Milk Snob Nursing Cover (Reviews From Real Moms)

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Breastfeeding in the public is not for the faint-hearted. From strangers looking at your body to the wind blowing dust over your baby, there are many mishaps to battle. That is why many moms use nursing covers like Milk Snob to overcome the trouble.

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Milk Snob also has other uses. You can use them to cover your baby’s car seat, shopping cart, and others. 

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You will fancy Milk Snob if you want discreet breastfeeding in the public. But before buying the product on Amazon, consider the following reviews to know if it is worth your money.

What Is Milk Snob Cover?

Photo of milk snob nursing cover on a baby car seat

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The Milk Snob cover is a multipurpose nursing cover that helps you achieve modesty when breastfeeding. It has a high-quality breathable fabric that can protect your baby from different weather conditions. 

When you use it for breastfeeding, it will cover your entire body and the baby so much that no part of your body will show, except you want it to.

How To Use Milk Snob Covers

Milk Snob is a multipurpose cover and you can use it in the following ways:

  1. Nursing cover

There are cases where you will need to breastfeed your baby in public places. Milk Snob as a nursing cover allows you and your baby to have skin-to-skin contact while maintaining privacy.

It will drape over you and your baby so much that you two are thoroughly covered. 

  1. Car seat cover

You can use the Milk Snob cover to create a cocoon or canopy around your baby when you pull it over a car seat. Your baby will be enclosed in it with only the handle of the car seat exposed.

Sufficient air and a restricted amount of light will reach your child through the space left for the car seat handle. You will also be able to peek at your baby through the same. 

  1. Shopping cart cover

It can be quite stressful to carry your baby and push a shopping cart. You can’t even trust the shopping carts in malls to be germ-free they are not. The Milk Snob nursing cover will act as a barrier between your baby’s hand and the shopping cart seat.

The Milk Snob cover can stretch over the shopping cart seat including the front and back of the cart’s front. You can then make your baby sit inside the cover while you buckle them to the cart’s seat. 

They can then seat and enjoy the ride around the mall.

  1. Stroller cover

If your car seat is attached to a stroller base, you can use Milk Snob to cover the front of the stroller and stretch it over the handle. 

There will be space for air to circulate in the stroller through the handle opening and you can see your baby through the same.

This cover will be most useful when your baby wants to sleep in the stroller and doesn’t need the brightness of the sun. 

  1. Baby swing cover

Milk Snob cover can become the blanket you use to cover the sides of an infant swing. This cover will prevent your baby from moving or shifting with time. Pull the cover around the sides of the swing and put your baby through the cover’s opening.

  1. High chair cover

Babies create a mess when they eat, and you need ways to keep things clean, especially when you are eating out. The cover can take the mess that drops from your baby’s mouth before they touch their cloth or the highchair.

Pull this cover over the high chair’s armrest and put your baby on the chair through the opening of the cover. After that, buckle your baby into the chair and enjoy a clean feeding time.

Milk Snob can serve the purposes listed above because they stretch in four ways. They are also easy to clean and are suitable for everyday use.

Pros And Cons Of Milk Snob Covers

Photo of milk snob nursing cover on a baby car seat

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Like every other product, Milk Snob has its strength and limitations. They are listed below:


  • It is available in many beautiful prints
  • It is versatile
  • It is easy to wash
  • It is lightweight and doesn’t always get hot
  • It is soft and suitable for baby’s sensitive skin
  • It protects baby from germs and harsh weather conditions
  • It offers 360 degrees coverage
  • It is tested safe in the usa


  • It can get hot in the summer
  • It is not suitable for pumping
  • It is not machine washable

In-depth Review Of Milk Snob Covers

Photo of milk snob nursing cover on a baby car seat

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The following factors will help us to understand Milk Snob nursing covers better


Milk Snob covers are made from high-quality materials that can serve different functions.  These covers can fit small car seats and stretch over big shopping carts and strollers. They will still bounce back to shape after stretching wide.

Though it can lose its elasticity when you stretch it over a too-big cart, it is still stronger and more functional than many nursing covers out there.

Ease of use

Milk Snob nursing covers stretches in four ways. That makes it easy to cover anything. It is easy to wear this cover over yourself and your baby when breastfeeding, or covering a complicated shopping cart.

You can even use this nursing cover as a scarf. Since it is available in different colors and prints, it will match with many of your clothes. 

Ease of cleaning

Milk Snob covers are not machine washable, and that is not good news for busy moms. They don’t also with a storage pouch which could help if you want to put it into your diaper bag. 

So, if you must use Milk Snob covers and have them last long for you, be prepared to handwash them.


