Pregnancy Announcement To Husband (10 Cute Ways To Tell Him You’re Expecting)

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It is usually a difficult thing to keep the news that you are pregnant to yourself, especially if you are a first-time mom. So, your husband is arguably the first and the most important person to break the news to, therefore the need for pregnancy announcement to husband ideas.

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Interestingly, surprise pregnancy announcement to husband ideas do not have to be something expensive or extravagant as other forms of pregnancy announcements – but something that is different from the usual norm.

So, you don’t need to spend too many bucks hiring a professional photographer for your pregnancy announcement to your husband, it can just be something intimate – but done creatively and uniquely.

So, as a mom-to-be, you must do everything possible to make your pregnancy announcement to husband memorable and something intriguing. These ideas could range from making use of his favorite food, his favorite sporting actions, or any other thing that easily catches his attention.

Therefore, the following are the best pregnancy announcement ideas to husband.

Pregnancy Announcement Card To Husband

So, you could get him a greeting card when he comes home especially if both of you stay apart.

Also, you can put a scratch-off pregnancy announcement card into his work bag and get ready to capture his reaction when he finds out. If your husband is a lover of scratch-off lotto – you could insert one scratch-off pregnancy announcement card into a stack of regular tickets and watch the way his face lightens-up. What could be more exciting and unique than this?

Funny Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

There are many funny pregnancy announcements to husband ideas around. So, whichever idea you choose – ensure it is creative and entirely funny.

Besides, you can say it with a joke. You can design a funny pregnancy reveal card and drop it at a surprise location or hand it over to him directly. There can never be anything as funny as this.

Also, you could place a bun in the oven and tell your partner to go help you check out something sweet in the oven, and then watch him as he figures and unravel the riddle.

You could also write the following funny stuff either on a shirt, a mug, or a beautiful card;


Pregnancy Announcement To Husband On Birthday

If you find out about your pregnancy close to your husband’s birthday, then there is no better time to surprise your sweetheart than breaking your baby news right on his birthday celebration.

It can be done using a cake – this will surely catch his attention especially with such inscriptions as “You are going to be a father,” “We are pregnant,” and “Happy birthday dad,”

Also, you could organize a date night romantic dinner with a baby theme just for the two of you – it should be well-lit with the sound of romantic music playing in the background. Initially, he might think you are just being romantic.

However, you must ensure that all the foods produced are baby-themed, such as baby corn and baby carrots.

It might take a while for him to figure out, but if he’s not – drop him some clues so he can easily decode before the end of the meal. What a great combination (a great meal + great news).

Pregnancy Announcement To Husband Onesie

Another amazing way of announcing your pregnancy to your husband is by giving him a onesie with a meaningful personal message. Also, you could come up with a message based on his hobbies.

For example, having the inscription “I can’t wait to meet you daddy” or “The man behind the bump” on a onesie and presented to your husband. This would create an atmosphere of excitement.

Pregnancy Announcement Notes To Husband

This is simple, inexpensive, and a unique way of announcing your baby news to your husband. You could write a special note and place the test result on it to tell your husband that you are pregnant.

So, a special note like “Hi Daddy, I can’t wait to meet you! Expected to arrive 10 13 18.” Written on paper and placed somewhere on the kitchen table or where he visits often while at home. Be ready to capture his reactions.

Pregnancy Announcement To Husband Golf

Making use of the custom golf balls is one of the pregnancy announcement to husband ideas that is simple but yet unique. They are a special keepsake that your husband can keep for future remembrance of this special pregnancy announcement.

Long Distance Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

So, if you are miles apart from your husband and you can’t wait to inform him in person – then you can get across to him via a video call (Skype preferably).

In adding glamour and excitement to the news – you could wear a t-shirt with the inscription “We are pregnant.” Besides, you can make the test result be the first thing he sees upon accepting your call.

Also, if you have other children, you can get them involved because little children love surprises and they will be eager to be part of this little secret. Let them have a shirt describing their new status as “Big brother” or “Big sister.” They will surely love to do this.

Worst Husband Reactions To Pregnancy Announcement

One of the best parts of getting to know that you are pregnant is spilling the beans, that is, letting people know about it, especially your husband if he was not there when the test was taken.

Unfortunately, some husbands might not be excited about the news at first, perhaps due to some work pressure, or other things that are personal to them – but this could be demoralizing.

Here are some worst husband reactions to pregnancy announcement;

  • “I think you should take another test. It’s not possible.”
  • “Those positive results must be fake.”
  • “Can we have an abortion?”
  • “Oh… what are you going to do?”

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement To Husband Ideas

If you found out you were pregnant around the Christmas period, then you can wait till the holiday season to notify the dad-to-be of the greatest gift ever.

The following are ways through which you can inform your husband about your baby news;

Telling him with a t-shirt: you can present him with a t-shirt with inscriptions like “Bun in the Oven,” or “You are going to be a father.” So, each time he sees or wears the shirt – excitement fills his heart. Besides, you can also make a copy of this shirt for yourself and take some pictures together.

Christmas ornament: this you can do by wrapping the ornament as one of his Christmas gifts or present it to him while decorating the Christmas tree. However, you can create a family tradition by getting a Christmas ornament every year for the family.

Calendar: create a beautifully decorated calendar with your expected date of delivery circled out. Tell him to go through the calendar and figure out a date that stands out. Also, you might give him a clue that the event would be happening in about 9 months. Finding out about this news will be the high-point of the holiday.

Cutest Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

The following are some of the cutest ways of announcing to your husband that you are pregnant;

Serve him with a feeding bottle when he requests water or juice. This will create an atmosphere of confusion – so, just smile and draw his attention to your tummy. This might make him haywire.

Leaving a message on your tummy is another cute way of breaking your baby news to your husband. Therefore, writing notes such as “Baby is already here,” Or “Soon to arrive” will do the announcement.

Have an extra table seat set for meals. Since you already know what you want to achieve, put an extra seat at the dining table with a small plate and cup while getting the table ready for a meal. Your idea cannot go unnoticed by your partner. He will surely be glad to hear this amazing news.

Final Thoughts

The reason behind these pregnancy announcements to husband ideas is to create something that will make your husband happy while breaking your baby news to him.

So, you may choose any of the ideas or get inspiration from any of them and create a custom pregnancy announcement that will remain for a longer time in the memory of your husband. If you are ready – think carefully as you are only opportune to do this once for each pregnancy. Be creative and make this experience count.

Also, you need to note that this doesn’t have to be perfect. Expect the unexpected from your husband because he might be slow in catching up or he might initially react in a way that is different from what you expect from him. But be happy always as you await the arrival of your bundle of joy.

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