8 Best Planners For Moms

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If you have tons of missed appointments and undone tasks, you need a planner desperately.

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They will help you prioritize your tasks and keep up with your most important appointments. You will also be able to plan your family’s meals, ensuring that they are well-fed.

Below are the best planners that will check all you need to find balance as a busy mom. 

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Our Best Picks

How To Choose The Best Planner

There are many types of planners to suit different needs. That is why it can take a little more effort to find the best fit for you. However, you should consider the following to get the best planner.

  1. What do you want to use the planner for?

Many planners are designed to help you organize your basic needs for the day. But there are others that you can use to fix appointments, make special dates, or write down your to-do list. 

You can also use some planners to track your budget or habits, plan meals, set goals, or organize your business. So you must consider what an ideal day looks like for you before buying a planner.

  1. The design of the planner

You can choose to go for a minimally designed planner or one with heavy colors and patterns. They also come in spiral-bound, disc-bound, softback, hardback, and other designs.

These planner designs feel different and have different levels of comfort. Consider the design you prefer.

  1. The planner layout

A planner could be spread out daily or weekly. You can also find a planner with hourly planning and time blocking. The latter is more detailed and can help you maximize your day. 

The daily planner will give you an entire page to write out your plans for the day. Weekly planners on the other hand could span across two pages. 

Daily planners will not last for long since they consume more pages than a weekly planner. So, consider your cost and needs to choose the right planner layout for you.

  1. Dated or undated?

You have to write the dates in an undated planner. But if you don’t have enough time to do this every day, you will prefer a dated planner. 

However, you will be able to write a more detailed plan into an undated planner because you can use as much space as you need for one date. That is why you must not fill in the dates too far ahead of time.

Also, check if your planner begins at the beginning or middle of the year. Some planners do not even mark out the month. You have unlimited control over this kind of planner.

  1. Portability

There are different sizes of planners and you should go for the size that works better for you.  A5-sized planners are easy to carry around. Though it is still possible to carry bigger planners around, many moms prefer to use it at home or in the office.

Also, you will need a bigger planner to plan for a big family or business. 

  1. Customization options

Some planners are more heavily customized than others. The less customized planners will give you more control over the look, feel, layout, and extras.

You can also find heavily customized planners that will fit your family’s schedule. It will just take a little more effort to find them. 

  1. Budget

There are planners for moms on every financial level. However, these planners do not have the same features. Some planners have habit trackers, stickers, envelopes, and others, but you will pay more for them.

You will need a planner with more fun features if you are a DIY kind of person.

It may be enticing to get a planner with more features, but consider whether you need them before spending the extra cost. The good thing is that you can get a fun and functional planner at an affordable amount.

  1. Flexibility

A DIY mom may quickly get bored with regular planners. Hence, they need a planner that can allow them to switch things up or insert another planner.

These planners may have extra pages, designs, or other options. You can then choose to mix things up as you desire.

8 Best Planners For Moms

  1. The Happy Planner- Best For DIY Moms
Photo of Happy Planner; one of the best planners for mom

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The colorful cover of this planner tells you that it is an excellent pick for creative moms. There is no boring time with this planner because it has many free customizable inserts on Pinterest. You can also spice up this planner more with other inserts around the internet. 

This planner is fun and functional and comes in horizontal and vertical layouts. It also has lined boxes for your to write your personal goals, take notes, and record events. 

It is dated with a weekly/monthly spread. You can easily add or remove the sheets of this planner because of its disc-bound system.

It has dimensions of 7” x 9.25”


  • You can customize this planner because of the free inserts on Pinterest and the internet, in general,
  • It is suitable for busy moms because it is dated and has a weekly/monthly spread
  • You can easily add or remove the pages of this planner because of its disc-bound system
  • It will last for 12 months
  • It is available in the horizontal and vertical layout


  • People who want to add more pages must buy a special hole punch.

Tina Tolbert loves this planner

Tina Tolbert is the owner of heymickeytravel.com. She said:

“I have tried LOTS of different planners over the years, but the one I like the best and currently use is the Happy Planner. I love that this planner gives me a month at a glance view so I can easily see the big picture for each month. It also has a monthly notes/goal sheet that I love to use to set goals for myself. 

In addition to the monthly view, each week is laid out where I can get a weekly overview as well as write down tasks for each individual day. The Happy Planner also sells fun stickers and accessories I use to really make important days stand out. I am a blogger and travel agent that specializes in Disney travel so the fact that they have Disney-themed planners is always a plus! And the price is really great!”

  1. The Day Designer For Blue Sky – Best Daily Planner
Photo of Day Designer; one of the best planners for mom

Check price on Amazon

You can choose a wide range of planners from the day designer, including daily to-do planners, daily flagship planners, and weekly planners. Their books are stylish, polished, and classy to carry around.

