16 Beautiful Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

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Pregnancy is a great time in every woman’s life most especially in the lives of first-time moms. These days, due to the amazing changes that take place during the pregnancy period, soon-to-be parents are usually eager to take different maternity pictures with the help of a photographer.

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Taking pregnancy pictures can help you to grasp a clear view of the growth of your belly from week to week.

Maternity photos have now become a part of the documented photos on most first-time moms’ albums ranging from portrait sessions taken underwater to floral crowns.

Interestingly, it is also an avenue to make extra income because it is always in high demand. So if you are a photographer, you may want to increase your income by uploading more maternity pictures online.

Best Time For Maternity Pictures

The essence of pregnancy photoshoots is basically to show off your bumps as you eagerly expect the arrival of your little one.

Since the showing time of pregnancy differs from one woman to another hence you should schedule taking your cute maternity photoshoots for week 28 (more or less) where your bump is finally out. Avoid weeks 35 to 39 so you don’t suddenly fall into labor.

Also, there could be complications like the risk of preterm delivery – if mom-to-be is expecting multiples, physical limitations, and some other important factors. Therefore, if some of these factors are present, then your pregnancy shoot should come in the 2nd trimester.

Best Place For Maternity Shoot

The following ideas will make your pregnancy photoshoot remain unforgettable;

Consider using a location with water like a lake – since femininity and water have something in common.

If you are having your maternity shoot during the fall – then make use of a place with much colorful foliage.

Choosing a snowy location during a winter maternity shoot will make a whole lot of sense. However, if you do not have snow in your area during winter, improvise with another beautiful thing that speaks of the season you are in.

Have you considered using a bathtub with flowers around the tub? This will produce an amazing maternity photoshoot experience. 

If you are shooting during the warm summer, then the sea will produce a great backdrop for cute maternity photos.

The home of the soon-to-be parents can also be a good location for a cozy and personal experience

The baby’s nursery – a great location if it’s already set.    

Photo of a couple snapping maternity photos

Unique Maternity Photoshoot Props

It is advisable to have one or more of these accessories to create a beautiful memory;

  • Ultrasound image – always a favorite prop, it’s often the first photo of the unborn baby
  • Pregnancy test kit
  • Paint – for siblings to paint the bump of the mom or a professional painter can have a beautiful image drawn on the belly before the shoot
  • Balloons
  • Flowers

Best Clothing For Maternity Photoshoots

The attires you put on contribute greatly to the outcome of your photos. Therefore consider dresses that will bring out the beauty of your pregnancy bump.

You may want to consider any of the following for a cute pregnancy picture.

Dresses that are fitted up to beneath your breasts and flow through below your knees are perfect to showcase the baby bump.

Tops that can easily be pulled up will make it easy to reveal a part of the bumpy skin. Besides, a button-down shirt can be left open for some shoots then buttoned-up for other shoots.

Also, plan to use all the accessories, jewelry, fun shoes, and scarves for your photoshoot because the arrival of the baby might not make you put fashion as a top priority.

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

One of the most important things to put into consideration when suggesting maternity pictures is the location and the timing of the day.

The idea of photos you have will determine the background that will be considered best for you by your photographer and of course your photographer will choose the time of the day he/she would get a perfect shoot for you.

There are several cute maternity photos that you may want to try out that will leave smiles on your face and make you always cherish the pregnancy period you went through.

Here are some unique maternity photoshoot ideas;

1. Hands Around Your Belly

Photo of a pregnant woman with her hands forming a heart over her belly; a maternity photoshoot Idea

Every first-time mom-to-be overtime may get used to having her hands around her belly either to feel her baby or get the attention to her belly. This is a perfect pose for a maternity photo shoot.

2. Take Photos With Your Partner

Photo of a cute couple having a maternity photoshoot

The world of parenthood is not complete if you leave your partner outside the picture. Getting him to take photos will make the period an exciting one for both of you.

3. Take Pictures with Objects

Photo of a woman holding baby shoes to her stomach; a maternity photoshoot Idea

Objects that will be used to take maternity pictures should be used to send a message to whoever comes in contact with it.

