150+ Inspiring Hebrew Names For Girls

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Names are means of identification and as such are important to everyone. Hebrew names for girls are becoming increasingly popular these days. Also, most of the Bible names are of Hebrew origin. 

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Hebrew names are usually very strong, come with powerful meanings, and are deeply connected to tradition. So, If you want a perfect Hebrew name for girls, this compilation can serve as a guide in choosing strong, meaningful, and ancient Hebrew names for girls.

Therefore, the following Hebrew girl names will melt the heart of parents and also everyone around.

Hebrew Bible Names For Girls

The following are Hebrew bible names for girls and their meanings.


A prophetess in the New Testament committed to preaching Jesus as the redeemer of Jerusalem. However, the variation ‘Hannah’ was the wife of Elkanah in the Old Testament. Hannah enjoyed its peak popularity in 1986 making it to the top 100 names while it ranked second in 1998, 1999, and 2000

MeaningVariationsPopular Namesake
Grace, favorAna, Ann, Anne, Ona, Hannah, Annika, AnnetteAnna Kendrick – actress and dancer Anna Pavlova


One of the Deborahs recorded in the Bible was a hero who fought against the Canaanites in the Old Testament while the other one was the nurse of Rebecca. However, it enjoyed its peak popularity in 1955

MeaningVariationsPopular Namesake
BeeDebora, Debra, Debbora, Debbi, Debby, Deb, DevorahDeborah Norville – Journalist and Deborah Harry – singer

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She appeared in the New Testament as the cousin of Mary, the mother of Jesus. The name Elizabeth has been included in the first 30 spots over the years but placed 13th in 2018

MeaningVariationsPopular Namesake
My God is an oathElisabeth, Alizabeth, Liz, Betty, Elyssa, Elyza, Libby, Betty, LizbethElizabeth Blackwell – Physician, Queen Elizabeth I & II


The first female name mentioned in the Bible. Eve was ranked among the first 1000 names in the United States in 1907 and 2018 but it fell out from the top 1000 name between 1985 to 1997

MeaningVariationsPopular Namesake
Giver of lifeEvie, Ava, EvaEve Jihan – a rapper and actress Eve Arden

One of the daughters of Job; the name is not a popular name in the United States of America but its variations like Gemma and Jemma were ranked among the first 1000 names in the US IN 2018

MeaningVariationsPopular Namesake
DoveGemima, Jemma, Jamima, Gemma, Yemimah, JemimaAmerican actress – Jemima Abey and artist Jemima Kirke


Joanna was among the women that visited the tomb of Jesus to anoint the body but discovered it was empty. This name enjoyed its highest ranking in 1984 when it was among the first 100

MeaningVariationsPopular Namesake
God is graciousJoanne, Joan, Joann, Jane, Jean, JeanneComedian – Joan Rivers and actress, Joanne Woodward


The first wife of Jacob; this name has maintained a top spot in the United States – the latest being in 2010 when it ranked 24

MeaningVariationsPopular Namesake
WearyLeigh, Lee, Lia, Lea, LiahSinger – Lea Salonga and actress Lea Thompson


Appeared in the Old Testament as the mother-in-law of Ruth and later changed her name to Mara after the death of her husband and sons

MeaningVariationsPopular Namesake
PleasantNaomie, Noemi, or NoemieAmerican model – Naomi Campbell and Japanese tennis player – Naomi Osaka


A deaconess in the Roman church; it is gradually gaining popularity as it ranked among the first 1000 names in the US in 2018

MeaningVariationsPopular Namesake
ShiningPhoebie, Phoeby, Pheobe, Febe, Phebe, Phoebee, PheebeActress, Phoebe Cates, and illustrator Phoebe Wahl

Hebrew Names For Girls Meaning Strong Child

Every parent wants a child that exhibits strength and vigor, so, these Hebrew names meaning strong child will ultimately make your baby girl grow to become strong;

Avi: Strength, bird, Sun

Avea: My father, strength, my God

Arial: Lion of God, courage, strength

Brae: Power, force, strength

Britt: Powerful, strong, strength

Gabi: God is my strength

Gaza: Having great strength

Ozzy: Strength

Gabrielle: God’s bravest woman

Yesmina: Strength

Abira: Strong

Briell: Force, power, strength

Gavrilla: God gives strength, the heroine of God

Hebrew Names For Girls That Start With T

There are several Hebrew names for baby girls that start with T. So, you can try any of these beautiful girl names for your baby girl;

Tov/Tova: Favor, good, or kindness

Talman: To oppress, or to injure

Timur: Iron

Talia: Dew of heaven

Tivon/Tivona: Lover of nature

Tabitha: Graceful beauty, gazelle

Tamar/Tamara: Palm tree, date

Thomasina: Twin

Talitha: Little girl

Tehora: Pure clean

Temima: Honest, whole

Tifara/Tiferet: Glory or beauty

Tiva: Good

Tzofiya: Guardian, scout, watcher

Tikva: Hope

Teruma: Gift, offering

Tehila: Song of praise, praise

Tzipora: Bird

Talmor: Sprinkled with myrrh, perfume

Hebrew Names For Girls That Start With B

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If you love the letter ‘B’ – these Hebrew names that start with the letter B will sure look good on your girl.

