Nursing Clothes For Fashion Conscious Moms

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Let’s be real, even with a baby in hand, we still want to rock our dressing like it’s hot. But most of us find this difficult to achieve. I had troubles with this until I realized that nursing clothes don’t need to scream, “Hey! I’m nursing!”

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There are lovely fashionable clothes that can make you look smart and hot like you were before the baby (pretend you’ve lost all the extra weight).

Also, there are lots of options to make breastfeeding easy for mothers. They’ll save you from getting half-naked before pulling the breast out for your little one. 

And you don’t have to break the bank, you can find some jaw-dropping nursing clothes right from your old stock. I’ll tell you how, but that’s not all – I’ll also show you the essential nursing clothes for every mum, where to shop for the best designer nursing clothes, and how to save money when shopping. 

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Ready? Let’s dive in! 

Essential nursing clothes for every mom

  1. Nursing tops and shirts

These clothes are specifically designed for nursing (but can still be worn after that). 

They make it easy for you to access and nurse without lifting your clothes or pulling them down. 

Their design comprises covered openings in the breast region so that when you want to nurse, you only need to lift the covering flap and gain access.

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However, they are not the only available options for ease. Button-down shirts also work as well. But that is only when they are loose. You can leave the lower buttons in place for modesty and cover the mummy tummy.

When choosing button-down shirts, you need to consider the time it takes to unbutton when the baby is hungry and crying hard. If the shirt is tight, you may need to unbutton it all the way down. 

Practice how you will unbutton with one and the other holding a baby at home so that you will not be disappointed when you need it outside.

You will also find great help from sweaters, T-shirts, and knit tops all do great jobs. All you need is something that gives you access when it is meal time. 

Nevertheless, you need to practice before you feed. 

Off-shoulder clothes also work as well. They give you support, easy access, and make you look chic. You will also find wraps and crossover shirts to be very helpful for breastfeeding.

  1. Nursing tank tops

Think of a tank top that is stretchy around the boobs; that’s a nursing tank top. If you have some at home, you’ve saved yourself some bucks. 

They are super pretty and can be layered under almost everything.

 They’ll cover the belly and stay quiet under the top or dress. When it’s time to feed kiddo, you can flip open and pull down without thinking twice. 

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Some nursing tank tops come with built-in nursing bras. You can save costs by going for these two in one.

  1. Nursing dresses 

You can still rock beautiful dresses as a nursing mother. A simple dress is enough to spell the style that you want. 

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You can make it comfier by getting some V-necked type. 

Avoid high neck dresses, except they have nursing openings, or you want to lift the entire thing to feed your baby. 

You will love the covering, patterned and print materials give. They hide breast milk stains more easily than plain colors. 

  1. Nursing pajamas

Sexy nightgowns, t-shirts, or PJs? Whatever works for you is fine.

The idea of sexy nightgowns is not all bad; the most important thing is how accessible it is. If there are some buttons at the front, it may be accessible, but think about having to button and unbutton in the middle of the night. 

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It is effective to get nursing nightgowns. You will find it easy to slip the breast out when you wake. Some of them even come with an in-built bra.

  1. Nursing bras

Oh, girl! You’ll enjoy the relief that nursing bras bring. 

Without a nursing bra, you will struggle to lift the bra, which will exert so much pressure on the breast. 

This is one of the causes of clogged ducts, and you wouldn’t want that.

Nursing bras are comfortable, and they give you all the convenience you need. Your boobs might be big, but nursing bras can withstand the size and provide a way out when you need to breastfeed.

Photo of comfortable nursing bras

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Before having my first baby, I thought nursing bras only look like they are gotten from old cargos, but girl, I was wrong. 

Nursing bras are pretty! They are available in fashionist designs to make you love yourself in the mirror. 

You won’t believe I still rock some of them; my kiddo is off breastmilk!

You should know this. Nursing bras come in different forms, but you should go for the breathable ones. 

Though you will be wearing breast pads, your bra should be absorbent too. The pads aren’t super; they can get so full and leak into your bra. 

Did I mention that nursing bras have no underwire but can provide the needed support? 

They have latches to give you easy access without affecting the support. 

Also, they can stretch to accommodate your changing breast size, depending on the last time you fed. 

  1. Nursing sleep bra

Wearing bras at night hinder blood circulation and bla bla bla. Save me the lecture! It’s like you haven’t woken up to find your clothes and pillows soaked with breastmilk.

Nursing bras are very healthy and don’t hinder your blood flow in any way. Give me a minute, and I’ll show you. 

Photo of comfortable nursing and sleeping bras

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Maybe you didn’t know, but you produce more milk at night than during the day. This is because of the surge in prolactin.

The thought of this alone is enough to get you scrambling for some bra, and of course, a nursing pad. 

For those who wear bras at night, you may think that it is serving you the best until you find yourself trying to latch a bra by 2 am.

Nursing bras take away all the stress.

They are super stretchy, so you only have to pull down to let the meal sac out. 

They are no wires, hooks, or latches to make sleeping difficult. 

Moreover, they save you from feeling the weight of the breast when it is super full with milk. 

  1. Nursing cover 

Let’s admit it; not everyone loves to pull out some nipples in public. If you are this mom, nursing covers are for you. 

They are light, breathable materials that you use to cover yourself and your baby while they feed. 

They are available in different styles and sizes, and they are fashionable too. 

Photo of a Mom using a nursing cover

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You can wear them over your cloth and feed or pump them in public without drawing the attention of the whole world.

If you do not want to spend so much on nursing covers, you can use your wrap, shawl, or infinity scarf. They play the double role as nursing covers. 

There is one disadvantage of covering though: your baby may get distracted in there and even feel hot while feeding. You should consider nursing covers that address this problem. 

