50+ Heartwarming Names That Mean Mother

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A mother represents strength, love, kindness, and growth so if you want to imbibe these virtues in your child, considering names that mean mother is an awesome idea. 

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In this post, you will find heartwarming names that mean mother. 

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Names Of Girls That Mean Mother

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  1. Bayarmaa

This female name is of Mongolian origin which means “mother of joy”. It is easy to pronounce and would be lovely for your baby girl.

  1. Acca

Acca means “mother of all gods” in Greek origin.

  1. Adanne

This captivating African name is given to a girl who resembles her mother. It means “mother’s daughter.” 

  1. Mathapelo

Mathapelo is an angelic name that means ‘the mother of prayer” and originates from Africa.

  1. Demeter

Demeter is believed to be the Greek goddess of corn and harvest.  The name is referred to as “mother earth”.

  1. Emese

This Hungarian feminine name means ‘little mother.’ It originated from the Finno-Ugric word eme. Emese was the name borne by the grandmother of Árpád, the founder of the Hungarian kingdom.

  1. Maylis

Maylis is a popular French name that was derived from Maelle and it means ‘the mother of lilies.’

  1. Mastorava

Mastorava is a melodic name that was derived from the combination of mastor, which means ‘earth,’ and ava meaning ‘ mother.’ It is the name associated with the goddess of Earth.

  1. Nnenne

Do you want a beautiful name that is sweet on the tongue and attractive to hearers? Then Nnenne is one to consider. It is of African origin with the meaning “resembles mother’s mother”. It is popular and a perfect name option for your daughter

  1. Od Ana

This name originated from the combination of the words fire and ana, It comes from Spanish origin and means “mother”. Other variations of this girl’s names are Anne and Hannah.

Od Ana was the name of the goddess of marriage and fire in Mongolia and Turkic myths. 

  1. Odmaa

This beautiful Mongolian name means ‘star mother.’ Though rare, it might be just perfect for your little one.

  1. Quilla

If you are considering an amazing name for a cute baby girl, then Quilla is a perfect choice. The name was borne by the goddess of the moon who was often worshiped by women. This English name means “feather”

  1. Nokhanyo

This is a popular feminine name that is of African origin with the meaning ‘mother of enlightenment’.

  1. Onaqiz

This is a graceful name that originates from Asia- Uzbekistan and means “mother”. It is a beautiful one for your daughter 

  1. Oysadaf

This beautiful addition to my list means ‘mother of pearl.’ and comes from Mongolian origin.

  1. Reniala

Reniala was derived from the blend of the words, reny, meaning ’ mother,’ and which means ‘forest.’  

  1. Riera

Riera is a gorgeous Catalan name, which means ‘mother of God of the torrent.’

  1. Sadap

The simplicity of this name makes it a good choice for parents with baby girls. It is a sweet baby girl name meaning ‘mother of pearl’ in Turkish. 

  1. Umi

Another name you will want to suggest for your little one is Umi. It is of Arabic origin and means ‘mother.’

  1. Tiramayr

Tiramayr comes from the Armenian culture meaning ‘mother of God’.

  1. Nistiman

This is one of the unique names from Kurdish origin and means “motherland.’

  1. Nnebuogor

This unique feminine name is a good name option for your baby girl. It is of Nigerian origin and means ‘mother is a reward.’ 

  1. Nothando

Nothando is an African name that is popular in the Southern African region with the meaning ‘mother of affection or love.’

Names Of Boys That Mean Mother

Photo of a charming boy names that mean mother are lovely, even for boys

It is uncommon to have male names that mean mother, however, I found a few of them for your prince charming. 

  1. Aditey 

Aditey is a popular Indian name that refers to being the son of God’s mother. It also refers to the son of Aditi. Aditya is the spelling variation of this name.

  1. Maternus

This Latin name means motherly or maternal. The name is associated with two saints in the third and fourth centuries AD.

  1. Concetto

This name is from Italy meaning ‘perfect conception’. It is a unique name option if you are expecting a baby boy. 

  1. Accolon

Accolon has both Arthurian and Greek origins with the meaning ‘one from the mother of God’. It is an exciting name for a male child. 

  1. Ilfar

From ancient Danish, this masculine name has found its way to the list of names that mean mother and it has the meaning ‘motherland’. 

  1. Dalewin

Dalewin is an old Polish name that is common to males. It originated from the combination of the words ‘Dale’ and ‘win’. It means a person whose mother is far away. 

  1. Ammianus

Ammianus is a Greek male name that is associated with the late Roman Cognomen Ammianus and has the meaning of ‘ desert mother.’ 

  1. Darel

Darel is an ancient name that was derived from the combination of the words ‘Dar’ and ‘El’. It is a Hebrew name that means ‘mother of pearl,’ and its English variant is Darell.

