Enfamil VS Similac (choosing the best formula for your baby)

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As a first-time mom, it could be a difficult task choosing the right substitute for breastfeeding – especially for moms who find it difficult or do not want to breastfeed.

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However, the use of the formula is essential for lactose intolerant babies (that is, babies that lack the lactase enzyme which digests milk). Also, adopted babies or babies that have issues with gaining weight would need the formula to gain all the needed nutrients.

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So, among the various options available in the marketplace, this review focuses on the two most popular brands; Enfamil VS Similac.

So, whether your baby is exclusively on formula or you are supplementing with breastfeeding – these details will help you make an informed decision in what your baby will accept, what is suitable for them, and what you can afford.  

However, in choosing a formula, safety must not be compromised, only brands that have FDA certification should be chosen.


Types Of Baby Formula

The following types of baby formula are produced by Similac and Enfamil;

Gentle Formulas: Specially formulated for babies that find it difficult to feed on breast milk formulas. They are recommended to help babies that have gassiness and fussiness.

Lactose-Free Formula: For lactose-intolerant babies. Examples are Similac Sensitive and Enfamil Lactofree Lipil

Added Rice Formula: Produces thicker consistency for babies that suffer from acid reflux. This thicker consistency makes it difficult to spit up easily. Examples are Enfamil AR and Similac Sensitive RS

Soy Formula: Also essential for babies that are lactose-intolerant or allergic to milk protein. Examples are Similac Soy Isomil and Enfamil Prosobee Lipil

Premature Baby Formula: Used when babies are born prematurely and require more nutrients and calories for growth. Babies with low weight can also use this. Examples are Similac Neosure and Enfamil Enfacare

Breast Milk-Based Formula: Offers something very similar to breast milk. Examples are Similac Pro-Advance and Enfamil Neuro Pro Infant

Cow’s Milk-Based Formula: For babies that are not breastfed. Examples are Similac Advance and Enfamil Lipil

The following are the categories on which Similac VS Enfamil will be reviewed.

Similac Spit Up VS Enfamil AR

It could be a difficult time for a parent when babies especially in the early months experience constant vomiting – which could be as a result of indigestion. However, moms have nothing to worry about again because there are infant formulas like the Similac Spit up and Enfamil AR that will help to address the issue.

Similac Spit Up

Photo of Similac Spit Up; Enfamil vs Similac

This brand is prepared to help reduce spit-up in infants – it’s enriched with extra lutein, DHA, vitamin E, and some other non-GMO ingredients. It comes in ready-to-drink liquid and dry powdered-form. It is a product from Abbott Laboratories and it’s been found to reduce spitting by 54 percent.

The Similac Spit up uses rice to maintain its consistency thereby assisting infants to get their meals down. One selling point of the Similac Spit-up formula is that it does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) – which poses the risk of some health issues

Enfamil AR

Photo of Enfamil AR; Enfamil vs Similac

Also, the Enfamil AR infant formula has enjoyed some positive reviews among parents. A product of Mead Johnson and has been found to reduce spitting by 50 percent while the baby still gets the necessary nutrients. The company uses rice starch in getting a thicker feel so that babies can take it slowly when taking from a bottle while taking enough water.

It is formulated with Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics Blend that assists babies in digesting their meals. Also, Enfamil AR is fortified with ARA and DHA that promotes eye and brain development

It is however more expensive than the Similac Spit-up


  • Rice starch is used for a thicker consistency
  • Fortified with the same type of vitamins and minerals
  • The use of sugar is evident in both


 Similac Spit UpEnfamil AR
IngredientsUses corn syrup as a source of carbohydrate.Vegetable oil as a source of fatMilk protein isolates as a source of protein.Non-GMO ingredientsMix vegetable oils as a source of fatIt makes use of non-fat milk as a source of protein.Natural Defense Dual Probiotics for digestion and immune-boosting
Taste and smellVery sweet taste and smell due to its high sugar contentSlightly bitter because it’s more nutrient focused
PriceNot as expensive as Enfamil ARMore expensive
Pack sizesPremade bottlePowder varietiesPremade bottlesPowder varietiesWrapped serving pouches


Every infant will react differently to these formulas; therefore, it might be necessary to carry out a test of both products for a few days to see which will be accepted and also produces the least amount of spit-up.

