11 Fantastic Rebus puzzles for kids

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Rebus puzzles are an interesting pictorial representation of words, phrases, numbers, things, and other things to engage the thinking capacity of children. So, some rebus puzzles for kids come with a visual clue – this helps the kid to interpret the picture and guess the answers.

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Rebuses are the representation of words in symbols and pictures. Besides puzzles, there are rhymes and stories. So, the idea of rebus puzzles is for children to be able to interpret a statement through letters, images, numbers, and symbols.

These puzzles for kids are fun-filled brain teasers that can help to develop visual understanding and problem-solving features – therefore, there is a need for parents in encouraging their kids to solve rebus puzzles from time to time.

So, if you have a kid between ages 3 to 7 – you could introduce this rebus puzzle and get their little creative minds engaged while you watch how many they can guess correctly.

Benefits Of Rebus Puzzles For Kids

Vocabulary Enhancement

In the rebus puzzle, kids are expected to match pictures with different words. As this is done – they learn pronunciation and hence, improve their vocabulary. This is one of the reasons parents should introduce kids to rebus puzzles.

Kids Learn Spellings

Teaching the kids the rudiments of spelling could be a difficult thing to do but on the contrary, indulging them in rebus puzzles for kids would eventually teach them spellings. Besides, kids are quick in learning through excitement and fun.

Improve Memory Power

Due to beautiful pictorial illustrations and images – the memory of these kids can be boosted because kids are good at remembering pictures and images. This is also a good reason you should introduce your kids to rebus puzzles.

Better Reasoning Ability

The rebus puzzle is a good game for kids that can help them to put their reasoning and thinking capabilities into work. Reasoning and thinking skills are two essential skills that they need as they grow into adulthood.

Create an atmosphere of bonding for family

The rebus puzzles for kids are not only designed for children but a time for bonding with other family members while learning, developing critical thinking/reasoning skills, and reading abilities.

How To Solve Kids Pictogram Puzzles

Oftentimes these types of puzzles come with a single image with some written text. So, the first thing the kid needs to do is to note the arrangement of the text. Knowing some parts of the text will help to uncover the whole answer to the puzzle.

So, here is the kicker – getting answers to some rebus puzzles will help the kids develop the capacity to break difficult ones and arrive at the answer in good time.

Printable Rebus Puzzles For Kids

These printable rebus puzzles for kids are a great way of keeping your children engaged especially during a long vacation. So, as a parent – you should not be bothered because your kids are always doing what is productive.

Besides, adults are not left out in the fun as they can also engage in solving some of these thought-provoking puzzles. You can get some here.

Rebus Puzzles For Kids With Answers

There is a need for adequate attention to be given to the numbers, size, and placement in the puzzle if you must give the correct answers to the problem.

Besides, some of these puzzles are quite easy to understand while some others are a bit difficult to solve.

So, here are some examples of rebus puzzles for kids with answers; check them out;

Rebus Puzzles For Kids Worksheet

So, the rebus puzzles for kids worksheet are designed to achieve different tasks, it might be to learn how to spell or improve vocabulary.

Christian Rebus Puzzles For Kids                       

This rebus puzzles for kids focus on the Christian faith as its source – that is, everything has its root in the biblical teaching (images, words, rhymes, etc)

So, with this Sunday school activity that focuses on the Old Testament – kids can navigate through different Old Testament stories.

So, this Christian rebus puzzle for kids focuses on the identification of bible characters – guessing who they are. This emoji quiz bible also comes with answers – this will help in developing the critical reasoning skills of your kids.

Rebus Puzzles For Kids Halloween

It’s time for some exciting times learning on Halloween. This Halloween rebus puzzles for kids will help kids to develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

These rebus puzzles for kids Halloween can be downloaded online. It has puzzles that are easier for younger kids – they are easy to identify and spell. Also, there are harder versions that come with more puzzles and pictures to figure out.

So, when selecting the Halloween rebus puzzles for kids – you should pick the easier version for younger kids and the harder versions for older kids. Besides, the easier version can be used as a prelude or warm-up to the harder ones.

Christmas Rebus Puzzles For Kids

The Christmas rebus puzzles for kids are a great way of improving and strengthening your child’s thinking, reasoning, and relational skills while working on a different statement. It will help your kids engage their logical thinking in finding a solution to it.

How To Solve Christmas Logic Puzzle

  • Look for a word length that has only one word
  • Count how many letters long it is
  • Know some letters in the grid
  • Compare the letters with the words remaining by looking at the letters filled in from the previous word
  • Take a while to think through the puzzle
  • Make use of a pencil
  • Go back to examine the list of words

Math Rebus Puzzles For Kids

The math rebus puzzles for kids are those brain teasers that involve some logical reasoning and mathematical calculations. So, for kids who are always eager to solve some math – this will serve as a brain-tasking activity.

So, here are some examples of math rebus puzzles for kids;

Logic Roots Math Puzzle For Kids

  • With this rebus puzzle, multiplication has got all the fun and excitement.
  • It is quite easy to start and understand
  • The logic roots have different levels with some mathematical problems at each step
  • It is ideal for a kid between age 7 and beyond, that is, those that are in grade 1 and up

Rebus Sentences Puzzles For Kids

There are many examples of the rebus sentences puzzles for kids – some might involve reading and comprehension, writing, grammar, word count, and some other forms.

Big Book Of Rebus Puzzles

Photo of a rebus puzzle for kids

This is a large book that contains many words and pictorial puzzles (and with idiomatic expressions and some hidden words). So, users are sure of getting easy tasks and some brain-cracking puzzles that will at the same time get them entertained. Also, the answers are included at the back of the booklet. Get it here.

Hints On How To Solve Rebus Puzzle

Here is how it works; each puzzle comes with a title, an answer box, a set of clues (which could be pictures). The title gives the kid a direction on the expected answer while the answer boxes guide on the number of words in the answer.

Also, the picture – which serves as the clue helps to narrow down the answer making it easier for the kids to arrive at the correct answer.

Final Thoughts

The rebus puzzles for kids will not only help to expand the thinking and reasoning abilities of your wards but will also help in strengthening their language comprehension. It is beneficial to the overall mental development of your child.

There are varieties you could pick from – printable rebus puzzles for kids, rebus puzzles for kids with answers, rebus puzzles for kids worksheet, Christian rebus puzzles for kids, rebus puzzles for kids Halloween, Christmas rebus puzzles for kids, math rebus puzzles for kids, logic roots math puzzle for kids, and rebus sentences puzzles for kids

So, you can start exposing your kids to these puzzles, watch them learn, and develop their critical thinking and reasoning skills while also being entertained.

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