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As a soon-to-be mom, do you know that the setting up of your nursery isn’t complete without a baby cradle? Yes, a baby cradle. Babies in their first few months engage in more sleeping, thereby making them spend more time in bed.

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Therefore, the baby cradle would help your baby to have both safe and sound nap times while within the environment of the cradle. The cradle has been designed to gently rock babies to sleep – which serves as an extension of the baby’s times inside the belly.

Besides, whether you are a first-time mom or an experienced mom – investing in a cradle is worth it because it will help you to be able to keep up with routines. There are different models of cradles ranging from the electronic type that rocks itself to the old school (mechanical) type – they all help to achieve the same result.

So, this article will help to give detailed insights into the top baby cradles that will help your infants and newborns get the necessary comfort and relaxation they deserve.

What To Consider When Choosing A Baby Cradle

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Safety must be your priority when choosing a cradle for your baby since that’s where they are accommodated while sleeping – which makes it easier to have them around you in the bedroom. Therefore, the following tips will guide you in buying the right cradle for your baby;

Price: It is often good to have a budget since there are several types of baby cradles in the marketplace. The higher the price of the cradle – the stronger and better the durability of the cradle. Therefore, if you want something that will last longer, invest more money in getting a better baby cradle.

Portability: It will be good to buy a cradle with wheels because it will aid its movement from one place to another within the house. So, buy a cradle that can be easily moved around either within the house or outside the home when you go visiting.

Rocking: Not all baby cradles have a rocking feature – so you must check out for this. Also, the rocking mechanism must not be too much as it can lead to dizziness for the baby. Also, the cradle must be built with a locking mechanism to make it stationary when the rocking effect is not needed.

Breathability/ventilation: The cradle must be built with breathable and soft fabrics with railings that allow adequate air circulation

However, the cradle must be strong, sturdy, and not tilt when the baby sleeps on it or when it’s rocked. Also, you should choose what can be easily assembled and set-up – it might be cumbersome setting up some baby cradles. You can go for any of the following Baby Cradle in the market: 

Baby Bjorn Cradle

Photo of Bjorn Baby Cradle

If you want a cradle that can easily make your baby sleep with gentle, relaxing, and rocking movement – the BabyBjorn cradle is the right choice.

This is a good example of a baby cradle with modern designs. It is suitable for infants between 0 to six months. Its design is simple, made of soft, breathable, airy sides, and does not come with loose parts to seize any part of the baby’s baby.

Besides, the BabyBjorn cradle is JPMA-certified and it comes with a low height and a transparent mesh that helps parents to secure and watch over their babies. With this cradle, moms can have their babies around while attending to other chores.

Also, it has stable and wide legs, a canopy that prevents rays of sunlight, compact, and also lightweight. However, some parents might find it too low.


Fisher-Price Baby Swing Cradle

Photo of Fisher price baby cradle

This cradle comes with two swing directions and six different speeds. Interestingly also, babies stand to enjoy up to 16 soothing baby songs that nudge them to sleep. Also, it is suitable for newborns up until they can climb out of the cradle.

Besides, the cradle material is machine washable – the AC plug also helps parents to save on batteries. It can easily fold for travel and storage purposes – it is made in the United States of America.

So, if you want a cradle that is soft and with plush fabrics that are gentle on your baby’s skin – then, the Fisher-Price baby swing cradle is the right choice.

Antique Wooden Baby Cradle

Photo of Antique Wooden baby cradle

This can deliver both the stationary state and the rocking effect that can get your baby to sleep easily. Besides, it is ideal for newborns all through to the point when they can move on their hands and knees.

So, for parents who desire a modern cradle with a non-toxic finish – the Antique wooden baby cradle is the right choice.  

Baby Cradle Mattresses

The baby cradle isn’t complete without the mattress – therefore, the following are the best cradle mattresses in the marketplace;

aBaby Special Sized Cradle Mattress

Photo of aBaby Special Cradle mattress

This 2-inches thick cradle mattress is made from dense foam. Besides, it is easy to clean because it’s covered with a waterproof vinyl cover – also, it is tear-resistant and provides the real cozy environment that your baby will need for a comfortable nap and playtime.

Baby Doll Bedding White Cradle Mattress

Photo of baby doll cradle mattress

Just like the aBaby cradle mattress, the baby doll bedding cradle mattress is also covered with easy to clean and waterproof vinyl material. It is made in the United States of America and meets all the fire safety requirements. Besides, it is also tear-resistant and it offers one of the best comforts to your baby.


Evolur Sleep Dual Stage Foam Mattress

Photo of evolur sleep dual mattress for baby cradle

The Evolur dual-stage foam mattress is built with Silver Star vinyl laminate that helps to keep out bed bugs, water, bacteria, mites, and dust. It is lightweight making it quite easy to change sheets. Besides, it complies with all safety and health standards making it a good cradle mattress choice for any mom.

Baby Bassinet And Cradle

Baby bassinets are of smaller sizes and are designed to be easily moved from one place to another within the house. Bassinets are often made from cane or wicker and come with a stand or hood.

Besides, their small size makes it possible for it to be used anywhere in the house especially inside the bedroom with you – at least for the very first few months after birth. However, babies can easily outgrow the bassinets as they are specially designed for newborns.  

The cradles on the other hand are usually bigger than the bassinets but not as big as the crib. Also, the cradle stands out from the crib and bassinet because they are built with a rocking and gliding effect on your baby.

Besides, they are built to last longer than the bassinets because they are stronger and studier. The rocking and gliding effects of cradles help to easily soothe your little angel to sleep quickly.

However, if you are settling for a cradle for your baby – you must be ready to buy the bedding separately as they do not come with one. Also, due to its size and weight – it might not be easy to move around the house like the bassinets.


What does my baby stand to gain using a rocking cradle?

Your baby stands to gain a lot from the gentle rocking motion of the baby cradle because it soothes the baby making them easily fall asleep. Besides, these cradles come with locks that can also help keep them stationary when the baby is already asleep.

Can I Construct A Home Made Baby Cradle?

Yes, it’s possible, but this has to be handled by someone skilled in working on woodwork. Besides, the safety of the baby must be a top priority while doing this. Also, you can get assistance online via platforms such as YouTube and Pinterest.

Where Can I buy Baby Cradle And Other Accessories?

So, the first place that comes to mind is online stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other reputable online stores. Also, you could visit stores where baby accessories are sold. However, in all these, safety must be your top priority.

Final Thoughts

It is important to have your baby use a cradle especially for the first few months after birth. This will help them have the same rocking effect as they experienced while still in the womb.

Besides, you must pay attention to its portability (lightweight), breathability (ventilation), and rocking effect as they contribute to the quality and safety of the cradle. Also check out durable and cheap baby cribs and crib sheets here.

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