80+ Super Cool Ice Nicknames

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People who love nature and are looking for nature-themed names will find these ice nicknames perfect, especially those whose favorite aspect of nature is ice.  

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A lot of people find something magical about winter, snow, and ice. Ice, especially, is stunning to behold, cool, and captivating. 

Read on if you are searching for a nickname that relates to ice, snow, or the winter season. 

Cool Ice Nicknames for Boys 

Photo of an ice covered neighborhood; ice nicknames are beautiful


This name is derived from the full name “Aurora borealis” which means broad bands of light with an electrical and magnetic source and they appear in the sky at night in the cold (artic) region of the world.  It is also called northern lights. 

Borealis is related to cold or ice and hence makes a good ice nickname. 


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This is a name for boys with roots in English and Latin. It is derived from the word “Alba” which means white. The white color is related to ice or snow. 


A name for boys from the Irish language which means “fiery one” or “little fire”. Fire was and is still used to keep people warm during cold and snowy times. Hence, the name is related to ice.


This name is of American origin and it means “snowstorm”. 


In Slavic mythology, Stribog is the “flowing God”. He is the god of frost, snow, and ice. 


Of Finnish origin, this name means “white”. 


A Japanese name meaning “snow ruler”. 


This name means “Ice dragon” and it is of German origin. 


Of Japanese origin, named after a water diety. 


An English name meaning heavy snow fall along with wind. 


A Latvian name meaning “frost”. 


A male name of Polish origin meaning “ice dragon”. 


This is an ice name for boys and it means “from the white fields”. 


This is a name of a tree that is popular in winter. It is also the name of a Scottish clan that was well known for their courage and strength. 


This is the name of a wintertime bird. 


A Spanish name that means snow clad. It is also the name of an American state. 


Jonas is a Greek word meaning dove and it is also the name of a wintertime storm. 


The French word for Christmas and the male version of Noelle. 


Frost are things that form on the ground and on plants during winter. Seeing frost is the first sign that winter is coming and the weather is beginning to cool off. It is a beautiful ice nickname for boys. 


This is a great name for boys if you want your ice nickname to be related to snow, winter, or Christmas. 

It is a Greek name meaning “the people’s victor” and it is also the name of St. Nicholas, the one that the legend of Santa Claus was based on. 


This is a Turkish word meaning “covered with snow”. 


This name is associated with winter although it doesn’t mean snow, but when it snows and the weather is cold, families surround roaring fires and warm their hands and bodies at the blazing fire. 


This is a Chinese name meaning Pretty snow. It is a name for boys. 


A winter related name for boys that tries to describe a crisp, wintry day. 


A Japanese word for snow. It makes a good ice nickname for boys. 


Quite an uncoomon name but in ancient Rome, it was the name of the North wind.


This is a male name and it is related with wintertime. Yule means winter solstice. 


Also spelled as vail. It is the other name of a popular site for skiing in the winter. It is a good nickname for boys. 


A day in December when the Buddhists celebrate Bohdi day. Bodhi means awakening or enlightenment. It is a good name for a baby boy. 


It is associated with winter time. when it snows, the Aspen ski resort in Colorado gets filled with visitors and skiers. 

It is also the name of a beautiful tree with heart shaped leaves. The leaves sound like music when the wind blows through them and the leaves moves in a way that makes the tree seems like it is dancing. 


This is a common name for baby boys born around Christmas. In Greek, Christian means “follower of Christ”. It was actually a girls’ name in the middle ages but right now, it is almost used for boys exclusively. 


The word “Colden” actually means dark valley but the fact it has the word “cold” in it makes it a good ice nickname for boys. 


This is a Chinese name meaning Winter. This 4 words catchy name is good for boys. 


A Welsh word meaning “white snow” or “white as snow”. 


This name is of American origin and it means “white as snow”. It is a great ice nickname for boys. 

Cool Ice Nicknames for Girls 

Photo of an ice covered neighborhood; ice nicknames are beautiful


Cristel is a female name of Greek and Latin derivation. It is a derivation of the Greek word for crystal (Krystallos). Cristel means Ice.


It is a luminous phenomenon that occurs in the cold parts of the world. It also means “dawn” in Latin.


This is the Hindu name for Snow. It also means cold and it is also a name of the goddess Parvati. This is a wonderful female ice nickname.


A female name of French origin meaning “ice queen”. 


A female name meaning “Our lady of snow”. It is of Spanish origin and it was made in the honor of the Virgin Mary when she made a miracle happen in Rome’s August heat by making snow remain un-melted. 


Of American origin, this name means “snowbird”. 


From Welsh, meaning “blessed snow”. 


A female ice nickname of Japanese origin meaning “snow flower”. 