What if I don’t want to cover?

That’s perfect! After all, most people will wonder what you are doing and why you are covered. The protective covering to keep you from people’s eyes can be the same sign that draws everyone in.

Breastfeeding is a natural process, and many people appreciate it. People think it normal to see mothers breastfeeding around the place. 

So if you do not want to cover, thumbs up, girl! If you meet people that think you are a weirdo, give them time, they will get used to it.

  1. Clothes for working and pumping mothers

Mothers that work in official environments know how challenging it can be. However, you can still find your way around even if you need to wear suits to work. Nursing tank tops will help you here.

You may want to go for the plain colors because they are more professional in look, but the print and pattern will hide the stain if the milk spills over after pumping. 

Photo of comfortable yet stylish nursing clothes

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Carrying an extra shirt is advisable. Anything can happen, and you don’t want to be found wanting. Vests are also lifesavers. You can button them up if milk spills and stains. Jackets also work well since you can also button them.

Though most breastfeeding clothes on display are primarily casuals, you can find some formulated to fit the office environment.

Extra tips for nursing dressing

  1. Use old t-shirts

Old t-shirts are very helpful during breastfeeding. You just need to cut slits under the breast region and wear it under an oversized sweater. You can then pull up the sweater and get your breast out through the opening you cut.

This way, your tummy and most of your breast will stay hidden when you nurse.

  1. Try leggings

Wearing a full dress out can be a crazy idea when you are nursing, especially when the top is not accessible. But you can solve this problem by wearing leggings under the dress. 

Then you can lift and breastfeed, with the most sacred parts of your body staying covered.  

  1. Use the belly band

Belly bands are not only helpful during pregnancy. They work as well when breastfeeding. Wearing them will cover your tummy when you lift your shirt from the bottom to nurse.

Photo of comfortable yet stylish nursing clothes

Where to shop for nursing clothes

Yea! You can transform your dressing from functional to fashionista with these perfect shops for nursing clothes.

  • ASOS- best for trending nursing clothes

Hello fashionista, stop by ASOS for some special London collections for nursing mothers. They are mostly known for tops, but they boast of having world-class collections for every occasion, from office to cocktail/ mocktail, and dinner; they can help you look your best.

  • Boob – best for eco-friendly nursing clothes

Eco-minded moms will love Boob. They have some of the best nursing clothes out there, with about 97% of their materials from sustainable sources. They provide high-end and classic tank tops, dresses, tanks, with most of them being made from Q-nova, Lyocell (fiber from eucalyptus), and recycled or organic wool and cotton. 

Though Boob is mainly known for nursing tanks and tees, they have beautiful collections of nursing swimsuits, sports bras, moisture-wicking tanks, activewear, and sweaters.

  • Figure 8 – best for jumpsuit nursing clothes

Figure 8 is mainly known for its fantastic nursing-friendly jumpsuits. Each one in the collection is fabulous, and you will love them. They do not only deal on tank top collections alone; you can find brands like Seraphine, Boobs, and Mothers en Vogue with them. They also have a collection of baby and nursing mom PJ sets 

  • H&M – best for stylish and budget-wise nursing clothes

If you are a stylish mom on a budget, have your dreams come true with H&M. their clothes are very stylish. Their prices range from $18 for nursing tank tops to $80 for formal lace nursing dresses. Right in the middle are thousands of tops and dresses that you can afford. 

They also have flirty nursing bras at $30 to keep your spicy even with the milk in the sac. You can also pick some things for your baby from the kid’s department.

Think of fashionable and highly comfortable clothes, and you will realize that it is impossible to take latched mama out of the list. Their collection of breastfeeding clothes like tees, hoodies, and comfy cotton dresses is extensive, and you can find items from $23. You will love their collection of date dresses for momma.

This virtual mini-mall features some of the cutest nursing dresses, tops, bras, and sleepwear. They are mostly focused on classic styles; people will hardly believe that they are nursing clothes. Besides maternity nursing clothes, you can also get some nursing covers, nursing pads, nursing scarves, and plus-size nursing clothes too.

Photo of comfortable yet stylish nursing clothes

Pea in the pod is a beautiful companion, right from pregnancy to when the pea is out of the pod. They are one of my most favorite stores. 

They offer high-quality, stylish, and pump-friendly clothes, with a lot of nursing tops that don’t look like it. You can also find an extensive collection of nursing covers and nursing bras from Wacoal, Cake, Natori, and the rest.

  • Old navy– best for stocking up cheap nursing clothes

Old navy is known for budges friendly nursing clothes for every stage of life. You can shop for clothes for every week to years you choose to nurse or pump. They offer nursing tunics, wrap-front nursing clothes, fit and flair nursing dresses, and tons of adorable baby clothes.

  • Seraphine: best for celebrity looking nursing clothes

Seraphine offers a different collection of celebrity nursing clothes that make you have the Jessica Alba feeling. They have office-ready nursing tops and dresses and even cover-up shawls. You will also like their nightie collection.

This shop tells us that breastfeeding clothes don’t just have to be basic. You can still get some exquisite designs that make you feel slick again. They offer lovely designed breastfeeding tops and dresses with side buttons and top to bottom front zips that can be used for date nights or work.

Photo of a stylish Mom breastfeeding

Work your way to being fashionable

Nursing doesn’t mean going back to grandma’s wardrobe. You can still look stylish and classy while nursing your new bundle of joy. They will also make breastfeeding easier for you.

However, remember to carry an extra cloth or scarf, in case the milk spills. You will love jackets at work; they can cover for some messes and save the day. 

Whether breastfeeding or pumping, you can transform your motherhood experience with our must-have nursing clothes.

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