100+ Lovely Baby Names That Mean Green

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Don’t you just love the color green? It is earthy, tranquil and natural. If you desire a green-inspired name for your baby, check out our list of over 100 green baby names for girls and boys, alongside their meanings and origin.

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50+ Green Baby Girl Names

  1. Aneeza:  This Arabic name is unique. It means “green valleys or happiness”. 
  2. Apple: This one is an English name for a common fruit. Some apples are green in color and naming your child apple can portray the green color. 
  3. Berry: This name is from Celtic origin. It means “pale green gemstone.” It is a variant of the name Barrie. Berry can also mean “spear, fair-headed, noble and bright, and dune.”
  4. Beryl: You must have heard of beryl, the gemstone. It is also used as a Greek name that means “light green semi-precious gemstone.” 
  5. Blerina: This adorable name has a Swiss origin. It means “fresh greenness.”
  6. Blerta: This name has an Albanian origin. It means “blossom or green.
  7. Blossom: This word is mostly used for blooming flowers, but you can use it for your adorable girl child. It means “flower-like.”
  8. Calla: This is the name of a plant, Calla Lily. The name orignated from Greece. This plant grows near or on water and has lovely white flowers with dark green stems and leaves. It sounds good for girls.
  9. Charelle: This name has an American origin. It is suitable for girls, and means “cherry fruit or green gemstone.” Christians mostly use This name.
  10. Chartreuse: This French name means a light green or yellow tinge. 
  11. Charyl: This is a German name which means “precious gemstone.” If you give your child This name, their nickname will be Char.
  12. Chloe: This Greek name means “blooming and young green shoot.”
  13. Clora: This name has an American origin, and also has many meanings. Some of the meanings of this name are “goddess of flower,” “fresh and green,” etc.
  14. Cloris: This girl’s name is Greek, and means pale green. You can also spell it as Chlorys or Chloris.
  15. Daphne: This is the name of a bay or laurel tree. The tree blooms in the summer and springtime and has bright green leaves. It is a great green-inspired name for your baby.
  16. Eden: the Bible paints Eden as the most beautiful garden. It is believed to be full of diverse flowers and dark green foliage. Eden will sound peaceful and calm for your girl.
  17. Eileen: This Scottish feminine name means “from green meadow.” You can also spell This name as Aileen, Ileen, Alene, and Ilene.
  18. Emerald: This is the name of a precious gemstone from the green family. It is also used as the name of a female child.
  19. Esmeralda: This name is the Spanish version of the name Emerald. It means “prized green costly green gemstone.”
  20. Ezmeralda: This name originated in Spain and is adorable. It means “costly green gemstone.”  
Photo of a cute baby girl dressed in green; green baby names are beautiful
  1. Felicity: This word represents “good fortune,” and gives a green aura. It sounds great for a charming baby girl.
  2. Flora: This name is used to illustrate grass-like greenness. It means” lush-green” and will suit your cute baby girl.
  3. Giada: This is an Italian name that means Jade. Jade on the other hand is the name of a precious green stone.
  4. Greenlee: This is an Old English name that means green clearing. You can break This name into two, Green and Lee to use as first and middle names for your child.
  5. Hadassah: This is a Hebrew name that means “the myrtle tree. It was the name of the famous Queen Esther in the bible. 
  6. Harita: This is an Indian girl’s name that means green.
  7. Hazel: This name is used for babies with hazel eye color. This eye color is a bit blue and a bit brown. They don’t look very green. Even when your baby doesn’t have hazel eyes, you can still give them the name. It sounds mild and lovely.
  8. Holly: Remember your favorite Christmas plant? You can make that your baby’s name. This plant is green and widely appreciated during Christmas. 
  9. Irati: This Spanish girl’s name means “fern field.”
  10. Ivy: This is an English name that means climbing evergreen. It is short, simple, and sweet.
  11. Jade: This name is of British origin. It means “precious green stone.” It is unisex, but you can use the variant Jaiden or Jayden for your baby.
  12. Jaida: This is an English name that means “gemstone or precious stone.”
  13. Juniper: This is the name of an evergreen plant that can survive through different weather conditions. Give your baby girl this name to remind her of how resilient she can be.
  14. Khadra: This name has an Urdu origin and means “verdant or green.” It is mostly used in the Islamic religion.
  15. Kirrly: This Australian name means “leaf or tree bark.” It is specifically of Aboriginal, Maori origin.
  16. Luntian: This Filipino name sounds special. It is not common, and means “green.”
  17. Makala: This one is of Hawaiian origin. It means “myrtle.
  18. Meadow: This adorable name is a word used to describe a grassy field. It is the name of the late actor, Paul Walker’s daughter.
  19. Midori: This is a lovely Japanese name that means green.
  20. Myrthe: This is a Dutch name that means “myrtle plant.” This name is pronounced meer-ta.
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  1. Myrtle: This is a Greek name for a tree. It means “evergreen shrub.
  2. Nana: This is the Japanese alternative to the conventional Anna. The name means spring greens.”
  3. Olive: This is a Latin name that represents an olive tree.
  4. Opal: We love This name for girls and choose it to represent green. This is because though Opal is mostly known to be white, you can see green dazzling streaks when you expose it to light.
  5. Orna: This one is of Irish origin. It means “little pale green one.”  
  6. Panra: This is a beautiful Pakistani girl’s name that means “leaf.”  
  7. Peridot: This is an Arabic name that means green gemstone.
  8. Phyllis: This name originated from Greek language and means “greenery.” It is derived from Greek mythology. According to This mythology, Phyllis was a girl that died because of love and became a tree.
  9. Tawnia: This Irish name for girls means “green field.” The short form of this name is tawn.
  10. Verda: This is a Spanish and Latin name for girls. It means green.
  11. Verna: This is a Latin name that means “spring green or springtime.”
  12. Willow: People use this name to represent flowers with a shade of green. Willow as a color is pale and soft green with a touch of grey, blue, and yellow.
  13. Yarkona: This is a lovely Hebrew name that means green.

