40+ Classy Old Money Baby Names

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The upper class usually portrays a sense of calmness and poise that is second to none. Imagine the grace that Queen Elizabeth exuded until her demise. It is something to envy.

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You can inspire your child to live with a strong sense of responsibility and class by giving them any of these old money names. 

What Are Old Money Names?

“Old money” is used to describe wealth that transcends through generations. This term is usually used for upper-class families, aristocrats, or monarchs who have a long-standing history of wealth and social status.

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Hence, old money names are the names that are commonly used within high-class social circles. People with these names usually have strong self-esteem, etiquette, traditions, and wealth (though they never brag about it.)

The most popular old money names have English origins or have been used by them. This is because of the enduring British ruling power, and their ability to maintain their tradition. 

Why Should I Give My Child An Old Money Name?

Names influence a child’s life in many ways. Hence, your child has a greater chance of acting cultured and civilized when they have an old money name. 

One reason old money names are highly appreciated is because of their rich history. These histories build up a child’s self-confidence, even before they have a good hold of their lives.

Also, these names have been around for ages and have a sense of class, which immediately attaches to your child. People love old money names, and will effortlessly adore your child because of the name.

Old Money Baby Boy Names

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  1. Albert

This name gives off a wealthy aura, meaning “noble, bright.” It was the name of the famous scientist, Albert Einstein, whom we all praise today.

  1. Andre

This one is still as popular as though it was never old. It is the French version of Andrew meaning “warrior, strong and manly.” 

The name was featured in the American TV series, Empire, played by Trai Byers. This name sounds rich and will fit your rich boy well.

  1. Alexander

Alexander is another common old money name that is in town.  It means “protector, defender of mankind.” The name originated from Latin and greek. 

However, according to BabyCenter, the name Alexander ranks number 14 in the US for 2023. But, if you don’t mind its popularity, go ahead and give it to your boy.

  1. Benedict

The first person that would probably come to your mind when you hear this name would be Pope Benedict XVI that died on the 31st December 2022.

This name means “blessed.” The name has a Latin origin.

  1. Bradford

This is another Old English name for royalties. It is the name of an English city, the city of Bradford, Yorkshire. This name means “wide river crossing or broad ford.”

This name became popular after Adam Rich played Nicholas Bradford in Eight is Enough, an American TV series. 

  1. Frederick

This adorable rich boy’s name has a Germanic origin and means “peaceful ruler.” This name is quite unique as it ranked 476th most popular boy names in 2021.

This name fits well into the ‘old money’ aesthetic. It was the name of Frederick the Great, a Prussian king.

  1. Gerard

This is another name that you will love. It is more unique than many other names on the list and ranked number 1,686 on BabyCenter’s 2022 list of baby name popularity.  It means “brave spear” and has a German origin.

This sounds like a great name for your boy with a fighting spirit. Since it is unique, your boy will feel extra special with the name.

  1. Jasper

This one originated from Persia. It means “treasurer.” A treasurer is a person in charge of money. If this name doesn’t denote “old money,” I don’t know what else does.

  1. Lance

This is one French name that we love dearly. It is short and works well with many middle names. The name means “land or territory.” It originated from Old French and German ancestries.

  1.  Lloyd

This one is Welsh and means “sacred, grey-haired.” This name usually tells that the bearer has so much wisdom or wealth of experience. It means that the person is entitled to respect.

There are many famous Lloyds in the world, but the most famous is Lloyd Bridges. Lloyd Bridges is an actor that is best known for films like High Noon, Sahara, and Airplane.

Photo of a cute baby boy; old money baby names are awesome
  1.  Myles

Many people named Myles turn out rich. Remember Myles Munroe? What of Myles Davis, Myles Anderson, and Myles Adams? This name has wealth littered all over it.

The name, Myles, means “soldier” and has a Latin origin. The standard spelling for this name is Miles.

  1.  Edmund

This is another name like Edward. It is a royal name in England. The name has an Old English origin and is derived from two words: ēad and mund.  ēad means “riches or prosperity,” while mund means “protector.”

One notable person that had this name was Edmund I of England

  1.  Preston

This one means “priest’s town.” It is a British name. This name is old-fashioned but is still considered posh by the Brits. This name is considered a reserved title for wealthy people. It is also the name of a Northern English town. 

This name is gender-neutral and not so popular. According to Datayze, there were only 1,462 babies called Preston. This name ranked 241st most popular name for boys and  5533rd most popular name for girls. 