Milk Snob nursing cover measures 0.8” x 6.6” x 7.5”.  Petite and shorter women will love this length because it will be easy for them to use without sweeping on the floor. 


The fabric used for Milk Snob covers is soft and cozy for babies. It will not irritate their sensitive skin or cause allergies. It is even tested safe in the USA.

Milk Snob Vs Other Nursing Covers

There are many nursing covers in the market, but we will consider how Milk Snob compared to some of the best.

Milk Snob Vs Covered Goods

Photo of Covered goods nursing cover on a baby car seat

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Covered Goods nursing cover works almost the same as Milk Snob. It is versatile and soft on the baby’s skin. However, Covered Goods nursing covers are bigger than Milk Snob. They can cover bigger shopping carts without losing elasticity.

On the other hand, Milk Snob offers a tighter fit and is suitable for petite women. Covered Goods will be too long for them. Covered Goods work better for plus-sized or tall moms.

Busy moms will prefer covered goods because it is machine washable. This is something that you can’t do with Milk Snob. When you don’t have time to handwash, you can simply toss your Covered Goods cover into the washing machine and the job is done.

Milk Snob Vs Copper Pearl Cover

Photo of Copper Pearl nursing cover on a baby car seat

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The Copper Pearl cover is as versatile as Milk Snob, only that it is available in many prints and patterns. A fashionista mom will love this copper pearl. You can find a pattern that suits your dressing for the day.

Copper Pearl covers are medium weight and can work for different weathers, though some moms complained that the fabric is too thin. 

Another problem with this cover is that if the opening is not stretched out over the car seat or anything you are using to cover your baby, it may not stay open to let in air and light.

Milk Snob Vs Bebe Au Lait Muslin Nursing Scarf

Photo of Bebe Au Lait Muslin Nursing Scarf

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Bebe Au Lait Muslin Nursing Scarf makes it comfortable to breastfeed your baby in the heat. This nursing scarf is very lightweight and breathable. It can swaddle over your baby without adding extra weight to them. 

This cover also works well as a scarf. It is available in many colors and patterns that you can add to your dressing for the day. It won’t add extra weight to your already full bag because it will rest pretty around your neck.

But compared to Milk Snob, Bebe Au Lait Muslin Nursing Scarf is not stretchy. It is transparent and can’t serve as many purposes as Milk Snob. 

According to some reviewers, Bebe Au Lait Muslin Nursing Scarf doesn’t provide enough coverage for breastfeeding. Milk Snob covers better. However, Bebe Au Lait Muslin Nursing Scarf is machine washable and that’s a plus.

Real Moms Reviews on Milk Snob

Jessica loves Milk Snob

Jessica Fields is the founder of Take It From Jess. She said:

“The absolute best gift I received as a new mom was the milk snob nursing cover.

I love it because it has so many uses- nursing cover, car seat cover, shopping cart and highchair cover. It’s extremely versatile, lightweight, soft, and comes in a variety of beautiful patterns. I would recommend it to all moms.”

Amy Vincent also loves it

Amy A. Vincent, a mother ofthree beautiful children and an author of Amy Baby Review. She said:

I really like milk snob covers! They are super soft and have a great fit. I also love that they are machine-washable. The only thing I don’t like is that they are a little pricey. But overall, I think they are worth it!

If you are looking for the best milk snob covers, I would recommend trying out the brand Itzy Ritzy. They make some really great nursing covers. Or, if you want something a little cheaper, you can always try making your own nursing cover! There are tons of tutorials online.”

Taylor loves it

Taylor Beal of Traverse with Taylor is a mom of two. She said:

“I LOVE milk snob covers. My favorite thing about them is the flexibility. The fabric is stretchy, but not see through. Meaning I can use it as a car seat cover and then take it off and still use it as a nursing cover.We ONLY buy milk snob covers, and they last forever! We’ve used ours for 3 years, and we have never needed to replace them. 


Are Milk Snob covers safe?

Yes, Milk Snob covers are safe. All their products have passed the safety testing standards in the US. 

Is Milk Snob breathable?

Yes, Milk Snob nursing covers are made from lightweight and breathable materials. But this cover can be too hot when you use it in the summer. So, you must check your baby for signs of overheating when you use this cover in the summer.

Does a Milk Snob cover fit a Doona car seat?

The milk Snob cover can fit any infant car seat.


Milk Snob covers are versatile, one reason most moms choose them. The length is manageable and easy to maneuver. However, they are not as fashionable as Bebe Au Lait Muslin Nursing Scarf or long as Covered Goods. 

Though this nursing cover will likely work for you, consider your body size and needs before buying it.

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