However, the Day Designer For Blue Sky planner is a special one that covers all the basics of your activities. You can use it to set goals and even block out time. 

It allows you to set your top 3 priorities for each day and even has space for your morning and evening routine. 

This planner lasts for an entire year and will save you the cost of buying planners frequently. It also has bonus months for you to use before purchasing a new planner. 

It has twin wire binding and is available in two sizes: 5” x 10” and 8” x 10”.


  • The planner lasts for 12 months and has bonus months
  • It allows hourly time blocking
  • It allows goal setting
  • It has a dedicated space for 3 daily priorities and another space for your to-do list
  • You can set morning and evening routines separately with this planner
  • It has a solid build with twin wire binding
  • It is available in two sizes


  • It doesn’t have extra features like stickers, folders, or inside pocket
  • You cannot use it for budgeting or meal planning

Amanda used both Happy and Day Design planners. She shared her experience on both

Amanda of F*ckitmothering is a mom of 4 busy kids and a life coach for moms. She said:

“I have been using Happy Planners in the vertical format for 5 years. The reasons I love this planner are:

  • Each day is broken up into 3 sections, so I can easily segment my morning/afternoon/evening
  • There’s a space for notes on the side, & there’s also note paper you can buy that easily pop into any page 
  • Happy Planner has amazing stickers to make it all look pretty, which I love
  • Happy Planner also has so many add on “extensions” like a holiday one, which has specific sections that help you with planning events, sending cards, & keeping track of recipes
  • I love the variety of cover options; there is always something new & fun
  • Affordable price point.

However, I will be switching over to the Day Designer brand in the new year. I am now a small business owner & need a more extensive planning system. What I like about Day Designers that the Happy Planner brand does not offer is a more detailed view of each day. Happy Planners have the whole week spread out over 2 pages, which served me well before when I had less going on. Day Designers have each day spread out on an entire page though, which is the level of organization I now need to juggle my business & my kids & my personal life. These planners are created for people who are goal setting: every day has a ‘Top 3 Priority’ list, daily prompts (Due, Dollars, Dinner, Don’t Forget), a gratitude section, notes section, hour-by-hour of the day, plus a longer ‘to do list’, and goal-setting worksheets. It’s about double the cost of a Happy Planner, but it’s well worth it to me for what it provides. I still plan on using my Happy Planner stickers though, because it’s just fun!”

  1. Erin Condren Life Planner – Best Dated Planner
Photo of Erin Condren; one of the best planners for mom

Check price on Amazon

This dated planner has one of the most beautiful designs to choose from. They are also very functional and have four interior designs to choose from. 

The Erin Condren life planner is available in three sizes: 7 x 9 inches, and 8.5 x 11 inches. It is available in the hourly, vertical and horizontal layouts. 


  • It has a rich paper quality
  • It is available in three sizes and layouts
  • It has some of the most beautiful cover designs
  • It has a folder and stickers
  • The planner can easily stay flat because of the coil binding.


  • It is quite pricey
  • The larger size of this planner only has the horizontal layout

Macie loves this planner

Macie Kreutzer is a working mother of three children and an organization and simplified living expert.  She owns the blog, For the Love of Simple. She said: 

“My recommendation of the best planner for busy moms is just about anything from Erin Condren.  She is the planner queen!  I have used her products for years and have many mom friends who do.  Specifically, I love her Daily Life Planner where you can see a full day’s events and to-dos in one glance. “

  1. Clever Fox Daily Planner – Best For ADHD/ADD Moms
Photo of Clever Fox daily planner; one of the best planners for mom

Check price on Amazon

ADHD/ADD moms don’t need to feel overwhelmed with work, that is why they will love this Clever Fox, daily planner.

You will be able to focus on your tasks for the day and not be overwhelmed by the upcoming tasks.  This makes it suitable for ADHD moms and people who need to have a laser focus on their goals.

This planner is undated and has a daily and monthly spread. The planner spans 6 months. You can also go for the weekly spread version which comes with a to-do list and habit tracker. 

You will get 150 beautifully colored stickers alongside this planner. The faux leather cover used for this planner is also available in many lovely colors. 


  • It is undated and has a daily and monthly spread
  • It allows you to set more detailed and specific goals
  • It has a faux leather cover which is available in many beautiful covers. 
  • The size makes it easy to carry about


  • You have to write the dates yourself because it is undated
  • It pays more attention to goals and priority setting than other activities for day
  1. Lara Casey Powersheets – Best Goal-Oriented Planner
Photo of Lara Casey Powersheets; one of the best planners for mom

Check price on Amazon

We get so busy doing the everyday stuff that we forget to focus on the things that matter. This planner will help you get intentional about your life. It will also help you give more time to your goals.

