9 Best Planners For ADHD

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is often associated with children but according to NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) over 10 million adults are living with this unique condition. However, with the best planner for ADHD, productivity and time management can be guaranteed.

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What Is ADHD?

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects both adults and children. People living with ADHD are wired differently and this reflects in the way they behave or react to the happenings around them.

They may find it difficult to keep their focus, carry out certain tasks or remember things.

Tops Planners For ADHD

The below planners for ADHD will help anyone with the condition stay focused and organized.

The Planner Pad

Photo of Planner Pad; one of the best planners for adhd

This planner pad is designed like a regular planner with specific sections for categorizing tasks, and appointments. With this planner, it is easy to think through how to assign tasks to each day and not miss appointments. 


  • It comes with a no-date version.
  • Designed like a regular planner
  • It is divided into different sections to capture general tasks, daily tasks, and appointments.


  • It helps you to prioritize well
  • It can be used anytime since it carries no date.


  • Limited design options 

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Panda Planner

Photo of Panda Planner; one of the best planners for adhd

Panda Planner focuses on helping you to organize life by practicing a growth mindset, building mini routines, and developing positive habits.


  • It has a simple cover
  • It has an undated layout
  • You will get two full pages daily
  • Has a divider between the pages.
  • It has a rubber band to keep everything together
  • Has a goal planning and review sections


  • It is lightweight 
  • You can choose to start and stop anytime you like
  • It allows you to create what works for you.


  • The cover is not attractive

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The Happy Planner 

Photo of Happy Planner; one of the best planner for ADHD

The Happy planner is one of the best planners for ADHD. It is designed to accommodate your plans for a year. It comes in big, medium, and small sizes. It also had two different layouts that you can choose from. Filled with lots of inspirational and creative art work, you will definitely feel happy using this planner. 


  • It comes in two different layouts
  • It has three different sizes


  • It has unique layouts and add-ons
  • Includes creative art designs
  • It has a sturdy laminated cover


  • It is dated 

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Simple Elephant Planner 

Photo of Simple Elephant Planner; one of the best planner for ADHD

The Simple Elephant Planner comes with a vision board, gratitude journal, mind map section, and bonus stickers. With all its features, you can improve your results and increase your productivity.


  • It is undated
  • Made of thick paper
  • It comes with a vision board, gratitude journal, mind map section, and bonus stickers


  • It is easy to use
  • It allows you to create the plan that works for you
  • It is difficult for ink to leak through because of its thickness


  • It has a poor quality
  • The color is not attractive 

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Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Photo of RocketBook Wave smart Planner; one of the best planner for ADHD

The planner allows you to make use of a paper and pen notebook while also making available a backup that sends all that you have written immediately to the Cloud through your smartphone. 


  • It has a cool design
  • It is made of polypropylene clippables
  • It comes in the standard and executive versions


  • It is easy to use
  • It is easily erasable


  • The pen may not work well

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Living Well Spending Less Planner 

Photo of Living Well, Spending Less Planner; one of the best planner for ADHD

The Living Well Planner helps you plan your schedule, budget, meals, and achieve your goals. You can use it for meal planning, daily to-do lists, budgeting, and a guide for meeting your goals.


  • It is undated
  • It has a pocket folder on the front cover
  • It comes with monthly labels and a sticker sheet with monthly tabs


  • It is colorful
  • It is easy to use
  • Help to design your schedules


  • Since it is totally undated, it creates more work when planning your schedules

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Simplified Planner 

Photo of Simplified Planner; one of the best planner for ADHD

The Simplified Planner is designed in two editions- Calendar (January-December) and Academic (August-July). Its daily edition makes use of a page daily while the weekly edition allows you a two-page weekly. 


  • It is portable
  • It has protective gold corners
  • It comes with a pocket on the front cover
  • It comes in hardcover with gold foil details


  • It is neat and colorful
  • It is suitable if you often have lots of things to do
  • You can color code your plans and match it with your goals


  • It is expensive
  • Weekly and monthly spread do not match-weekly start from Monday while Monthly starts from Sunday.

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Clickup is good for you if you are managing a project with several colleagues. It helps with visual organization and has all the necessary tools for an online project management system.


  • Allows you to include others working with you.
  • Has excellent visual organization tools such as Gantt charts


  • It is easy to use
  • It is very affordable
  • It has an attractive view


  • Not all the options are free
  • It can become overwhelming when too may lists are created.