50+ Green Baby Boy Names

Photo of a cute baby boy dressed in green; green baby names are great for both boys and girls
  1. Aanarsi: This is a Greenlandic version of the name Anders. It means manly.
  2. Aaranay This name is beautiful and originates from India. It means wild forest. This name signifies greenery, abundance, fertility, etc.
  3. Agssile: This name is the Greenlandic version of the name Aksel. Aksel means “the father is peaceful.”
  4. Akhdar: This name Originates from the Arabic language. It means green.
  5. Alagsantere: You will love this name if you don’t want to call your child Alexander. It is the Greenlandic version of Alexander. and means “defending men.”
  6. Al-khidr: Muslims love this name. It means “the green one,” and has an Arabic origin.
  7.  Ard: This is a Latin name that means green forest. It is also a variant of the name Arden. In German, this name means eagle.
  8. Ardon: In Latin, this name means green forest. It is a variant of Arden, a name that also means green forest. However, Ardon in Hebrew means bronze.
  9. Ash: This is an Anglo-Saxon name for the ash tree. This tree connects this name to green.
  10. Aspen: This name is the English identity of a green tree.
  11. Basil: This name has a Greek origin. It means “courageous or king.” It is also a green culinary herb, and you can use it to mean green.
  12. Benton: This Old English name means “where the bear grass grows.” Some cultures simply translate it to grass. Grasses are green; hence, the name relates to green.
  13. Berilo: This is a beautiful Spanish boy’s name which means pale green gemstone.
  14. Binda: This name is unisex. It is of Australian descent and means “a green place.”
  15.  Bredbeddle: This name has an Old English origin. It means “the green knight.” The name comes from the Arthurian legend and is commonly used for boys. 
  16. Celadon: This name is common among the French people. It means green. It is one of the most beautiful French baby names that mean green.
  17. Clorus: This is a Sicilian version of the name Chlorus. It means pale green.
Photo of a cute baby boy dressed in green; green baby names are great for both boys and girls
  1. Clove: This is the name of a French plant. The plant is green and very medicinal. It works well as a name, and you can also use the variant, clover.
  2. Cyan This name is unisex. It is of English origin and means “greenish-blue color.”
  3. Denver: This English name means “green valley.”
  4. Dhrupal: This name has an Indian origin. It means “a place full of greenery, or prosperity with greenness.” 
  5. Dill: We love to use dill for pickles. The musty sweet smell of this herb gives a good feeling to a boy child.
  6. Drake: Think drake, think dragons. Well, many dragons are green. This makes it a good green-meaning name for your boy.
  7. Fern: This name has an Old English origin. It is the name of a green plant that grows on shades or other plants. It represents the color green. It is a unisex name.
  8. Forest: Forests are green; hence, it is a great name that means green. However, the main meaning of forest, according to its French origin, is “of the woods.”
  9. Green: Green is green, right? If you are a deep lover of green color, you can give your son this name to represent all the shades of green. Green represents fertility, increase, productivity, and many good things. This name makes your child an embodiment of them all.