  1.  Quincy

This name was adopted from the Old Roman name, Quintus. It means “the fifth born, estate of the fifth son.” It is a gender-neutral name. 

This name originated from Latin and symbolizes wealth. It is not among the top 1000 baby names in the US for both boys and girls. 

  1.  Richard

This name on its own means “dominant ruler.” This name can also mean “brave or proud ruler.”

Dominant rulers are rich people. One popular king called Richard III of England lived from 1452 to 1485. He was also a Lord of Ireland from 1483 until his death.

  1.  Robert

This is another German/English name commonly used by the rich.  This name means “foot soldier.” Many kings and royalties had the name, Robert. 

This name is used in many territories including Scotland, France, and Latin.

  1.  Thomas

This is another famous old money name in town. It originated from Hebrew, meaning “twin.” The name Thomas is related to wealth and wisdom because of the famous Thomas Edison, the man that invented the electric bulb.

  1.  Troy

This one has Irish and Greek origins. It is derived from the Irish word, Troightheach, meaning “foot soldier.” It is the name of an old city in Greek.

This name has a modern sense though it is ancient. It is a great name for your little fighter. 

  1.  William

This is another name that is adored by royals. It is the name of King Charles’s first son, Williams, the Prince of Wales.

This name means “resolute protector” and speaks of wealth because of its affiliations with royal families. It is commonly used by wealthy people. 

  1.  Winston 

This is another British name. It means “joyful stone.” We consider this name an old money name because it was the name of the first leader that Queen Elizabeth worked with, Sir Winston.  He worked as a prime minister before that.

This name also sounds wealthy, doesn’t it?

Old Money Girl Names 

Photo of a cute baby; old money baby names are awesome
  1.  Eloise

This name carries a sense of wealth right from its meaning. It has an Old English origin, meaning “wide, healthy.” This name also has a French and Germanic history, meaning “female warrior.” 

This name was first used as a female given name in the 12th century in medieval France. It was the name of a young woman, Heloise, who was a philosopher and scholar. She was also the lover of the theologian and philosopher, Peter Abelard.

This name feels timeless and will fit your baby girl that is destined for greatness.

  1.  Dorothy

This one has Greek and English origins. It means “God’s gift.” This name dates to the 16th century when it was a choice name in Britain.  Since then, this name has risen in popularity.

Dorothy was the name of Sir Richard Rich’s daughter, Dorothy Rich (1504-1598). Sir Richard Rich was the 1st Baron of Leighs-Lord Chancellor of EN.

Dorothy Herman is another rich person that has this name. She is the richest self-made woman in American real estate. She claimed this position by working with Douglas Elliman, a real estate brokerage, and sold homes to New York’s elites.

There are many other successful people connected to this name, they will inspire your daughter to be great. 

  1.  Elizabeth

This one is ancient, but still has a strong royal impact today. It has a Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my oath.”

What more can we say about this name? Even the immediate past Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II makes the name great.

  1.  Doris

This name originated from Greek, meaning “bountiful, gift, a gift from the sea.” It is mostly used as a female name, but it also works well for boys. This name was derived from Greek mythology.

We consider this name an old money name because of Doris Duke, an American billionaire philanthropist and tobacco heiress. She was usually called “the richest girl in the world.”

  1.  Clarissa

This name originated from Latin, Italian, and Portuguese languages. It means “bright.”  This name is used to denote a nun of the Roman Catholic Order of St Clare.

One popular person that had this name was Clarissa Dickson Wright, an English celebrity cook, businesswoman, writer, and TV personality.

  1. Agatha

This one means “good, honorable.” It has a Greek origin. This name is common among the upper class. It was the name of an English writer, Agatha Christie. She was born into a wealthy family.

  1.  Agnes

This one is a Greek name that means “holy.” It is commonly used by Catholics, and is even the name of many saints including, Saint Agnes of Rome, and Saint Agnes of Assisi

This name has been used for many noblewomen including Agnes I, Abbess of Quedlinburg and Agnes of Antioch, the Queen consort of Hungary.

  1.  Mildred

This is another Anglo-Saxon name that we love. it is derived from two Old English words, ‘mild’ (mild) and “þryŏ” (“strength, power”). Hence, this name means “gentle strength.

Mildred is a popular name for girls. In 1912, it ranked 6th on the US list of most popular girls names. However, this name started dropping quickly in popularity after that. 

