44+ Dazzling Names That Mean Sun

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 Are you an expectant mom searching for the best shiny and bright names that mean ‘sun’ for your little one? Look no further because the following names meaning sun will bring some positive vibes into the life of your newborn.

Newborn’s names that mean sun could evoke fire, warmth, Aries, and Leo (Zodiac fire signs). Besides, sun meaning names might also come from either sun god names, goddesses of fire, or other fire-related images.

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Interestingly, the sun stands as a great inspiration for names that mean sun especially for babies delivered between the sunny months of May to August.

So, if you desire your newborn to have a cheerful or warm personality, or maybe your expected date of delivery (EDD) is in the summer, or you just want sun names that will brighten the life of your little one – the following compilation will help you in your search.

Girl Names That Mean Sun

These female names meaning sun originate from different languages and cultures of the world. So, check out the girl names that mean sunshine and choose the one that best suits your baby girl.


Origin: Roman

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Meaning: Roman Goddess of sunrise

The name is linked to one of Disney’s princesses and also a scientific term for the Northern lights.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Sun – a female version of the ancient Latin name Aelian

This sweet and loving girl name is the female version of the Latin name Aelian.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Shining light or ray of sun

The name could also mean beauty from ancient times.


Origin: German

Meaning: “where the sun rises”

The name is from the German goddess “Eostre” whose feast was observed at the vernal equinox.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Shining light, sunlight

This is the Scottish form of Helen


Origin: French

Meaning: Angel of the sun

The name of a martyred saint in the 9th century


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Sunshine

The name is bright and warm just like its meaning


Origin: Greek

Meaning: The goddess of the sun, dawn, and the moon

A name that originates from the Greek mythology and the Anglicized word of the Greek name Theia.


Origin: English

Meaning: Referring to the beautiful sun

This name is not only cute but also straightforward.


Origin: Italian

Meaning: Dawn

The appearance of light (dawn) in the sky before the sun rises


Origin: Greek

Meaning: The feminine form of Apollo, the Greek sun-god


Origin: Hindi

Meaning: Sun

The name is strongly related to the Kalinda mountains – a channel through which the sacred river flows


Origin: Russian and Arabic

Meaning: Dew at sunrise

This name is popular in Slavic countries and it’s also the short version of the Russian name Nadeschda


Origin: Persian

Meaning: Throne, goddess, or sun

The female version of Cyrus that your little one will love to have

Boy Names Meaning Sun

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Here is a list of boy names that mean sun; it originates from various languages and cultures around the world. So, any of this will look good on your newborn. These exotic and cute boy names that mean the sun will make your newborn stand out.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Destroyer

Apollo is the god of light, poetry, music, and the sun


Origin: Persian

Meaning: Sun

A popular name within the Iranian community – used as a tribute to the mighty Cyrus


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The sun

One of the biblical Old Testament heroes who had unusual strength


Origin: Italian

Meaning: Greek god of the sun

Currently one of the most popular boy names in France which rank in the top 250


Origin: Greek

Meaning: God of sun

It’s an alternative for Apollo. Its feminine version is Phoebe


Origin: Egyptian

Meaning: Sun

A good middle name or can be used with another long name. The name of an Egyptian sun god worshipped in Lower Egypt.


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Spanish word for the sun

This is a popular boy name among Mexican parents


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Born on a Sunday

Domingo is another sun name that is popular among the Hispanic cultures


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Sun born

This is another sun name which was given to the most learned man in ancient Wales


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Sun lord or the sun hound

Though not very common, a unique name that can both be used by both adult and children


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: One on whom the sun shines

Also, this name can alternatively be taken as Sharique as well


Origin: African

Meaning: The sun

Aftab is popular in Pakistan, India, and in some of the Middle Eastern countries


Origin: Turkey

Meaning: Direction of the rising sun

It’s a modern name that is widely used in Turkey. It will look good on your newborn.


Origin: African (Ghana)

Meaning: Born on a Sunday

The name for girls born on Sunday in Ghana is Akosua


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Gift from the sun

An unusual Spanish name that became popular in Spain during the 18th century


Origin: Hindu

Meaning: Sun

This boy name that means the sun is loved among the Indians, and in some part of Canada and the United Kingdom

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Unisex Names That Mean Sunshine

These unisex names that mean sunshine can be given to either your newborn baby boy or your newborn girl.


Origin: German

Meaning: Shining, bright

The name has different variations of which Bobbie is an example


Origin: French

Meaning: Light

A version for the name Lucius. It became popular when used by the ancient Greek satirist Lucian of Samosata – considered the father of fiction


Origin: English

Meaning: Bright fame

It was ranked among the top 100 names in 1980 in the United States of America.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Of the sun

Solaris became popular in 1961 when used as the title of a fiction novel written by Stanislaw Lem


Origin: American

Meaning: Born on a Sunday

The name Sunday is the most used of the day names. It became popular when used by Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban for their newborn baby girl


Origin: English

Meaning: A bright and sunny town

If you are considering a unisex or non-gendered name that means sun – Dayton is a suitable one.


Origin: American

Meaning: White hot sun

Mostly popular among the English speaking countries but also used by a few other countries around the world


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Divine aura

A unique name though not very popular. It became popular around the nineteenth century and has since gained popularity after the Halo video game series in 2001.

Sun God Names


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: god of the sun

The name of a young Greek sun god who rode each day across the sky and pulled by four horses; also, he had a sister and a moon goddess called Selene


Origin: Indonesian

Meaning: Hindu god of the sun

It is mostly used by parents who are considering giving a name to their baby boy and not currently among the ranked names that mean sun in the United States.


Origin: Celtic

Meaning: God of the crafts, light, and the sun


Origin: Persian

Meaning: God of the rising sun, war, friendship, contracts, royalty, and cosmic orders.

Kinich Ahau

Origin: Mayan

Meaning: God of the sun

Japanese Names Meaning Sun

Haru (male/female)

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Sun, light

This name of Japanese origin can be used either for your boy or girl child

Akari (female)

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Bright or light

Hinata (male/female)

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Sunny place

Also, this name is a suitable one for both your lovely baby boy and baby girl

Akira (female)

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Clear or bright

This is one of the most popular names in the Manga video games

Hina (female)

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Sunlight, sun, leaves exposed to the sunlight

This lovely Japanese girl’s name can be likened to a little sunflower that continuously radiates love.

Final Words

The names you give to your newborn go beyond just for identification. It becomes their identity which later transforms into their personality. Each of these names that mean sun originates from different languages, cultures, and traditions around the world.

Therefore, each one comes with a unique meaning – so choose the one that will help define the personality of your child.

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