This planner is created by Lara Casey, the owner of Cultivate What Matters Blog. This Powersheet portrays the exact value of the blog, which is spending your time and living life purposefully.

The planner is dated with monthly indicators. It also has quarterly refreshes. 

You can use this planner to set goals and work diligently to achieve those goals. We love that you can use this planner alongside other planners to have a more aggregate plan. You can also use this planner alone.

When you buy this planner, you will enjoy many exclusive bonuses plus access to an 18,000+ member community of goal-setting women. This planner has dimensions of 7.75” x 10.5”.


  • It makes it easy for you to set and track your personal goals
  • It has sticker pages and an interior pocket
  • You can use the habit trackers to improve your habits
  • It will last long because of the high-quality hardcover and gold corner protectors
  • It has a beautiful feminine design
  • It is suitable for all women including empty nesters, working moms, and stay at home moms


  • It is quite pricey, but the bonuses make up for the cost
  1. Amy Knapp Family Organizer – Best Family Organizer
Photo of Amy Knapp; one of the best planners for mom

Check price on Amazon

This planner gives room for a lot of details. You can use it to plan for a family with many members. It also has interior pockets where you can put your bills and notes.

It also has special pages dedicated to setting goals and saving security numbers. There are also spaces for meal plans and tear-away spaces for grocery lists. You can’t miss out on anything with this planner. 

It is a dated planner and spans 17 months. It also comes with 300 beautifully colored stickers to spice your day. The size is just right for you to slip into your purse.

You have a higher chance of meeting your goals with this planner. They inspirational quotes will always supply strength when you want to slack.


  • It has spaces for setting goals, making meal plans, and grocery list
  • You can track your to-do list on the pages
  • You can write extra notes on the blank pages
  • It has interior pages where you can store your notes and bills
  • The wire-o double spiral binding makes it easy for this planner to lay flat in your purse
  • It is portable and you can slip it into your purse


  • It is not available in bigger or smaller sizes
  1. ZICOTO To Do List Planner – Best To-Do List Planner
Photo of Zicoto Planner; one of the best planners for mom

Check price on Amazon

If you love to make all your plans in the form of a to-do list, you will love this planner. It also has a lot of reminders to keep you on track. You can check off the tasks that you are done after.

This planner also comes with planning pages and spaces to help you keep track of your fitness, water intake, and meals.

There is also a gratitude spot at the top of every page where you can write what you are grateful for. We feel that this planner is great for anyone who wants to make happiness their top priority. After all, a grateful mom is a happy mom. 

The bottom of each page also has inspirational quotes to push you towards achieving your goals. 

This planner is not dated and has a daily spread. It also has the dimensions 6.4 x 8.5 inches which makes it easy to carry about. 


  • You can use this planner for all your important stuff including planning your meals and keeping tabs on your appointments and health
  • It is sturdy, and compact, but has enough space for you to write on
  • The gratitude spot helps mom helps moms become happier
  • It is easy to carry around in an average-sized purse
  • The visual layout is helpful for ADHD moms


  • A customer complained that the pages were not enough to write for a year
  1. Paper Play Store Magnetic Meal Planner Pad For Fridge – Best Meal Planner
Photo of Paper Play Store Magnetic Meal Planner Pad For Fridge; one of the best planners for mom

Check price on Amazon

Planning your meals in advance makes it easy for you to eat healthier. This meal plan makes it easy for you to plan your meals and make grocery lists. 

It is an undated journal, but you can tear out the part for writing the grocery list.

The grocery list pad has double magnetic strips which are built in to help you attach it to your fridge. It has a stylish minimalist design, which will add beauty to your desk and fridge. It is a perfect gift for a stay at home mom.

It is 6 x 9 inches planner and can fit into your bag.


  • It won’t take up much space on your fridge, but the sheets are large enough to contain your plan
  • It has two magnetic strips to prevent it from falling off your fridge
  • Moms love the tear-away grocery list feature
  • It has a cute minimalist design


  • Some moms complained that the pad fell off the fridge in a week

Katie loves this meal planner

Katie of KT Likes Coffee is a mom to one toddler and a lifestyle blogger. She said:

“I love meal planners (like this one). Meal planners help make life so much easier and I love that this one is a weekly planner that also includes a shopping list. So, you can easily add the items you need for the meals that week to a shopping list.”


What should a mother’s planner include?

An ideal planner for mom should include goals worksheets, spaces for planning meals, writing out grocery lists, and tracking goals.


Every ambitious mom needs a planner. They will help you achieve a work-life balance. The planners above will help you live sane and organized.

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