Some notable people that had this name were Albert Mildred, an American TV personality and fashion show producer, Mildred Barber Abel, an American politician, and currently, Mildred Anderson, an American singer.

Other variations of this name include Mildrith and Mildryth.

  1.  Prudence

This one is lovely and heartwarming. It has a Latin origin, meaning “good judgment.” 

This name attaches a sense of wisdom and class to the bearers.

The name will inspire your baby girl to live prudently and cultured.

  1.  Margaret

This is another lovely name for girls. It means “pearl” and has French, Latin, and ancient Greek origins. 

This name is common among the upper class, and one oldie we remember is Margaret Carnegie Willer. She was the heiress to the Carnegie fortune. 

Photo of a cute baby girl; old money baby names are awesome
  1.  Olivia

This name means “ancestor’s descendants” in Old Norse. It also has a French and Latin origin, meaning “olive tree, olive.” the male version of this name is Oliver

Some famous people with this name are Oliver Anderson, a South African Cricketer, Olivia Anderson, and an American actress.

  1.  Blythe

This one originated from Old English. it means “pleasant, joyous, or cheerful.” 

Blythe Danner, the sister of Harry Danner currently rocks this name. She is director Jake Paltrow and actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom.

  1.  Gwen

This one has a Welsh origin, meaning “holy, white.” One famous ‘Gwen’ that we love is Gwen Stefani, the American singer, and songwriter. 

  1.  Lillian  

This name is as beautiful as the lily flower; it is even derived from it. The adorable name has a Latin origin and means “purity”. Lillian is the English variation of the Latin word lilium.

This name has a classic feel of nature. 

  1.  Ivy

Beyonce’s child has this name, and it is common among the upper class. This name means “vine, climbing evergreen plant.”

  1.  Victoria

The Victorian era was quite a popular one, no doubt this name had to come up. This name has a Latin origin, meaning “victory.”

Old Money Baby Names UK

Photo of a cute boy; old money baby names are awesome
  1.  Charles

This one is the name of England’s current king, King Charles III, whose reign began on 8 September 2022. The name means “free man” and has been used by many wealthy families.

This name has German, French, and Old English origins.

  1.  Edward

This is another old money name in the UK with a wealthy meaning. it means “prosperous, wealth, fortune.”. Many kings of the United Kingdom had this name.

  1.  Herbert

This is another old money name that we love. The name means “bright army” and has a German origin. 

It was the name of the famous Anglo-Welsh Herbert family. It was also the name of the ancient English Lord, George Hebert, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon.

  1.  Grant

This one has an English origin. This name is popular in Scotland’s lineage of kings. In fact, the Grants family first came to Scotland in the 13th century and claimed the lands of Stratherrick.

This name means “large, tall.” It is a great name for a boy that wants to stand out as mighty and strong.

  1.  Henry

The popularity of the “King Henry of England” makes this name more than qualified to make it to our list. There were eight King Henrys of England and they reigned from 1068 to 1547. That’s a mighty long reign.

Henry means “house ruler.” It is a French name that was adopted by the English. Gladly, it reigned in England more than in France. But France also has some kings called Henry.

Baby Girl Names That Scream Old Money

Photo of a cute girl; old money baby names are awesome

Below are other baby girl names that sound as rich.

  1. Alice
  2. Angela
  3. Audrey
  4. Barbara
  5. Blaire
  6. Brigid
  7. Catherine
  8. Celine
  9. Clara
  10. Constance
  11. Dinah
  12. Etta
  13. Fiona
  14. Grace
  15. Madelyn
  16. Martha
  17. Matilda
  18. Octavia
  19. Ophelia
  20. Veronica

Old Money Last Names

There are some old money last names that may be easily overlooked. However, these families were truly rich.

  1. Astor
  2. Baring
  3. Bayard
  4. Bechtel
  5. Bruce
  6. Cambell
  7. Carnegie
  8. Chadwick
  9. Churchill
  10. De Young
  11. Fane
  12. Ford
  13. Goelet
  14. Griswold
  15. Hamilton
  16. Hartwick
  17. Has
  18. Howard
  19. Humphries
  20. Huntington
  21. Milliken
  22. Pitcairn
  23. Randolph
  24. Rockefeller
  25. Roosevelt
  26. Russel
  27. Rutherford
  28. Spencer
  29. Tottenham
  30. Van Leer


Old money names are truly classic and feel good to have. They still have strong vibes like when they were first used.  

Thank God that there are no restrictions for these names to only be used by the upper class. So, everyone can rock them. 

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