5 Best Ovulation Test To Determine Your Most Fertile Period

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Are you trying to become pregnant? If yes, then there are ways of boosting your chances of conceiving. However, one of the best ways is by narrowing down the best period of the month when you can have baby-making sexual intercourse by using an ovulation test.

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What Is Ovulation?

Ovulation is that time when an egg is released from the ovaries. These eggs then travel through the fallopian tube to the uterus. It is in the uterus that sperm cells from your partner meet with the eggs and bring about conception.

The released eggs can live for between 12 to 24 hours (ovulation window) while sperm cells stay up to 5 days in your body.

So, here is the trick – even if you missed sex during the ovulation window period, you can still get pregnant if you have had sex some days before the actual ovulation day because sperm cells can still survive for 5 days in your body.

What Is An Ovulation Test?

The ovulation test, otherwise called the ovulation predictor kit (OPK) is a test taken to determine the most fertile days in your menstrual cycle. It is often taken at home.

So, the ovulation test helps moms trying to conceive to narrow down their ovulating period. Thereby knowing when to have sexual intercourse. The ultimate purpose of this is to help you maximize the chances of conceiving.

Though other ways of tracking your most fertile period such as the daily monitoring of your cervical mucus and monitoring your basal body temperature are available, the best and the most convenient way of checking is still through an ovulation test.

The Best Time To Have Ovulation Test

Timing plays an important role when you are trying to conceive; therefore, knowing the right time to take an ovulation test will boost your chances of getting pregnant.

Things that will determine when to take the ovulation test include;

  1. Knowing the duration of your menstrual cycle. An average menstrual cycle runs between 21 to 35 days, that is, from the first day of a cycle to the first day of the next cycle. So, there is need to determine the length of your cycle to know the best time for an ovulation test. However, for women with irregular cycles, use the average number over the last three months as your menstrual cycle.

2. Know your ovulation period – Ovulation varies from one woman to another but on average, it’s usually in the middle of your cycle. For example, if you have a 28 days cycle – then you’ll likely ovulate on the 14th day. Besides, you could make use of an ovulation calculator to make things much easier.

3. Administer your ovulation test 3 to 4 days before ovulation. The test should be carried out 3 to 4 days before the actual day you think ovulation should take place. However, for women with irregular menstruation – you might want to add some extra days before taking the test.

When Is The Best Time To Have Sex After A Positive Ovulation Test?

According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA), the best time for sex after a positive ovulation test is the third day after a positive ovulation test has been confirmed. So, this will boost your chances of getting pregnant.

What Is The Best Time To Take Pregnancy Test After Ovulation?

Also, the American Pregnancy Association (APA) recommends that the best time to take a pregnancy test after ovulation is when you miss your period. This is so because it takes a while before your body produces enough of the pregnancy hormone into your system – which can be easily detected when a pregnancy test is done.

What Is The Best Day To Take An Ovulation Test?

Instructions on some ovulation tests require you to use your first urine in the morning while others require you to use the afternoon urine. So, it is advisable to follow the instructions on the brand of test you are using.

However, many brands recommend taking the test in the afternoon – this is because the Luteinizing Hormone (LH), which stimulates the ovaries increases in the morning but takes a while before appearing in the urine.

Best Way To Test For Ovulation

The ovulation test strips are made to detect Luteinizing Hormone in your urine – this hormone stimulates the ovaries to produce eggs released into the fallopian tube.

Therefore, in taking the test – you can urinate into a cup and place the strip into it or you can urinate directly on the strip. The ovulation test result is usually available within 5 minutes of taking the test.

There are two lines on the test kits – one is the control line and the other is the test line. The control line shows the test is working while the test line becomes lighter or darker than the control line.

A lighter test line indicates a low level of LH in your body whereas when it’s darker, it implies a higher level of LH which signifies that you are more likely to get pregnant after sexual intercourse.

So, the following are the available ovulation test kits in the marketplace;

Easy@Home 50 Ovulation Test Strips – Best At Home Ovulation Test

Photo of Easy@home kit; one of the best ovulation Test available

The Easy@Home kit allows you to do all the tests you want. Also, it comes with 20 pregnancy test strips combo kits – which implies that you are taking the ovulation test and pregnancy test at the same time.

It is easy to use as the result comes out within 5 to 10 seconds. Besides, reading the result is simpler than what you think – a darker test line indicates a positive result. It is 99 percent accurate.

Also, the brand holds customer satisfaction in high esteem – with the provision of a professional and experienced help desk ready to answer and help with any question. Besides, there is room for refunds or returns if the product does not meet up your expectation.

Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System – Best Digital Ovulation Test

Photo of Clear Blue kit. another best ovulation test available

The Clearblue Connected ovulation test system is designed with an App that shows results instantly. The App is compatible with your Android or iPhone devices through Bluetooth. Also, the App sends reminders on when to take the test and also stores the user’s results.

The results are easy to read and also about 99 percent accurate in detecting the Luteinizing Hormone surge. However, it is only available for sale in the US. Also, the App can only be downloaded in the US too.

Besides, the App sends reminders on when to take the pregnancy test and has also been adjudged the only test kit that identifies four or more days of high and peak fertility – thereby creating more opportunities for conception. Besides, you can access a toll-free professional helpline that answers all your queries.


First Response Ovulation Test – Best Ovulation Test Kit

Photo of First Response Ovulation Test kit

The First Response ovulation test is arguably the best ovulation test kit in the marketplace. It accurately predicts your fertile days thereby boosting your chances of getting pregnant. Besides, it comes with a pregnancy test kit that can detect the pregnancy hormone 6 days before you miss your period.

Also, it is over 99 percent accurate in detecting the LH surge in your urine. It comes with 7 ovulation tests and 3 pregnancy test kits. Also, this non-digital ovulation test is easy to use, read, and the result will be out within 5 minutes of testing.  

Therefore, if you want something accurate and easy to use, choose the First Response ovulation test.


PREGMATE 50 Ovulation Test Strips – Best Cheap Ovulation Test

Photo of Pregmate 50 ovulation test kit

Though the Pregmate ovulation test strip is budget-friendly, it still gets the job done. It comes with 50 test strips which help to determine your most fertile days.

Also, it’s 99 percent accurate in detecting your Luteinizing Hormone surge. Results are easy to read and it comes out within 5 minutes of taking the test. It comes with a chart that can be used to know when to start testing according to your menstrual cycle.

So, to get started – urinate into a cup and deep the strip into it for 3 seconds. a darker test line indicates a positive result while a lighter test line is an indication that there is no LH surge.


BFP Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Strips – Best Rated Ovulation Test

Photo of the BFP Ovulation test kit

The BFP ovulation test also comes with 10 early-detection pregnancy test kits. This FDA-approved ovulation test kit is made in North America and it’s used by most hospitals and doctors. This trusted brand comes from industry giant, Fairhaven Health – Fertility market leader, so you can be sure of over 99 percent accuracy in detecting LH surge in your urine.

This best-rated ovulation test kit is easy to use, just deep it into a cup containing your urine or just pass your urine over it for 5 seconds and watch out for the result. The result comes out within 10 minutes after taking the test.


Final Thoughts

Ovulation tests are designed to help couples who are trying to have a baby time their baby-making sexual intercourse. Besides, any form of unprotected sex could lead to pregnancy – but with an ovulation test, you tend to boost the rate at which it happens.

However, conception could take a week, a month, or even years before it finally happens. So, if it’s not happening to you now, exercise some patience and do not entertain any form of anxiety.

Besides, you could visit your health caregiver for more information and assistance that could help you achieve your desire of getting pregnant.

Success as you try to conceive!!!

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