Enfamil Nutramigen Vs Similac Alimentum

These formulas are formulated to assist infants that are colic in nature – these are the babies that are unable to digest milk proteins. This occurrence can make your baby uncomfortable and make him/her cry all day. So, each time your baby breastfeeds, it triggers the case because of the inability to digest milk protein.

Therefore, there is the need to provide a supplement that will help your baby go through this period instead of taking breast milk.

Similac Alimentum

Photo of Similac Alimentum ;Enfamil vs Similac

This is a hypoallergenic formula specially formulated for babies that are unable to digest milk proteins. So, rather than breastfeed your baby – you administer this. However, it is good to note that it is not meant for all babies but for only those that are colic.

It is suitable for babies between 0 to 12 months. Alimentum would help manage stomach upset, allergies, colic, indigestion, and reflux

Enfamil Nutramigen

Photo of Enfamil Nutramigen; Enfamil vs Similac

This is another hypoallergenic formula that contains iron. This formula is formulated for babies with reflux, allergies, colic, and stomach upset.


  • They both use a pre-digested version of cow’s milk protein (casein hydrolysate)
  • Both formulas do not contain soy
  • Both contain sugar which helps to promote digestion
  • They both come in powdered formula and ready-to-feed formula in a bottle
  • The two formulas can also be mixed with breast milk
  • Both can be used for babies between age 0 to 12 months


 Similac Alimentum Enfamil Nutramigen
IngredientsCorn maltodextrin as sugar.Include additional sugarHas iron and DHACorn syrup as a sugarDo not add additional sugar.Has DHA and ARA (for eye and brain development)
Taste and smellNot sweet and awful smellTaste is a little better than Similac Alimentum
PriceLess expensiveA little bit pricey
Time of actionWorks within 24 hours of useStarts working within 48 hours of use


As a mom, you cannot go wrong choosing any of Similac Alimentum or Enfamil Nutramigen and both brands have built reputations over the years. They work quickly and also efficiently.

However, the final choice will be based on your baby’s acceptance; so, there is a need to try both products for at least a week before choosing the best one for your baby.

Similac Sensitive VS Enfamil Gentlease

These are formulated to help babies with sensitive tummies. Perhaps, your baby might also be suffering from protein or lactose intolerance or just want to quit breastfeeding. Therefore, these formulas are specially formulated to help babies find the best alternative.

Photo of Similac Sensitive; Enfamil vs Similac


  • Both make use of corn syrup for easy digestion of cow milk
  • They both contain vitamins and minerals
  • Both packed in a ready-to-use bottle and different can sizes
  • They are both non-organic and suitable for babies between 0 and 12 months
  • Works to ease discomfort and gas
  • Both do not contain artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners


 Similac SensitiveEnfamil Gentlease
IngredientsCorn syrup, milk protein isolate, coconut oil, salt flower oilCorn syrup, vegetable oil, low-fat milk, whey protein
Taste and smellUses milk protein isolate as an easy to digest ingredient – this may trigger allergiesUses partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate from soy for easy digestion
PricePriceyIt’s not as expensive as Similac Gentlease
Time of actionWorks within 24 hoursIt works within 24 hours after feeding


Enfamil Gentlease has an edge here because it’s made from ingredients that are more suitable for baby’s tummies while the milk protein isolate in Similac Sensitive can lead to further stomach discomfort. Besides, the Similac Sensitive might just be fine for some babies.

However, a baby’s acceptance should determine your choice

Enfamil Enfacare VS Similac Neosure

These two formulas have been specially formulated for premature babies. Since these babies are not like regular babies, they will need more nutrients to help in their growth.