Of Greek origin, and a Greek god considered the “god of rivers”. 


This is a beautiful winter name for girls. The fruits/berries of the Holly tree only ripen in winder and that is why they are used as part of winter decorations.  


This is a Spanish word that means White or Show. It is an exotic name to use if you want a name related to snow or ice. 


This is the name of the Swedish saint of Christmas. 


Eira is a Welsh name meaning show. The modification of this name Eirwen means white as snow. Eirlys is another form of Eira and it means snowdrop. 


A French name for girls that means white. 


This is a snow or ice related name since Christmas usually takes place in winter. However, if you want a less obvious name, you can opt for Noelle or Christine. 


This is a Welsh word that means white or fair. This makes it a good ice nick name for baby boys. 


A female name of American origin which means white. 


Also known as Lumikki, it means snow. 


The name of the Greek goddess of Winter, it can be shortened to Demi. 


This is a beautiful name for a baby girl born in the winter season. It is the female version of Noel and both names mean Christmas. 


This is a Welsh name for the guardian of the sea. “Merry Christmas” is a common greeting during the yuletide season and many people think of winter when they hear the word “merry”.

This modern word means jolly or happy. 


This name means white crystals which are pieces of ice that stay year round. 


This is a region known for being filled with snowy mountains. 


This is a name given to baby girls born close to or on Christmas day. 


Paloma means Doves and this bird is associated with Christmas. Remember the 12 days of Christmas song where the singer was given two turtle doves. 


In Native American language, Yas means snow. 


Alba is of Latin origin and it means “bright and white”. This makes a graceful female ice nickname for snow. 


Of French origin meaning “white”. It is a classic and stylish name for girls. 


A beautiful female ice name of Irish origin meaning “white Shoulders”. It explains the phenomenon of snow falling down delicately and surrounding us. 


This is a beautiful name that comes to mind when looking for a cute female name related to ice. Elsa is the shorter form for Elizabeth but its relation to ice is that it is the name of the powerful Disney princess who can manipulate snow and ice in the popular movie “Frozen”. 


This is a beautiful ice nickname for girls of Welsh origin that means “snow”. 


This name brings to mind the beautiful Christmas carols we all love to attend. It is a name associated with winter and the yuletide season and it means “beautiful person”. 


This is a brilliant ice name for girls, it is derived from the word “ice” and it represents snowy vibes. This name is of old English roots and it means “compassionate”. 


This ice name for girls is very short and alluring. It is an old English word meaning “faithful” and it is named after a vine that flourishes during the winter season. 


A name of Latin roots and named after the winter-hardy tree. It is a good female ice name. 


Natasha is an ice name for girls that is sophisticated and delicate. It is of Russian origin and means “birthday of the Lord”. It is related to Christmas. 


This ice name for girls is unusual and captivating. It is of Welsh origin and from the Welsh mythology of “white footprints” which tells a tale of lovely footprints made in the snow during the wintertime. 


A female ice name of Latin roots that means “mild winter flower”.  

Unisex Cool Ice Nicknames

Photo of an ice covered sky; ice nicknames are beautiful


This name means “champion of the blue”. 


This is the birthstone associated with the month of January, the coldest month of the year. 


This is an obvious choice if you want a straight name associated with ice and snow. 


A name of the star of Bethlehem. It is a good name for a child born in the winter. It is also a good choice if you love start gazing at night. 


This name is of Greek origin and it is the name of a tree that grows in the northern region during winter season. 


Of Latin roots, this is the 12th month of the year and also known as the winter month.


This name is associated with fire and it is a snow-related name because fire is used to keep warm during cold wintry nights. 


An old English word that means a “heart person”. it is considered an ice name because it is similar to “Hail”, which is rain in frozen (ice) form.


North is always associated with snow because the northern hemisphere is a cold region. 


This is a common English name related to ice. It is also the name of the fairy tale character and Disney princess, Snow White. 


An ice nickname for boys. Winter storms can be scary and this name represent the winter. 

How to Choose A Nickname

Nicknames play an important role in how people interact with others. Nicknames are used to identify people, connect with others, and build relationships with other people. 

The tips below will help you choose a good ice nickname. 

Brainstorm your idea 

Start by brainstorming suitable nicknames. Make use of combinations that are appealing to the eyes, easy to spell & pronounce, interesting to others, and convey your personality. 

Shortlist your suggestions/ideas 

After brainstorming, go through the list of nicknames and select a handful of them – those that are catchy and reflect your personality. 

Keep things simple

Keep your ice nickname short and simple. People like short and simple nicknames. 


If ice is your favorite aspect of nature, this post will help you find the perfect ice nickname for your baby (or yourself!)

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