Best Baby Walker in 2021 (Top 6)

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One of the most exciting things as your baby grows older is when you see them take their first step. They go from sitting to standing, to moving around the house, and later walking. Therefore, as a parent – there is a need to invest in the best baby walker.

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Baby walkers are either sit-in or other multi-functional push-behind brands. And these are usually not the same in terms of safety, durability, versatility, and the type of fun they offer to the baby. 

Besides, baby walkers will not teach your baby how to walk but will only aid them in moving and catch some fun while also protecting them from getting hurt.

What Is A Baby Walker?

Baby walkers are devices that are used by infants or toddlers to aid their movement from one place to another. They could either be sit-in or push-behind types. Baby walkers are designed to allow your baby’s feet to touch the floor, and you can help them move around until they can navigate themselves.

Besides, the walker could either be made from plastic or wood and something that can easily be packed for easy storage. Walkers help kids to develop their muscles and coordinate their movement. Although, it is recommended for not more than 20 minutes daily use to prevent muscle strain.

Tips When Buying A Baby Walker

Since there are different brands of baby walkers in the marketplace – it is important to know what to look out for. Some of these are;

Your floor type: The type of baby walker you choose might be most suitable for a hardwood floor, tile, carpet, or a combination of these floors. So, you should consider your floor type when buying a baby walker.

Mobility of your baby: So, there are walkers that will help your baby just to pull up and stand while there are others that will get them to move around fast and catch some fun.

Pricing: This also will determine what you can get. The price for getting the best baby walker ranges from $10 to $150

The durability of the walker: You should get a walker that will at least take your baby through the time it is needed before they outgrow it. Perhaps, it could still be passed over to a younger child or maybe just used as a play item.

Baby Walker Best Review

However, the following are the best baby walker in the marketplace;

VTech Sit-To-Stand Baby Walker – Best Walk-Behind Baby Walker

Photo of V-tech Sit-To-Stand; one of the best baby walker

The Vtech sit-to-stand baby walker comes in either orange and green colors or pink and purple. It is designed with colorful buttons and activities. This walker is not just a walker but comes with many play phones that your child can play with on the go.

So, rather than have your baby sit inside the walker and move around – it helps the baby who can sit up but is yet to walk. It is suitable for babies between 9 months to 36 months who already have good head and neck control and can pull to stand.

Also, it is best suitable for hard and carpeted floors. Interestingly, kids can also learn early using the 5 piano keys that play music, 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorter, 3 light-up buttons, pretend telephone handset, and other mechanical elements. It comes with 2 AA batteries to power it.

Little wonder, it is rated as the best walk-behind baby walker. However, it can’t be folded for easy storage, and also it might not be strong for some set of babies. Also, it lacks adjustable handle height for growing babies.

So, if you want the best walk-behind baby walker that is budget-friendly – then the VTech sit-to-stand baby walker is your right choice.

Melissa & Doug; Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy – Best baby walker for carpets/Best Baby Push Walker For Hardwood Floors

Photo of Melissa & Doug; it ranks among the best baby walker

This is made from wood and therefore very attractive and also durable. The four wells are laced with rubber rings to reduce their speed when being used on hardwood.

It is suitable for older babies that are from 12 months and beyond. It makes a gentle clacking noise when in motion – this helps to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Also, it is built with three alligators that take turns to open their mouth one after the other as the toy moves along – this helps to catch the attention of the toddler. This push-toy will help kids to develop balance, improve agility, while also creating fun.

However, despite the rubber rings – the alligator push toy lacks locking mechanisms which makes it still move quickly when in use.

Joovy Spoon Walker – Best Walker For Baby Learning To Walk

Photo of Joovy Spoon Walker; one of the best baby walker

The Joovy spoon walker is one of the best baby walkers around with its simple and sleek design. Unlike some other walkers, it does not make any cracking noise when in motion.

One of the selling points of this walker is the fact that it comes with a removable food tray – making cleaning easy. The three-level adjustable heights make it suitable for growing babies. Therefore, since it does not come with any toys – parents can supply toys according to the likes of their baby.

Other features are; ease of folding for storage and travel purposes. Also, the seat is machine washable and it is BPA, PVC, and Phthalates free. So, for the best walker for a baby learning to walk, the Joovy spoon walker is something to try.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Walker – Best Prices Baby Walker

Photo of Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Baby Walker

If you want the best budget-friendly walker that still offers amazing entertaining features, the Fisher-Price laugh & learn walker is the best choice. It is specially built for babies between 6 months to 36 months.

Here, babies can learn shapes, alphabets, numbers, colors, and over 75 songs for their entertainment. The selling point of this best price baby walker is that a baby can either sit & play (before they start walking) or stand & walk around.

However, it might not be suitable for hardwood or tile flooring because the baby could topple as they move quickly around the house. So, for the best prices baby walkers – fisher-price is the best choice.

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-In-1 Baby Walker – Best Baby Walker For 6-Month-Old

Photo of Kolcraft Baby Walker

The Kolcraft Tiny Baby walker is arguably the best baby walker for 6 months old. This can both function as a sitting walker (when your baby is at 6 months) and a push walker (when your baby begins to walk).

This walker is affordable, can easily fold for storage, a machine-washable seat, easy to clean tray, and other features to excite and entertain your baby.

In terms of safety, it comes with skid-resistant friction pads at the base for the safety of the baby while the high foam seat back gives comfort and support. So, for the best baby walker for your 6-month-old baby – try the Kolcraft Tiny step baby walker.

Hape Wonder Walker – Best Baby Walker For Tall Babies

Photo of Hape Wonder Baby Walker

Just like the Melissa and Doug walker, the Hape Wonder walker is also made from wood with rubber rings around the wheels for speed control.

This best baby walker for tall babies comes with several features that will help entertain and help to develop your baby’s coordination and motor skills.

It is suitable for babies between 12 months to 36 months and it’s strong and sturdy making it difficult for babies to topple. However, it might be too fast on hard surfaces but has a great movement on carpets.

So, for the best baby walker for tall babies – the Hape wonder walker would excite your baby.

Safety Tips For Using Baby Walker

  • Do not leave your baby unsupervised because they can move to dangerous places
  • Use walkers on flat and smooth surfaces – keep away from stairs
  • Do not introduce walkers if your baby is yet to sit
  • Babies should not exceed 20 minutes in baby walkers
  • Buy walkers with locks to serve as breaks


When should I introduce a baby walker?

As soon as your baby has complete control over his or her head and the feet can touch the floor. However, it varies from one child to another – some might be fit at 4 months while others at 6 months. Besides, you could consult your baby’s pediatrician for further clarifications.

But on average, 6 months is recommended – because most babies would have commenced the process of standing on their feet.

Are baby walkers safe for babies?

Yes, they are safe – but babies should not be left unsupervised just as it’s the same case with other toys. The time in the walker should also be regulated as 20 minutes is being recommended daily. This is because babies can delay their walking if they become too attached to the baby walker.

Are baby walkers beneficial to my baby?

Among the benefits is the fact that it helps your child to develop their walking. Also, kids get excited and entertained while you attend to other chores within the house.

Final Thoughts

The best baby walker is a nursery tool that can assist your little one master coordination and balance. Also, it could be a way of exciting and entertaining your baby while attending to other important things.

However, push walkers have been found to aid a baby’s walking more than sit-in walkers.

So, this baby walker best review has the best walk-behind baby walker, best baby walker for carpets/best baby push walker for hardwood floors, best walker for baby learning to walk, best prices baby walker, best baby walker for 6 months old, and Hape wonder walker. 

Therefore, choose the most suitable and best baby walker for your baby!

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