Also, their vulnerability and weakness would mean you should be careful with the type of formula given to them. These formulas come with a higher amount of vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

Enfamil Enfacare

Photo of Enfamil Enfacare

They are formulated to help your premature baby grow healthily and promote their development between ages 0 to 1 year. They provide the needed calories.

Similac Neosure

Photo of Similac Neosue

It helps babies gain weight. It contains energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, and extra calories between ages 0 to 1 year.

They provide more proteins, minerals, and vitamins more than what is present in formulas for full-term babies


  • Both are milk-based
  • They are both available in powder form and ready-to-use liquid product
  • They both contain 2.8 grams of protein per 133 ml
  • Both use corn syrup solid as their sugar


 Enfamil Enfacare Similac Neosure 
IngredientsNonfat milkAntioxidants, ARA, DHA – for eye and brain developmentMore proteinLess Linoleic acidOptiGRO (ARA + DHA), minerals, and nucleotides for boosting the immuneLess proteinMore Linoleic acid
PriceMore expensive than the Similac NeosureSlightly affordable


These two products look very much the same. However, the price and baby’s preference would determine what to buy.

Similac Soy VS Enfamil Prosobee


  • They are both soy-based milk-free formula
  • They both use corn syrup in their formulation
  • Both the Similac Soy and Enfamil Prosobee contains vitamins, carbohydrate, fats, and water

Similac Soy

Photo of Similac Soy

Similac Soy is soy-based that is formulated to address cow milk allergy in infants. It prevents fussiness, colic, and gas production in infants. Besides, it is formulated with DHA, Lutein, and vitamin E –which promote eye and brain development. Also, it contains OptiGro – a blend of nutrients needed by infants within their first year.

Enfamil Prosobee

Phto of Enfamil Prosobee; Enfamil vs Similac

It uses corn syrup for better taste. Besides, it is formulated with oils such as choline, soy, coconut, DHA, and ARA. Also, the Palm olein and other nutrients contribute to the brain and eye development of the baby.

So, if you have a baby that is lactose-intolerant, allergic to proteins, or experience lactase deficiency – then the right choice will be the Enfamil Prosobee


Both are good for your baby but your baby still has the final say. If you try one and it’s not accepted, choose the other.

Enfamil Ingredients VS Similac Ingredients

Enfamil IngredientsSimilac Ingredients
Inositol – healthy brain developmentProteins – nonfat milk and cow milk protein
DHA – omega-3 fatty acid (for brain and eye development)fat and fatty acids – DHA
Prebiotics – a type of carbohydrateCarbohydrates – corn syrup or corn maltodextrin
Vitamin DPrebiotics – 2′-FL HMO, fructooligosaccharides (FOS), or galactooligosaccharides (GOS)
 Vitamins – A, D, and E
 Minerals – Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc
 OptiGRO (a combination of vitamin E, DHA, and lutein)

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I introduce water in-between feeding?

Water should be introduced after six months when the baby must have been introduced to solid foods. So, babies between 0 and 6 months should get all the nutrients from the formula. Even after six months, the quantity of water must be monitored so they can get enough nutrients from their meals.

How do I know if my baby likes the formula or not?

Your baby will refuse it if they don’t like it. So, when you notice that your baby spits up or show signs of stomach discomfort – then it’s time to try another formula  

Can I introduce other things to the formula?

No! You should not add anything to it. Follow the preparation instructions as stated in the formula. Adding other things to it could make eating difficult for your infants.

Should I introduce cow milk to my baby?

You should not use cow milk. It is either you place the baby on breast milk or formula.

Final Thoughts: Enfamil VS Similac

It could be difficult putting one brand above the other because each brand is formulated with one amazing feature or the other and they are both certified by the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and FDA regulations.

Enfamil does not use as much sugar as Similac which makes babies easily fall in love with the Similac brands. Besides, Enfamil tends to be more expensive than Similac because they use higher quality ingredients.

Also, Similac does not contain any Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) ingredients – which makes it an added advantage.

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