For instance, you can take pictures with objects that depict the sex of your child. If you are expecting a boy, holding blue shoes can make it more colorful while in the case of a girl, holding a pink doll will make your photos awesome.

4. Photos That Tell The Season  

This is a pregnancy photoshoot idea that tells the time of the year you are in. If you are in winter; you can take pictures with a snowy background while in summer, use backgrounds that depict the beauty of the season.

5. Capturing silhouette of the baby bump

Photo of a pregnant woman's silhouette; a maternity photoshoot idea

This is simple – it means having the bump come between a source of light and the camera. You might want to try out this pre-delivery photoshoot if you do not have enough space but yet desire something beautiful and captivating. Therefore, to get the best view – you stand in profile.

6. Make use of the baby nursery

The baby nursery is a perfect setting for the best maternity photo shoot; after all, you are spending some bucks setting up the nursery. So, take advantage of this cool location and let your maternity photo shoot remain for a long time in the memory of the people.

7. Underwater effect

This is one of the most popular and trending maternity photoshoot ideas. This involves capturing your baby bump underwater. The unique result of this comes from the reflections and distortions produced in the water.

8. Appreciating the work of nature

Photo of a woman lying on grass; a maternity photoshoot idea for lovers of nature.

So, you could visit a farm or any other place where the realization of nature is demonstrated.

9. Add some traditional vibes

Do you want your identity to speak by embracing your heritage? So, trying out some traditional clothing for the photoshoot will make a whole lot of sense. By this, you add some colors and vibrancy to the maternity shoot.

10. Capture yourself while enjoying your hobby

Photo of a woman cooking; being captured while enjoying your hobby is a great maternity photoshoot idea

The secret here is about capturing what you love doing. Do you love cooking? Do you love singing? Or do you love reading? Let the maternity picture capture you doing what you love to do best.

11. A rainbow pregnancy

Photo of a woman holding a heart shaped paper; a rainbow maternity photoshoot idea

It is often a time of pain and sorrow when pregnancy is lost. However, many mom-to-be still cannot forget so soon their failed pregnancies whenever they are approaching the time of delivery of a healthy pregnancy.

What is a rainbow pregnancy? It is a healthy pregnancy that follows after a miscarriage or any other form of loss. So, you can refer to the time of loss during your shoots by having inscriptions like “After the storm comes a rainbow”

12. Family Maternity Picture Ideas

The mom-to-be is usually the main side attraction in any pregnancy photo shoot but you can create more uniqueness and fun when you have other family members take part in the sessions. However, this will capture moments that will linger for long in the memory of the members of the family.

13. Use pets if you have one

The importance of pets cannot be overemphasized in any family. So, you can celebrate these pets by incorporating them in your shoots. Why don’t you try this out if you are okay with it?

14. Grandparents and other family members

The possibility is endless when it comes to creating an astonishing and creative maternity shoot. So, with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other extended family members – you can create multi-generational family photoshoot pictures.

15. Soak yourself in milk baths

If you are on a light bed rest, then you can be permitted maternity shoots in a milk bath. To add more color and glitz to this, you can incorporate beautiful flowers or other props. So, this helps the mom-to-be to also relax at the same time.

16. Let the siblings be part of the session

Photo of an expectant mother with an older child

Your pregnancy photoshoot sessions would not be ideal if you don’t incorporate the older children (if you are not a first-time-mom). Besides, you are not the only one who is expectant of the new addition to the family and this will create a sense of belonging in them.  

Also, you can create more fun and excitement by bringing in some belly-kissing time-out (for older kids) while for smaller children, they could be placed on the bump with the help of the mom. This is one of the cute maternity picture ideas to try out.


Having a maternity photo shoot session is something you should look forward to during the pregnancy cycle – especially as a first-time mom. This is because you can have something to reference for a long time to come.

To get the best result, settle for the one that is most convenient for you, don’t forget to choose the most suitable location and also it must be done at the right time and with the appropriate props. Any one of these memorable maternity photoshoot ideas would definitely give you breathtaking pictures and can serve as a way to show off your bump to friends and family who are far away.

Have a safe delivery!!!

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