  10. Grun: This name will be a good surname. However, there is nothing  though you can also use it as a first name. It is of German origin and means green.
  11. Harial: This is an Indian boy’s name with many meanings. It has a Sanskrit origin, and its meanings include green colored, the common green pigeon, etc.
  12. Hunter: Hunting is a male profession where a man wanders in dark green woods. It will sound good to a child if you want to depict a green color. People see a dark green forest when they hear “hunting.” 
  13. Irving : This is a Scottish name that means green river.
  14. Irving: This is a Scottish and English boy name that means green river or water.
  15. Irving: This masculine name sounds so lovely and has an English origin. It means green sea. 
  16. Jade: This is a Spanish and Hebrew name. In Spanish, it means green gemstone, but in Hebrew, it means thankful. This name is a variant of Jaden, which you can also call your boychild.
  17. Khidr: This is an Arabic boy’s name that means the verdant one. It is commonly used by people of the Islamic religion. 
  18. Khizdar: This is an Arabic name that means “green and moist.” It was one of the names of the Islamic prophets.
  19. Laramie: This name has a French origin and means leafy groove. It also means “protecting hands.” Laramie is also the name of a Wyoming town that has swaggering western bravado. 
  20. Leaf: you want green, right? Why not go for it? The name green is one of the direct ways of portraying the color. If you don’t want kids to bully your son in school because of the name, you can choose to use the alternative spelling, Leif.
  1. Liko: This is a unique name from the Hawaiian islands. The name means ‘leaf bud’ and is associated with green. 
  2. Moss: This is a plant that grows on trees as dark green foliage. It is a great name that portrays a shade of green.  You can also spell This name as Maus. Your child’s nickname will be mo if you give them This name. People even consider moss as a diminutive of Moses.
  3. Oleander: This is a Greek boy name that means evergreen tree.
  4. Oliver: This English name means olive tree. 
  5. Oran: This name has a Celtic origin. It means pale green.
  6. Orna: This is a Spanish and Hebrew boy name that means pale green, pine tree, and swallow.
  7. Patrick: Everyone associates green with St. Patrick’s day, so why not name your child Patrick? This name is green-inspired. It is even a suitable name for a boy and girl twin. Call the boy Patrick, and the girl Patricia.
  8. Phyllon: This name has a Greek origin and means “leaf.” It is the male variant of the name Phyllis. 
  9. Roscoe: This name means “deer forest.” You will love the name if you love deer hunting. You can only hunt deer in woods with green leaves all over.
  10. Silas: This name is of Latin origin, and was the name of a follower of Christ in the Bible. It means wood forest. Forests have green leaves, so the name carries a green theme
  11. Teal: This name represents a shade of green with some aspects of blue. It is unisex.
  12. Vardon: This French baby name means green knoll.
  13. Verdell: This unisex name is unique and has many origins including Latin and French. It means “green and growing.”
  14. Yashem: This is a PakistaniPakistani name. It is of Arabic origin and means green leaf.


Green is calm, soothing, and beautiful. Hence, perfect for your sweet little thing. We hope you found a good pick from our list.

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