Unique (& Fun) Christmas Bucket List Ideas

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A Christmas bucket list is a unique way of capturing the excitement that comes with the Christmas season. It is a list of things to do different from your regular activities, and they range from very easy ideas to those that will give you a distinct memorable experience.

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Before I take you through the different categories of amazing Christmas bucket list ideas, let’s dwell a little on what a bucket list is.

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What Is A Bucket List?

A bucket list allows you to think over your values and aspirations, as well as identify important experiences and events that you want to have in your life.

It can be a list for a single year or you can make it a lifetime list where you tick off the activities you want to engage in each year.

Christmas Bucket List Ideas For Travelers

Photo of travelers; traveling is a greta idea to include on your Christmas bucket list

Visit The Seven Continents

Visiting all seven continents is an amazing bucket list item if you love traveling. It helps you to see the world and observe the different cultures around the world.

Also, it makes you push yourself beyond your comfort zone as well as make new friends, and create awesome memories.

Stand At The Top Of The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world that must be seen especially if you are visiting Paris. You will be able to see the awesomeness of the city while standing over the 900 feet tall tower and if you are afraid of heights, there is a glass elevator that helps to move visitors to the top.

Walk On The Great Wall Of China

Photo of people visiting The great wall of China; one of the ideas to include on your Christmas bucket list

The Great Wall of China is another impressive feat in history. It was built more than 2,000 years ago and stretches over 13,000 miles making it one of the most popular tourist centers in China.

The sight of the wall is a wonder and walking by its side is an opportunity to behold the size and scope. 

Visit Easter Island

Easter Island is located in the Pacific Ocean and listed among the most remote places on earth as well as home to some of the most wonderful statues in the world which are referred to as moai. They represent the ancestors of the native people living on the island. 

You and your family can find your way to Easter Island by taking a flight or a boat from Chile.

Visit The Taj Mahal

Among the most beautiful buildings in the world is the Taj Mahal located in India and listed among the most beautiful buildings in the world. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a tribute to his late wife.

The best way to locate this famous mausoleum is by taking a flight first into Delhi before joining a train to Agra the city where the Taj Mahal is located.

Visit The Matterhorn

This is another idea you should consider as part of the content on your Christmas bucket list because it is one of the top iconic mountains in the world and it is located in the Swiss Alps where it provides outstanding views of both Italy and Switzerland. 

One of the ways to get to the top of the mountain is through the use of a cable car. While at the top, you can take different views 

Once you’re at the top, you can enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants or simply take in the stunning views.  

Float In The Dead Sea Between Israel And Jordan

The Dead Sea is another unique place that should be contained in your bucket. It is located between Jordan and Israel and its high salt content makes it impossible for anything to survive but you can float in it.

Christmas Bucket List Ideas For Couples

Photo of a couple hugging in the snow

Are you considering a list for the Christmas season for you and your spouse? I have got you covered with the romantic ideas listed here to give you a great experience.

Go For A Wine-tasting Vacation

Photo of people dining and wining wine tasting is one of the ideas to include on your Christmas bucket list

Notwithstanding how this concept may appear familiar to you, it remains an excellent bucket list idea if you desire a relaxing activity that takes both of you from your usual routine: Wine tasting allows you to try out new things as well as make new friends in an intimate environment.

Take A Multi-Month Road Trip

Taking a multi-month road trip involves traveling through different road paths of the country. It is a great way to help you to see the various areas of the country and all that it has to offer.

Just make sure you both get enough changing clothes, toiletries, a flashlight, a tent, a compass, a map, and a GPS unit.

Sleeping under the stars is one of the things that spice up a road trip and will also make your multi-month road trip an adventurous one.

Take Dance Lessons Together

This is another romantic activity you will not want to ignore if you have gotten a suitable hotel. Taking dance lessons together as a couple will remind both of you of your early beginnings as lovers and it will also make your bond better. Why not have all the fun with your spouse next Christmas season?

Plant A Garden Together

Photo of a lovely elderly couple planting flowers; one of the ideas to include on your Christmas bucket list

You don’t need to be talented in growing plants before you make a garden work. Both of you can easily make a small container garden in your backyard that will help save a lot of money on food, minimize your plastic packaging, and also teaches your kids about nature.

