25+ Cute Names That Mean Bunny

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Bunnies are cute, and names that mean bunny will be adorable on your baby.

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However, there are not many baby names that mean bunny, but we’ve got some for you, and we believe you will love them.

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What Are Some Names That Mean Bunny

There are many baby names that mean bunny. We have classified them as boys, girls, and gender-neutral.

Boy Names That Mean Bunny

Photo of a cute bunny, names that mean bunny are beautiful
  1. Hare

This one is an English name and nickname. It means “rabbit.” The name is derived from the Old Norse word, heri. This name is used to describe a person that looks like a rabbit in some ways, like bulging eyes, someone who runs fast, or someone that is timorous.

Hare is commonly used as a surname, and Katherine Hare, an English theater director rocks this name well.

  1. Leveret

This one is an adorable French name that means “young rabbit.” It is a male-given name, and the female version is Leverett.

An English magistrate John Leverett has this name.

  1. Arledge

This one is quite artistic. It means “dweller at the rabbit lake.” This name has an English origin. Arledge works well as a first name though it can also be used as a surname. 

Arledge Armenaki, an American cinematographer, has this name.

  1. Coello

This adorable name for boys has a Galician origin, meaning “rabbit.” People used this name as a nickname for a boy that resembles a rabbit in a way.

Coello is the Galician version of the Latin word Cuniculus. One famous person that has this name is the Brazilian author, Paulo Coelho.

  1. Awlagh

This name originated from North Africa, and means “little rabbit.” It is an adorable name for a baby boy.

  1. Chandaga

This name originated from Mongolia and means “rabbit.” It is a boy name that is commonly used as a surname.

  1. Sikyatavo

This one means “yellow rabbit.” The name is pronounced SAYKAHTAAVow. Sikyatavo French, an Indian warrior, had this name. 

Girl Names Meaning Rabbit

Photo of a cute bunny, names that mean bunny are beautiful
  1. Arley

This one has a British origin, meaning “from the rabbit meadow.” This name has a lyrical pronunciation and its gives a sense of springtime when everything comes back to life; like your baby’s birth.

  1. Beatrix

Though this name doesn’t mean “bunny or rabbit,” we associate it with bunny names because it is the name of the author that created the Peter Rabbit series, Beatrix Potter. 

Beatrix means “bringer of joy.” It has a Latin origin.

  1. Buffy

This one means “little rabbit.” It has an American origin. Buffy is also a diminutive of Elizabeth. Here, it has an English origin, meaning “God is my oath.” 

Buffy can be used as a pet or an actual name. An American model, Buffy Tyler has this name.

  1. Bunny

Instead of overthinking a name that means bunny, you can just call your child that. Bunny means “little rabbit or she who brings victory.” This name originated from English and Greek ancestry.

In French, this name means “nice.” That is a cute meaning your baby can tell people her name means if she doesn’t want to say “rabbit.”

Bunny can also be used as a nickname for Berenice, a Greek name. That is where the meaning “she who brings victory” comes from. 

Bunny Williams, an American interior designer, has this name.

  1. Muyal

The name sounds cute, right? It is a Tamil name for girls, meaning “rabbit.” People who have this name are believed to be influential, inventive, and success oriented.

Those are great attributes that the name can inspire in your adorable daughter.

  1. Coella

This lovely name is the female version of Coello. The name means “rabbit” and has a Galician origin.

it is an adorable name and pet name that will sound well for your baby girl.

  1. Daisy

This one doesn’t also directly translate to “bunny,” but it gives that “bunny” feeling. It is a feminine name and the name of a flower. This name means “the day’s eye” and represents joy and innocence, just like a bunny.

There are dozens of people with this name including Daisy Tahan, an American actress, and Daisy Campbell, the daughter of actors Prunella Gee and Ken Campbell.

  1. Hopper

This is a feminine name that relates to rabbits. It means “one who hops, dancer, leaper, or hop grower.” Rabbits hop, hence, this name relates to it.

This name has an English origin and sounds great for a girl.

  1. Angel

You will love this name if you believe that rabbits bring good luck. Angels are “messengers from God,” and they bring joy and peace. 

  1. Lulu

This one directly translates to “rabbit.” This is a sweet name that works well as a nickname for Lucy, Luella, and Louise. One famous Lulu we know is Lulu Kennedy, the British brain behind the Lulu & Co clothing line.

Names That Mean Hare

Photo of a cute girl, names that mean bunny are beautiful
  1. Shaphan

This adorable name means “wild rat, rabbit, their lip, their brink.” Shaphan is a biblical name. He was a scribe and the son of Azaliah.

  1. Shashi

This one is gender neutral, which means “hare, moon.” It has a Sanskrit origin and is common among Indians.

This name for Indians is used to represent a rabbit image depicted on the moon. 

  1. Zajac

This one will look good on your baby boy or girl. It has a Polish origin, meaning “hare.”

Some people with this name include Jack Zajac, an American artist.

  1. Ugalik

This one means “arctic hare.” It is a unisex name of Inuit origin. 

  1. Harley

This one is a unisex name that means “hare’s meadow.” This name is derived from the Old English words hara (meaning hare), and leah (meaning meadow). 

This name is quite common in the US. It is even the name of celebrities like Harley Quinn, Harley Granville-Barker, and Harley Race.

  1. Dawa

The Asians believe that the dark side of the moon forms a rabbit’s shadow. and this name is used to represent the mythical “moon hare.”

Dawa has a Tibetan origin and is usually given to babies that are born on Mondays.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Bunny Or Rabbit

  1. Tochtli

This name has an Aztec origin, and means “rabbit” and was the name of Mayahuel, the fertility goddess. It is commonly used by Mexicans.

Tochtli in the Aztec calendar depicts the importance of the rabbit and how they relate to the moon and nature.

  1. Arlen

This one is unisex, meaning “a place filled with rabbits.” This name originated from Greek and Irish roots. 

There are numerous people that have this name, including the chief of the United States Department of Agriculture, Arlen Lancaster.

Japanese Names That Mean Bunny

  1. Usagi

This is a sweet one for boys and girls. It is a popular Japanese word that means “rabbit of the moon.” 

However, it is difficult to trace anyone in Japan with this name. It is mostly used as a name in series like Sailor Moon.

  1. Rini

This is our favorite Japanese name that means bunny. it means “one who is like a little sweet bunny.” 

It is the name of an American actress, Rini Bell.

Korean Name That Means Bunny

Photo of a cute bunny, names that mean bunny are beautiful
  1. Tokki

this one directly translates to “rabbit, bunny, hare”. Tokki is a very rare name. It is even difficult to find a person with this name, but isn’t that better? Your baby can be the first.

Chinese Name Meaning Rabbit

  1. Tu’er

This is a Chinese name that means “rabbit.” It is even the name of a Chinese rabbit God, Tu’er Shen and Tu’er Ye.


Bunny names are cute and will sound well for your baby. There may not be many names that mean bunny, but there are not many people bearing the names too, which makes the ones available unique and ideal.

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