120 Baby Names That Mean Beautiful

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Having a baby is one of the most beautiful things in life. The name you give to your little one is a long-lasting gift that should be special. Every child is born beautiful and as such should have names that mean beautiful.

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These names that mean beautiful cut across different tribes and languages across the globe – just as every culture has a word that has to do with beauty, pretty, or lovely.

So, are you searching for names that mean beautiful? These beautiful, amazing boys’ and girls’ names will sound cute and unique.

So, here are the different classes of baby names that mean beautiful;

Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

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This Scottish name means beauty and grace. It has common nicknames like Ann, Annie, Anna, Bell, Bells, and Annie-Bell.

The name became popular in the US in 2011


Another Scottish beautiful girl name that means “charming,” “cheerful,” and “beautiful” in 2019, Bonnie ranked among the top 1000 names in the US. Besides, among the popular namesakes with the name Bonnie include American sportscaster, Bonnie Lynn Bernstein and American actress, Bonnie Lynne Hunt.


It means “most beautiful.” A cute Greek name that has variations such as Kallista, Calysta, and Kalystah. Popular namesakes include Caliista Lorraine Roy – an American nursing theorist.


This Latin name meaning “beautiful”, “loving one”, and “lovable” will look great on your little girl. Variations to the name Mabel include; Mabella, Maybel, Maybell, Mayble, or Maybelline. Nicknames are; Mab or May. Popular namesakes are; Mabel Esmonde Cahill – an Irish tennis player and Mabel Seeley – an American mystery novelist.


An English name meaning “Lily Flower”. The two popular variations to this name are Lilly and Lillie with nicknames such as Lee Lee, Lee, and Lil. Famous people with this name include; English model, Lily Monica Donaldson and American actress, Lily Rabe.


Naomi is a Hebrew name meaning “beautiful”, “delightful”, and “pleasant.” Its French version is Noemie while it is Noemi in Italian. In the Old Testament – Naomi was Ruth’s mother-in-law who lost her husband and sons. Famous namesakes with this name are tennis player, Naomi Osaka, and model, Naomi Campbell. 


Venus is of Greek origin and it means “goddess of beauty and love” Its nicknames include Ven and Vivi. The name Venus is currently not ranked on the baby names popularity charts in the United States. Among the popular namesakes with this name are American professional tennis player, Venus Williams and Former Miss America, Venus Ramey.

Boy Names That Mean Beautiful

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It is a Celtic name that means cheerful, handsome. It has variations like Allan, Alan, Alun, Allon, and Alain.


Aden is a name with Hebrew origin that means handsome and attractive. A popular variation to this name is Aidan


An Irish and Gaelic traditional name that means “handsome beloved,” Popular namesakes are basketball player, Kevin Durant, and singer, Kevin Jonas. It has Kavin as its variant.


This is an Ethiopian name that means “handsome.” This name has ranked in the United States top 1000 names that mean beautiful for boys. Among the popular namesakes for this name is American basketball player – Amar’e Carsares Stoudemire


Cosmo is of both Greek and Italian origin and it means beauty, order, or organization. It has popular namesakes such as American NFL football player, Marcus Cosmo Klein and English playwright and novelist, Cosmo Hamilton


This is another amazing boy name of Scottish origin that stands for fair of face, or handsome. Among the famous people named Irvin is American Civil war general, Irvin McDowell.


It’s simply an Arabic name meaning beautiful. The most popular namesake is perhaps Usain St. Leo Bolt – the Jamaican sprinter and fastest man ever. Besides, it has never ranked among the top 1000 boy names in the US.


An Irish boy name meaning born handsome with Brett Kavanaugh – controversial justice of the US Supreme Court as one of the famous namesakes

French Names That Mean Beautiful

The following are French names that mean beautiful for your baby girl;

Aimée – Beloved

Blanche – White and fair

Fleur – A flower

Jewel – Pretty, precious gemstone. It has variations like Jewell, Jule, Jules, Joule, and Jewelle

Jolie – Pretty; Jolie has variations such as Joely, Jole, Jolena, Joli, Jolly, Jolleen, and Jolene

Suzette – Pretty and graceful like Lily and it has variations like Sue, Suzan, Suzannah, Suzanne, Suzie, and Suzy

Violette – A purple-blue flower; Violet has variations like Violet, Violyne, Viole, Violene, Violanthe, Violaine, and Viollette.

