90+ Outta This World Names That Mean Moon

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Over the centuries, the moon has always been a source of attraction to humans. The moon is a symbol of illumination, strength, beauty, and also a mystery – no wonder, parents are in search of names that mean moon for their babies.

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So, parents who are fascinated by the concept of astrology would find one of these names that mean moon ideal for the baby boy or baby girl. Also, it could be given to babies whose arrival is around the eclipse or babies born during the nighttime.

The word “moon” originates from an Old English word “mona”. Besides, the word “Luna” can also be used in place of the moon. These names that mean moon might also take their root from a lunar god or lunar goddess.

However, many names mean moon in various cultures, and regions. Therefore, the following are a collection of cute and lovely names meaning moon, and note that this cuts across different languages and countries.


Names That Mean Night

These are names given to babies that are either born in the evening or at night. It could also mean lunar names that are related to the moon. These names that mean night could also be a result of a god or goddess that is related to night.

The following are female names that mean night;


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Night rain


Origin: Latin

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Meaning: Dawn


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Heavenly


Origin: Assyrian

Meaning: Night monster, ghost


Origin: Italian

Meaning: Moon


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Star


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: My father is the night dew


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Beautiful night fire


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Companion in the evening


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Night

The following are male names that mean night


Origin: Greek

Meaning: The god of medicine, poetry, and music


Origin: Greek

Meaning: A rising star



Meaning: New



Meaning: Defender

Esra (Ezra)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: Help


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: A friend to discuss with in the evening


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Darkness of the night


Origin: African

Meaning: Born at night


Origin: Polynesian

Meaning: Bird of the night


Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: Night of the full moon


Origin: Indian

Meaning: Lord of the night


Origin: Tahitian

Meaning: Night cough

Unisex Japanese Names That Mean Moon

These unisex Japanese names are ideal when parents do not want to attach any form of gender association to their babies.

Mitsuki – Full moon

Yu – Evening

Hikaru – Light

Haru – Spring

Akira – Clear, bright

Sora – Sky

Kaoru – Fragrance

Yasu – Peace

Mitsuru – Full, satisfy

Seiko – Force

Yoshi – Righteous, lucky

Shinobu – Endurance

Makoto – Sincere

Madoka – Round, circle

Moon In Other Languages

The following are the meanings of the moon in various languages. Some parents might choose to use a name that means moon from another country – which the babies will grow to appreciate as they grow into adulthood.

LanguageMeaning of moon
Spanish, Latin, and ItalianLuna
Scottish, IrishGealach

Aesthetic Names For Girls

For parents who are searching for beautiful aesthetic names for girls – the heartwarming, artistical, stylish, and modern names that will look good on your baby girl


Origin: American

Meaning: Great land


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: The Lord is gracious


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Olive


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Female Warrior


Origin: Italian

Meaning: Green


Origin: French

Meaning: Purple


Origin: French

Meaning: Freeman


Origin: Latin

Meaning: A flower rose


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: A blooming flower


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Noble maiden


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Blue


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Life

Names With Dark Meanings

Image of a mom and child, names that mean moon are unique for babies

The following are baby girl names with dark meanings.


Origin: Persian

Meaning: A dark-colored wood that will not sink


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: One that has dark red lips


Origin: German

Meaning: Dark-haired


Origin: French

Meaning: Dark one


Origin: African

Meaning: A mysterious beauty


Origin: Latin

Meaning: A gloomy night


Origin: English

Meaning: Gentle or dark


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Someone who is dark-skinned


Origin: English

Meaning: Dark-skinned hair


Origin: English

Meaning: Dark


Origin: English

Meaning: Dark one


Origin: English

Meaning: Dark


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Dark one


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: One with the dark skin


Origin: Indian

Meaning: The queen of darkness

Japanese Names Meaning Moon

Tsukiko – Moonchild (female)

Natsuki – Moon (female)

Mayu – True evening (female)

Tsukimi – Beautiful, moon (female)

Aruna – Moon love

Hatsuki – Moon, flower (female)

Atsuki (Azuki) – Moon, love (female)

Mizuki – Beautiful moon (female)

Akari (Hakari) – A bright moon (male)

Mitsuki – Beautiful moon (male)

Shiduki – A purple moon (male)

Katsuki – Moon (male)

Kaduki – Moon (male)

Viking Names For Girls

The Vikings originate from Germany but have traveled around the world and have now formed a base in the Scandinavian. Besides, some of these Vikings’ names for a girl are popular while some are unpopular but would still look good on your baby girl.

