90+ Beautiful African Names For Girls (with inspiring meanings)

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One of the most important things parents-to-be think about is the type of name given to their children. So, beyond just a means of identification, names can have some influence on the character and personality of the person. Therefore, if you are expecting a baby girl – there are beautiful and stunning African names for girls that might not be very popular in the United States but are modern, youthful, and fun-filled.

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It is, however, important to think deeply before coming up with a befitting name for your baby girl.

Besides, African names for girls are eclectic and will match any personality any day and any time.

So, if your scan has revealed the sex of your unborn baby to be a girl and you desire something as beautiful and stunning just as the African continent – here are some African names for girls that will look just good on your baby girl when she arrives.

Beautiful African Names For Baby Girls

The following are popular and beautiful African names for girls that are common within the continent.


Origin: Moroccan

Meaning: Life

Overview: It is the Moroccan version for Aisha – the name for the most favorite wife of the Prophet Mohammed.  

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Origin: Somalia

Meaning: Good luck, the gift of God

Overview: A beautiful name from the Horn of Africa (from a Somalia community). This ranks among the most popular African names for girls in the US. Its variation is Ayan and among the popular namesakes is Ayaan Hirsi Ali – an author and a politician


Origin: Eastern Africa

Meaning: Shining or giving off light

Overview: This name is not very popular in the US. A popular namesake with this name is women’s right advocate, Aberash Bekele


Origin: Western Africa (Nigeria)

Meaning: Kindness, mercy, or grace

Overview: it began to gain popularity in the 2010s within the US and has people like Amara Walker – American journalist and Amara La Negra as popular namesakes. Its variation include Amarachi and Amarachukwu


Origin: Western Africa

Meaning: One that has no desire

Overview: its variation is Hadizatu and also the Hausa form of Khadijah. Hadiza is not a popular African name for girls. Hadiza Aliyu, Nigerian Actress is a popular namesake.


Origin: Northern Africa (Egypt)

Meaning: The glory of the father

Overview: Cleopatra can alternatively be spelled as Clea, Cleo, or Kleopatra and has Cleo Rocos – a British comedian as a popular namesake. Another beautiful girl name though not very popular in the US.


Origin: Eastern Africa

Meaning: Famous warrior

Overview: A stunning and strong Ethiopian girl name believed to have a German and French origin.


Origin: Western Africa

Meaning: Above it all or high up

Overview: It originates from regions around Gambia, Mauritania, and Senegal – generally known as the Wolof ethnic group.


Origin: Southern African (Zimbabwe)

Meaning: To be thankful, or to give thanks

Overview: It has Tendai as a variation. Zendaya became popular in 2015 when about 354 baby girls got the name. Zendaya Coleman, an American actress is a popular namesake of the name.


Origin: Eastern Africa

Meaning: Beautiful

Overview: Became famous in the US in 2018 and with American TV host – Zuri Hall as one of the popular namesakes.


Origin: Western Africa

Meaning: Crown

Overview: The name became famous in the US and Britain through Sade Adu – British/Nigerian songwriter and singer


Origin: Southern Africa

Meaning: We have waited

Overview: It is often given to a baby girl that arrives after a set of boys in a family


Origin: Swahili, Eastern Africa

Meaning: Faith

Overview: With variations like Imaan, Eman, Imen, and Iman – Imani became famous in the US in 1998. Imani Coppola, an alternative artist is a popular namesake.


Origin: Southern Africa

Meaning: Calm

Overview: its variations are Zella and Zolah. Zola became popular in 2018 in the US. Among the popular namesake are American singer, Zola Taylor and South African athlete, Zola Budd

African Names For Girls Meaning Queen


Ancient queen, a special gift from Allah, gift, or present

A variant of Atiya is Atia


Beloved queen, successful, stem of a flower, olive

Popular namesake is Nala Nieswandt, the German actress


Born to rule, joyful song, queenly, bring joy

Among the famous people with the name are; American actor – Khari Cox, Canadian television actor – Khari Jones, and American editor and writer – Khari Ajene



With American television actress, Thema Chapple as the most popular namesake


Heavenly, light breeze, queen, a blooming flower, radiant, princess

The famous namesakes with Zhara are; Egyptian producer, Zhara Mackaoui; British costume designer, Zhara Mansouri, and Iranian actress, Zhara Hatami


Fairy princess or queen

Famous namesakes are; Brazilian television actress, Tania Secker, and British editor, Tania Reddin


Name of a queen, the most beautiful, or the beautiful one has arrived

Though a popular girl name in the US, it has popular namesakes like American producer, Nefertiti Fulks, and American actress Nefertiti Robinson


Queen of the pure ones

It has a popular namesake – Sheneka Adams, American actress



The name became popular in the US with American actress Malkia Stampley


Born on Tuesday, queen

African Names For Girls That Means Strong


Strong, clever, gracious, full of pride

It has Anna as its variant

Famous namesakes include; Spanish television actress Ana Chavarri, Portuguese writer, Ana Catarina, and Brazilian television actress Ana Carbatti


Strength, strong one, firm, dedication

It has Ethan as its variant and Etana Jacobson – the American actress is one of the famous namesakes.