Spend Christmas In Another City

Spending Christmas in a foreign city is another unique bucket list item.to consider for you and your spouse. Hotels usually have special buffets, menus shows for Christmas so you can figure out hotels with special menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Christmas Bucket List Ideas For You And Your Kids

You can also try out these ideas with your kids and help them also have great fun during the Christmas season.

Design Christmas Cards

Photo of people designing a Christmas card; one of the ideas to include on your Christmas bucket list

Engage your kids in designing Christmas cards for members of the family, their friends, and other well-wishers. Your kids will find this task really interesting and it will help to bring out their creativity.

Bake Christmas Cookies

Photo of a family baking cookies; one of the ideas to include on your Christmas bucket list

Let members of the family pick a different type of cookie and try making each of them. You can teach your children to bake the cookies and encourage them to also bake for their friends.

Drive Around And Look At Christmas Lights

You can also plan to drive around town with your kids to have a good look at how the Christmas lights light up everywhere. Don’t forget to take along with you some chocolates and ice cream to spice up your journey and make it really fun.

Decorate Your House

Decorating your house is one way to express the joy of the season. Let your kids join in making some decorations for the festive season. Make your house beautiful this festive season. 

Give A Gift To Someone In Need

Photo of someone giving a gift to a girl; one of the ideas to include on your Christmas bucket list

This is a unique Christmas bucket list idea that will not just put smiles and gladden the heart of someone out there who is in great need of what you have. Make members of your family figure out someone they know has a need your family can meet and help to brighten up the mood of others. I am sure your kids will be glad they rendered a helping hand.

How To Make A Bucket List

The tips below will help you create a suitable Christmas bucket list and also make the season a remarkable one for you.

Put Goal Into Bite Sizes

When creating a bucket list, make them into bits. For instance, you can make a list that is sectioned into adventures, home goals, travels, etc.

Create a separate list for goals that require time and effort and other mini lists of goals and possibly attach the time you intend to achieve them such as before a certain age.

Find Ideas For Your List

This is the easiest part when creating your bucket list items because you can simply include things that you have always wanted to do.

Include both your small and big dreams before expanding to other things you may like to achieve by checking out people’s experiences on social media platforms or your friends.

You can also be inspired when you go through magazines, your favorite movies, locations that impress you, etc.

Interact With Yourself

Remember that every bucket list is unique and specific to each person just as yours is to you. This means that there is a need for some self-reflection. 

You should ask yourself questions like;

  • What cultural traditions attract me?
  • What adventure stories do I desire to share with my kids?
  • If I could travel to any part of the world, where will I go?
  • What are my favorite regional cuisines?
  • Are there any sports I have always wanted to try?
  • What experiences have I looked forward to sharing with my spouse?
  • If I am given a month left to live, what would I love to do?

Create a bucket list of things that inspire and interest you as a person.

Start Ticking Them Off

When you are through with interviewing yourself, thinking of ideas, sharing ideas with friends, and writing down your dreams, it’s time to make your bucket list ideas a reality.

You should attach a realizable time frame to each of the ideas you have concluded on your list and make practical plans to achieve them.

Purchase A Good Bucket List Journal

Your Christmas bucket list would contain some of your great aspirations and so they must be properly documented in a befitting place and not just on any sheet of paper.

So, buy a good quality notebook (see this one on Amazon) to write out all these ideas. Consider a notebook with enough leaves to accommodate anything relating to your dreams that you may want to note down.

You can also create an excel spreadsheet or word document to back up whatever is contained in your note. 

Don’t forget to keep a record of your achievements as you attain each one. 


What Is A Bucket List?

A bucket list is a collection of your aspirations, goals, and dreams that you intend to achieve while you are alive.

What Should I Put On My Christmas Bucket List?

Include activities that will allow you to make the most of your Christmas season. 

What Is The Common Thing On A Bucket List?

One of the most common things on a bucket list is travel because several people want to explore new places and have new experiences of different cultures.

Final Thoughts

Christmas bucket lists should be fun, not extremely difficult to achieve, and memorable. Also, you can always tweak your list as you go along to fit your current interests. 

If you need some inspiration for your bucket list, you will find the ideas listed in this post helpful.

Happy holidays!

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