So, the following are some Vikings names for girls with their meaning;

Agatha (with variations such as Agatta, Agata, Agathe, and Agetha) – Good Hearted

Dagny (Dagne, Dagnee, Dagni, Dagnia, and Dagnija) – A new day started

Ella (Elle and Ele) – Compassion or sympathy

Erica (Ericka, Erika, and Erykah) – Ruling forever

Frida (Freeda, Freida, and Frieda) – Woman of peace

Ingrid (Inger) – A goddess, beautiful woman

Matilda (Mathilde, Matylda, and Mafalda) – Mighty and powerful in battle

Tyra (Thyra and Thora) – Having a thunderous feel

Yiva – A female wolf

Sigrid (Siegrid, Sigryd, and Siegrida) – Beautiful woman who leads to victory

Liv – Of life, protection

Hilda – Battle

Gerd – Goddess of fertility. It means enclosure

Astra – As beautiful as a god

Frea – Norse goddess of beauty, love, death, and war

Randi (Randie and Randy) – Shield, shrine, lovely goddess

Sandey (Sandy, Sandie, and Sandi) – The protector of humanity

True – Genuine, real

Kelsey (Kelsi, Kelcie, Kelsea, and Kelsie) – From the Island of ships

Emma (Ema) – Universal, to be whole

Helga (Hella, Helka, Olga) – Divine woman

Selby (Shelby and Shelbi) – A place where the willows grow

Eda (Edda) – Happy and wealthy

Freya (Freja, Freyja, Frea) – A noblewoman

Names That Mean Space

For parents who want something that is inspired by space for their babies, then this compilation of names that mean space will surely look good on your baby. It could be inspired by the comets, satellites, and other celestial bodies.

Names that mean space for girls;

Alula – The first leap

Andromeda – The ruler of man

Celestial – Of the planets, stars, or heaven

Libra – One who is fair, tactful, or well-balanced

Stella – The star of the whole world

Venus – The Roman god love and beauty

Astrid – A gorgeous goddess

Juliet – Youthful

Alcmene – Might of the moon

Amaris – Child of the moon

Arpina – Rising of the sun

Dione – Goddess

Names that mean space for boys

Apollo – The Greek god that rules over light and sun

Hercules – Hero or warrior

Danica – Morning star

Cosmos – The name for the whole universe

Jupiter – The fifth planet to the sun and the largest planet in the solar system

Leo – Lion

Mercury – The smallest planet and it’s ideal for a baby boy who is the youngest of all your children

Jericho – The city of moons

Orion – Boundary or limit

Archer – Power and strength

Taurus – Bull

Alioth – Fat tail of the ship

Astrophel – Star lover

Izar – Star

Named – Star dancer

Regulus – Prince

Samson – Sun

Turkish Name For Boys That Mean Moon

These Turkish names for boys that mean moon are elegant, unique, and will make your baby boy feel proud as they grow into adulthood.

Altan – Bright red sunrise

Ajnur – The ray of moonlight or moonlight

Roshan – Light

Ayla – Moonlight

Tunkay – Cooper moon

Koray – Ember moon

What Does The Name Selena Means?

The name ‘Selena’ is of Spanish origin and has always been considered by parents who desire a unique baby name for their girls.

Its variations are Salena and Selene

The name means moon or the goddess of the moon

Among the popular figures with the name include Selena Gomez – an American singer, fashion designer, actress, and philanthropist and the former Miss Universe Indonesian 2012 – Maria Selena.

Out Of This World Synonyms For Moon

The following are synonyms for the moon;

  • Venus
  • Neptune
  • Zodiac
  • Saturn
  • Jupiter
  • Old-moon
  • Satellites
  • Gibbous
  • Mars
  • Half-moon
  • First-quarter and last-quarter

Final Thoughts                                   

It is often the joy of parents to give amazing names that impact the lives of their little bundle of joy. However, arriving at these names is usually a difficult task that requires some research.

Therefore, for parents who want names that mean moon for their children – this compilation of names will help you to make an informed decision. These names that mean moon could be categorized as names that mean night, unisex Japanese names that mean moon, and aesthetic names for girls.

Others are names with dark meanings, Japanese names meaning moon, Viking names for girls, names that mean space, and Turkish names for boys.

So, what name would you choose for your baby? Let us know in the comment section!

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