Strong woman, little and womanly, renowned in battle, a lady of sorrow

Lola is the female version of Charles. Popular namesakes include; Egyptian actress, Lola Sedki, Spanish producer, Lola Moreno, and French television actress, Lola Naymark


Beautiful, strong, charming

Another famous African name for girls meaning strong. The popular namesake for the Maliha includes Pakistani cricketer, Maliha Hussain


Proud, headstrong, matchless, a precious gem

Famous namesakes are; American writer – Farida Amer, Indian actress – Farida Dadi, and Egyptian actress – Farida Fahmy.


Valiant, powerful, valor, to be strong

Canadian producer, Valerie Allard, and British writer, Valerie Georgeson are among the popular namesake for Valerie


Strong opponent, protection

The name Mimi is also a pet name for Miriam and Marilyn. Among the popular namesake are; American editor – Mimi Gold and Chinese actress – Mimi Chu

African Names That Start With K For Girls

Girls with the name that start with the letter K are known to display great leadership qualities, energy, and are generally affectionate towards whoever they love. Here are some unique African names that start with K for girls.

Kaarina – Chaste, pure

Kaamisha – A happy soul

Kaari – Precious stone, or rare excellence

Kabira – Great, powerful

Kabibe – little lady

Kabili – Brave, honest

Kadeja – Trustworthy

Kacela – Great huntress

Kali – Energetic, lively

Kamili – Perfection, whole, sharp

Kanika – Black cloth

Kanzi – A treasure

Karama – Generosity

Karasi – Life and wisdom

Kayla – Pure

Kehinde – The second born of a twin

Kerubo – Born on the plain

Khadija – Born prematurely

Khanysha – Beautiful child

African American Names For Girls

Aiysha – Complete and powerful person

Chipo – A gift

Delu – On who is exceptionally very beautiful

Fabunmi – A gift, something given by God

Fahari – A confident and smart woman

Masara – A magical woman

Nataki – One who is born royal

Malaika – An angel from heaven

Zahra – A flower

Yakini – A truthful and honest woman

Naserian – A lucky person

Hanuni – A happy and cheerful woman

Hagos – Joy and happiness

Gasira – A brave person

Feechi – A woman who worships the Almighty

Ghalyela – One who is very valuable

Katlego – Success

Kamirah – A big-hearted woman

Kendy – One who is loved a lot

African Names For Girls That Start With M

Mua – Benefit, healing

Mara – Bitter; it’s a variant of Maria

Mama – Born on Saturday

Maya – To increase

Muna – Desire, overflowing, hope

Mene – One who is never lonely

Maria – Pleasure of joy

Meeka – strong-hearted, will of gold

Mkiwa – Orphaned child

Mukai – Most beautiful

Makini – Serene, calm

Madaha – Gracefulness, arrogance

Mutia – pious, devoted, or faithful

Musu – Beautiful

Mali – Industrious, riches, wealth

Mahdy – The expected daughter

Mosi – Firstborn

Modupe – I am grateful, gratefulness

Munira – Radiant, luminous, happiness

Marvena – The child of two planets

South African Girls Names For African Girls

Photo of a mom and her baby

Amahle – The beautiful one

Annika – Grace

Imka – Water

Elna – Beloved

Lerato – Love

Thabisa – To bring joy

Mieke – Water

Kaya – Restful place

Kholwa – Believe

Farai – Rejoice

Gugulethu – Pride, treasure

Masego – Blessings

Nkosazana – Princess

Ntombi – Girl

Palesa – Flower

Puleng – In the rain

Taonga – We are thankful

Tapiwa – Given

Tsholofelo – Expectation, hope

Thulile – Peaceful, Quiet

African Names For Girls That begins With J

Jada – Precious greenstone

Jaha – Dignity

Jahzara – Blessed princess

Jala – Special one

Jail – Honor, respect

Jamala – Good manners, friendly

Jamila – Elegant, beautiful (its variations include; Jamilah, Jamilia, Jameelah, Jamille, or Jamilla)

Javina – Swift one

Jata – Star

Jasmyn – Fragrant flower (its variation include; Jasmine, Jasmin)

Jasira – Courageous, bold

Janna – Heaven, paradise

Janessa – The Lord is gracious (This is the female version of John)

Jana – Healthy child

Jamesetta – One who supplants


The name you decide for your child determines their destiny, personality, and life. African names for girls could come in the form of beautiful African names for baby girls, African names for girls meaning queen, or African names for girls that means strong,

Others are African American names for girls and South African girls names for African girls.

Therefore, choose the best name for your baby girl and watch them grow to become what you desire for them!

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