Belle – Beautiful

Margo – Pearl

Sarah – Princess with variations like Sara and Saara

Lyneth – Little beauty

The following are French names that mean beautiful for your baby boy;

Araf – Beautiful

Beau – Handsome, beautiful gaze, pretty

Linh – beautiful, soul/spirit

Sabih – Beautiful, handsome, pleasant

Belmont – From a beautiful hill

Calixtus – Most beautiful

Beauregard – Beautiful look or gaze

Hamilton – Beautiful Mountain

Sunther – Beautiful

Kavin – Beautiful, handsome

Husayn – Beautiful, good

Orpheus – Beautiful voice

Robinson – Beautiful flower from God, bright/brilliant fame

Japanese Names That Mean Beautiful

The following Japanese names that mean beautiful will look cute and amazing on your little one;

Aimi – A female Japanese meaning love beauty

Aiya – Beautiful silk (female)

Asami – Morning beauty (female)

Akemi – Beautiful and bright (female)

Emiko – Beautiful child (female)

Fumiko – Beautiful child (female)

Hayami – Rare beauty (female)

Mami – Beauty (female)

Manami – Beautiful love (female)

Mayumi – Beauty, elegant (female)

Mio – A beautiful cherry blossom (female)

Rei – A beautiful and lovely bell (female)

Kazumi – Beauty, peace (male)

Akane – Brilliant red

Kazumi – Peace, and beauty

African Names That Mean Beautiful

Awa – Beautiful angel (female)

Doli – Beautiful like a doll (female)

Fara – Lovely, beautiful (female)

Lewa – Pretty, beautiful (female)

Keva – Beautiful child (female)

Inge – Beautiful, hero’s daughter (female)

Neha – Beautiful eyes, cherished beauty, lovable, love, and affection (female)

Kenna – Beautiful, good looking (female)

Jamil – Handsome, beautiful (male)

Zene – Beautiful (male)

Kitoko – Beautiful (male)

Kimani – One who is beautiful (male)

Uzain – Beautiful gift of God (male)

Mio – Beautiful cherry (male)

Hassan – Beautiful, handsome, good looking (male)

Zwivhuya – Beautiful things (male)

Greek Names That Mean Beautiful

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Calista – Most beautiful (female)

Callidora – Gift of beauty (female)

Callia – Beautiful voice (female)

Cosima – Beauty and order (female)

Calliope – Beautiful voice (female)

Jacinthe – Beautiful   (female)

Kalliope – Beautiful voice

Lydia – Noble one, beautiful (female)

Adonis – Most handsome (male)

Italian Names That Mean Beautiful

Aurora – Dazzling, luminous (female)

Chiara – Bright and beautiful (female)

Eleonora – Shining light (female)

Bella – Beautiful (female)

Bellezza – Beautiful (female)

Bellissa – Fair, lovely one (female)

Belvedere – Beautiful to see (male)

Calisto – Beautiful (male)

Anatolio – Beautiful sunrise (male)

Deangelo – One bold and beautiful (male)

Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Princess

Many parents desire to give their little angel a name that depicts royalty – that is a princess or a queen. So, the following are names that mean beautiful princess;

Camilia – Latin origin and means “princess warrior”

Azmik – Arabian origin and means “princess”

Candace – Latin origin and means “queen mother”

Diana – Roman origin and means “moon princess”

Gladys – Latin origin and means “princess” or “love”

Izella – English-American origin and has “devoted princess” as its meaning

Kiana – It means “princess” and it’s of the Irish origin

Sadie – Means “princess,” “A noblewoman” and of Hebrew origin

Suri – It means “princess” and has a Hebrew origin

Yseult – German origin and means “princess,” “fair,” or “a fair lady”

Regina – “A woman who is the queen”

Princy – Indian origin and means “a princess” or “a queen”

Damita – Has a Spanish origin and means “baby princess” or “little lady”

Adalinda – German origin and means “dragon princess”

Names That Mean Beautiful Flower

Photo of a beautiful girl with flowers around her head, some baby names mean beautiful flower

If you want a name that is graceful, unique, and charming – then the following names that mean beautiful flower will look even prettier than the flower on your little one;

Abelia – Hebrew origin and it means “breath” or “sigh”

Bellerose – French name that means “lovely rose”

Ayana – it means “beautiful flower”

Diantha – Greek origin and means “divine flower”

Calla – Calla Lily is the name of a beautiful flower of Greek origin and it means “beautiful”

Zaynab – The name of a flower with an Arabian origin and it means beauty and grace 

Zaria – With Arabic origin and means “rose”

Flora – It means flower and it’s from the Latin origin

Blossom – English origin that means “cluster of flowers”

Bellerose – French origin meaning “lovely rose”

Final Thoughts

The names that mean beautiful have been categorized into different classes, such as girl names that mean beautiful, boy names that mean beautiful, French names that mean beautiful and Japanese names that mean beautiful.

Others are African names that mean beautiful, Greek names that mean beautiful, Italian names that mean beautiful, girl names that mean beautiful princess, and names that mean beautiful flowers.

Therefore, with this compilation, your search for names that mean beautiful has been simplified. So, pick a unique name for your little one and watch how beautiful their life will be.

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