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Photo of Kanban Planner; one of the best planner for ADHD

Having a board for coding tasks can help you to know what needs to be done per time. When used along with a pocket diary you can meet up with appointments while also accomplishing what neess to be done.


  • Comes with a pocket diary
  • It is a board with a color of coding tasks


  • It makes it easy to prioritize tasks
  • It helps to know what ought to be done at the time


  • The board requires a lot of physical space to set up.
  • It can be difficult to use if you engage in a lot of tasks outside your home.

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Tips For Using Your Daily Planner With ADHD

Planners are very helpful especially if you are living with ADHD but setting it up can be difficult.

If you find yourself in this category, the below tips will help you effectively use your planner.

Do A Planning Session Daily

Create some time daily to plan out what your next day will look like. Write down tasks that need to be achieved or projects that need to be continued where a large project is involved and how much of the project must be attained.

Breaking down large projects into smaller bits and working on each daily will help you stay on track and also complete the work in good time.

Look At It Often

To make your planners effective, you need to make use of them regularly. Let it be the first thing you go through in the morning and the last thing at night. Also, keep it updated when a new task comes up.

Keep Your Planner With You

Make it a habit to always carry your planner with you, so you can go through it to check if you are in line with the task of that day. Also, if you need to remember something, your planner will be there to save the day.

Signs Of ADHD  

These are signs that a person may be living with ADHD.

Difficulty Remembering Details

If you feel you have difficulty paying attention to details or remembering specific details to achieve certain things, this may be a sign that you are living with ADHD.

For instance, you are trying to put a presentation together but you ended up leaving out some key points.  

Difficulty Staying On A Task

When you find it easy to jump from one task to another without completing a specific one probably because you have a lot on your mind, then you could be living with ADHD. 

Trouble Staying Attentive

When someone is talking to you and you appear to be ignoring them unknowingly probably because a thought on your mind took you off from whatever they may be saying, or if you are constantly told to pay attention to the conversation, then this could be a sign of ADHD.

Impulsive Speaking

You may find you are very impulsive when speaking, or you tend to over-share details because you find it hard to keep it in.


This means leaving what you ought to do to a later date. You never see the need to get things done on time only to start rushing when it is about being late or late. You put off a lot of things not because you are busy doing other things but because you just can’t tell why.

Lose Things Often

This is usually due to being disorganized. You can hardly tell where your things are per time and even when you find them, you forgot you ever took them there. This can cause you to lose your valuables and may also be a sign of ADHD.

Interrupting Others

When someone is hyperactive, the body and mind may be moving so fast that the boundaries of other people are not recognized. You can enter other people’s rooms without even knocking or you get into conversations you were not called into. This may appear as your personality but at the same time, it could be a sign of ADHD.

Common Causes Of ADHD

The actual cause of ADHD is yet to be known, however certain factors have been discovered to increase the chances of it and they include;

  • Genetics- ADHD is a hereditary disorder but it is not automatic. This means that if you are a victim of ADHD, it does not mean your child will have it but the chances of you having a child that has it is very high.
  • Pregnancy Problems- Babies born premature, with low birth weight, or whose mothers had difficult pregnancies also have a higher risk of having ADHD.
  • Illnesses And Injuries- Illnesses like encephalitis and meningitis4 can result in attention and learning problems. Injuries that affect the brain can also contribute to it. Even when it appears not to be severe, the chances of developing ADHD after some years is high.
  • Toxins- A child that is constantly exposed to certain environmental toxins stands the risk of developing ADHD.  
  • Smoking And Alcohol Intake- Smoking during pregnancy puts your baby at risk of having ADHD, especially for heavy smokers. The same goes for expectant mothers who consume alcohol often.


Why Use A Daily Planner If You Have ADHD?

A daily planner is a simple yet effective tool that is important for managing your life and your ADHD. It acts as your memory, time manager, and helps to keep you organized.

How Many Planners Should I Have?

If you have ADHD, it is better you stick to a single planner because having more than one can be confusing. Keep it simple for yourself and stick to a single planner.

What Can Trigger ADHD In Adults?

Some common triggers are;
Lack of good sleep
Lack of genuine interest
Malnutrition and poor diet.
Changes in environmental factors such as temperature, smell, and sound sensitivity.

Final Thoughts

If you have ADHD, you are wired differently, and hence you need one of the best ADHD planners to help you manage your life, maximize productivity and keep you organized.

Check through the features of the planners on the list, and choose the one that best suits your needs. Also check out best planners for moms.

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