  1. Dmitrei

This is an interesting and perfect name for your baby that reflects the devotion made towards mother earth and it is of Norman origin. Other spelling variations of this name are  Dmitry, Dima, Dmitrii, Demitri, and Dmitriy.

  1. Metrodoros

Metrodoros is a male name that originated from Ancient Greek which means ‘mother’.

  1. Nwoye

Nwoye is an outstanding name that is often adopted by the African people of the Igbo tribe and it is known to mean ‘his mother’s pride.’

  1. Metrophanes

Metrophanes is a Greek name and means ‘mother’. It is one of the unique names given to male children and you can also choose it if you are expecting a baby boy. 

  1. Senenmut

This masculine name originated from Ancient Egyptian and has other spelling variations such as Senemut, Senmut, or Senmout. The name Senenmut means ‘the brother of the mother.’ 

  1. Nanak

Nanak is a popular Punjabi name that is often given to a male born in his mother’s hometown. It means – ‘the mother’s village.’

  1. Sambu

Sambu is a male name that is used to refer to a person that was attended to by the divine mother. It comes from Sanskrit origin and is a sweet boy’s name. 

  1. Tiyamiyu 

This is a boy’s name that means mother. It is of African origin and a lovely one. It is derived from the full word ‘Ti-iya-mi-loju,’ with the  meaning ‘my mother is the dearest or the greatest.’ 

Names Inspired By Honourable Mothers

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  1. Meghan

Meghan is a flattering name for a baby girl that is connected to The Duchess of Sussex. It is a Welsh girl’s name that means “pearl”.The spelling variation of this name is Megan and it remains one in the list of the most fashionable names  

  1. Michelle

Michelle is a French name and the feminine version of Michel. This name is inspired by Michelle Obama who is a powerhouse and an inspiration to every girl child. She is smart and well coordinated.

  1. Maya

The meaning of this name is enough of a nod to motherhood. It means“illusion” from the Hebrew origin and it can be linked to the incredible Maya Angelou. Though a single mom as a teen yet an inspiration to mothers and young girls.

  1. Annemarie

Annemarie is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin that is associated with Anne-Marie Slaughter-the first woman to become director of Policy Planning for the US State Department.

This name means “God has favored me.”  

  1. Erin

Erin is a Hiberno-English word that originated from the Irish word “Éirinn”. It means “green water” and it is associated with Erin Brockovich, the woman that fought for the rights of other families.

  1. Marie

Marie is a French name that means “star of the sea.”It is the name variation for Mary- the holy virgin mother of Jesus. The name is inspired by Marie Curie- the first woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize twice and she achieved this while raising two kids after the death of her husband.

  1. Dana

Dana is also sometimes written as Danah. It is an Arabic name that means “valuable and beautiful pearl”.  It is a gorgeous name that is connected to Dr. Dana Suskind- Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Despite being a widow with three kids, she founded the Thirty Million Words Initiative which encourages parents to talk to their babies often.

  1. Catherine

Catherine belongs to the Duchess of Cambridge, a working mom and mother of three kids who is popularly called Kate Middleton. Her name means “pure” from Greek origin. Other variations to this name include Katherine and Katharyn.

  1. Margaret

Margaret Thatcher was the first woman to hold office and the longest-serving British prime minister of the 20th century. This Greek name means “pearl”.

  1. Harriet

The name Harriet is a stylish girl’s name that has both French and English origins. This name honors Harriet Tubman, a woman who risked her life severally to set other slaves free. Her name means”estate ruler”.  

  1. Angelina

Angelina Jolie is a mom to six kids and a humanitarian who uses every opportunity at her disposal to change the world. This pretty name means ‘angels of God sent from heaven’. 

  1. Elizabeth

One of the notable mothers with this name is the late Queen Elizabeth. She was powerful, a great inspiration and a mother herself. Her name can be written in full or other variations like Eliza, Lizzy, and Lisa. 

Elizabeth is of Hebrew origin and it means “My God is abundance” or ” My God is an oath”.

  1. Sojourner

She was born into enslavement as Isabelle but Sojourner Truth escaped slavery and fought the racist system to have her 5-year-old son back. Her case was the first time a black woman will sue a white man successfully in court. Her name means “stay a while” from the American origin.

  1. Irena

Irena is a feminine name that originated from Greek and it is loved across the globe meaning “peace, tranquility, harmony,”. It is a sweet and soft-sounding name for a girl child and connected to Irena Sendler who smuggled about 2500 Jewish children out Warsaw Ghetto during the period of the Holocaust.

Final Thoughts

I believe you have gone through the list of names that mean mother and you have found them interesting. The next step is to settle for the one you perceive to be the best for your damsel or prince. 

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