattresses because of the deep 9 inches deep pockets with elastic around for a snug. Interestingly also, moms can choose from different colors.

However, this crib sheet must be washed on a cold cycle and with like-colors if you wish to prolong the life of the material. Also, you need to tumble dry low for the best results.

Pure Bamboo Crib Sheets – The Best Bamboo Crib Sheets

Photo of Pure Bamboo Crib Sheets, one of the best crib sheets in 2021

The Pure Bamboo sheets are made from 100 percent organic pure bamboo. Also, these organic crib sheets are not only healthy and safe for your baby but also eco-friendly.

Besides, they are also breathable sheets and thermo-regulating – meaning no matter the season, your baby is kept cool while they sleep. Also, parents have nothing to fear about any allergic reaction on the baby’s skin as they are designed to be HYPOALLERGENIC and antimicrobial.

So, with the pure bamboo crib sheets, your baby’s sleep will be relaxing and enjoyable. Therefore, this is worth trying if you want something that soft and lush for your baby.

BROLEX 2 Pack Portable Mini Crib Sheets – The Best Mini Crib Sheets

Photo of Brolex 2 pack Portable Mini Crib Sheets

These are among the best soft fitted crib sheets available – portable and the best mini crib fitted sheet. Besides, the material is machine washable which means it can be easily cleaned.

The BROLEX mini crib sheet is durable because it’s made from high-quality materials and the manufacturing process is world-class. This stretchy and soft material is convertible – which means it can also be used as a play-yard mattress cover.

Also, it is a breathable crib sheet, tight-fit on mattress, adorable and cute designs – babies will find this comfortable as it does not bunch up.

However, do not use a softener for its washing and don’t force-stretch to fit because it expands easily.   

Burt’s Bees Baby 100% Organic Crib Sheet – The Best Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet For Girls & Unisex

Photo of Burt Bess Baby Organic Crib Sheets, one of the best crib sheets in 2021

Burt’s Bees is one of the famous brands in the marketplace. It is made of high-quality 100 percent cotton material which assists your infant to get a safe sleep.

It is made with extra fabric at the edges and elastic at the edges which prevent the sheets from getting loose from the mattress. They are soft, breathable, irritation-free, and durable. It is also GOTS certified.

However, due to its organic cotton, sheets might get stained when kept for long without washing.

Therefore, if you want something stylish and modern, the Burt’s Bees organic crib comes in a wide range of stunning prints complementing with other decors in your nursery.

TILLYOU Silky Soft Microfiber Crib Sheet –  The Best Toddler Mattress Fitted Sheet

Photo of TILLYOU Silky Soft Microfiber Crib Sheets, one of the best crib sheets in 2021

TILLYOU Silky Soft crib sheet is suitable for all seasons. It is made of 100 percent brushed soft microfiber that is breathable, soft, and silky – it creates the right sleeping environment for your little one.

Also, it is machine washable, fade-resistant, and quick-drying. It is wrinkle-free, so there is no need for ironing. Also, it comes with a fully elastic trim 8 inches deep pocket that ensures it is fitted to the mattress.

Also, it comes in a durable and reusable gift bag – making them a perfect gift during a baby shower.

However, avoid direct heat – only line dry or tumble dry on low heat.

Pickle & Pumpkin Organic Mini Crib Sheets – Best Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

Photo of Pickle and Pumpkin Organic Mini Crib Sheets

The Pickle and Pumpkin Organic Crib Sheet is essentially made for mini cribs. They are very soft – making it the ideal choice for your baby’s sensitive skin and they also come prewashed.

Also, it’s made from 100% organic jersey cotton and does not contain any chemicals. This sheet fits the mattress snugly as a result of the deep 6* pockets and tight weave pattern.

Besides, it’s machine washable, durable, dryer-friendly, and eco-friendly. It also boasts of the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification – making it what your little one will love to sleep on.

However, it’s only suitable for smaller cribs or ‘pack n plays’

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need?

So, as a first-time mom, you should buy between two to three crib sheets if you have a plan of washing weekly. Besides, you could have more than two to three depending on your washing plan.

So, here is the kicker – you must always have at least a clean backup crib sheet if the one in use becomes soiled. However, if you intend to do a daily washing – having not less than five crib sheets is ideal for you.

How Do I Wash And Care For My Crib Sheet?

Crib sheets are often machine washable and dryable. So, you should stick to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions – this would help to prolong the life of the sheets. Regular washing could shrink the fabrics making them not fit securely to the mattress any longer. So, adherence to the instructions on the care label could minimize this.

Final Thoughts

Creating a nursery for your baby is one of the exciting things to do when you are pregnant – and this will be incomplete without having the best crib sheets for your baby.

So, these reviews will help you to make an informed decision on the type of crib sheets to buy for your little one. It covers the best winter crib sheets, the best bamboo crib sheets, the best organic sheets, and the best cotton fitted crib sheets.

So, let your little one have the best sleeping and playtime experience by getting them the best crib sheets.

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