Bracha: Blessing

Bina: Wisdom, intelligence

Behira: Brilliant, light

Bat: Daughter

Batya/Batia: Daughter of God

Bethany: House of mercy

Bathsheba: Daughter of the oath

Bayla: Daughter of excellence

Bruriah: Clarity of God

Batsheva: Daughter of seven

Beryl: Dazzling jewel

Baraq: Flashes of lightning

Batchen: Beautiful girl, graceful

Baruch: Blessed

Basha: Daughter of God

Hebrew Names For Girls That Start With Q

The following names are the Hebrew girl names that start with Q.

Quezella: Ardent or zealous

Qiava: Grace, victory

Quan: God is gracious

Qeturah: Incense

Hebrew Names For Girls That Start With AM

Amiron: My nation sings

Amalie: Industrious, hard-working, laborious, and curious person

Ambria: Used in jewelry making

Amia: People of God

Amya: People of God

Amy: Dearly loved, friendship, to love, loved one, industrious, beloved, one nation

Amir: From the top of the tree of a prince

Amit: That which cannot be erased, limitless, boundless, infinite

Hebrew Angel Names For Girls

Malak: Messenger, angel

Sarea: Name of an angel

Arela: Messenger from God, angel

Rella: Messenger, little

Davi: Angel, cherished

Malika: Flower, angel, garland, queen

Barbelo: Angel of goodness

Armaita: Angel of truth

Malachi: Angel of God

Serafine: Powerful angel, fiery winged, ardent

Ananchel: Angel of grace

Bath-Kol: Angel of prophecy, a heavenly voice

Regina-Angelium: Queen of the angels

Seraphina: Angel, Seraph, fiery-winged

Erelah: Angel, hole messenger

Tamera: Beloved angel, palm tree, spice, date palm

Anauel: Angel of prosperity

Hebrew Names With An S For Girls

Asnat (Asenath): Belonging to God

Chasna: Merciful, mercy

Esther: Star

Annalise: Devoted to God, grace

Iris: Flower, rainbow

Sharon: An area of ancient Palestine with plenty of roses, a plain

Sarah: Princess

Samantha: Told by God

Samara: Ruled by God

Shaula: Feminine version of Saul who was a king in Israel

Shirel: Song of God                                                                     

Elisheva: God is my oath

Kaspit: Silver

Keshet: Rainbow, bow

Morasha: Legacy

Nessa: Miracles

Oshrat: Happiness

Teshura: Gift

Shoshana: Rose

Muskat: Nutmeg, muscade

Yiska: Sight of royalty, to see prophetically, well to the eyes

Zissa: Sweet one

K Hebrew Names For Girls

Kefira: Lioness

Kerem: Vineyard

Kochava: Star

Keren: Ray of sun

Keila: Vessel

Kinneret: Name of the sea of Galilee

Kerrin: Beauty

Keziah: Sweet, scented spice

Kadesha: Sanctuary

Kaylah: Who is like God?

Kaylana: Crowned with laurel

Kerron: Beauty

Kiva: Shelter

Kitra: Crown

Kittim: Bruising, breaking

Kyla: Victorious

Kiba: To protect

Kerkhi: Separation, cutting

Katriel: Crown of God

Karmia: Vineyard of the Lord

Kailea: Crowned with laurel

Kadison: A humble gift from God

Kabos: Swindler

Kalanit: Windflower

E Names Hebrew For Girls

Efrat: Distinguished, honored

Eliana: My God has answered me

Emunah: Faith

Eliora: God is light

Edna: Adored, desired, delight

Eliezra: My God is my salvation

Eliraz: My God is my secret

Eda: Wealthy, strife for wealth, well-mannered, warrior

Emuna: Faithful, faith

Etta: Pearl, house owner

Etana: Strong

Edya: Adornment of God

Ezriela: God is my help

Eilona: Oaktree

Eden: Relating to the Garden of Eden (paradise, delight, adornment)

Ebba: Life, flowing tide, alive

Efa: Abundance, prosperity

Elyn: A variant of Helen that means shining, light

Etel: Righteous, noble, loyal

Rare Hebrew Names For Girls

These names are not very popular but are unique, cute, and with deep meanings;

Atalia: Mighty is the Lord

Hadassah: Star, bride, myrtle tree

Lilah: Lily

Sarahi: My princess

Thirza: Delightful

Tziyona: Zion

 Nechama: Comfort

Penina: Pearl

Uriella: Light of God

Aviva: Springtime

Chagit: Celebration, festive

Fruma: Pious

Guela: Redemption

Hodaya: Praise God

Netanya: Gift of God

Shira: Song

Zissel: Sweet

Danya: Judgment of God

Harela: Mountain of God

Roniya: Joy of God

Shai: Gift

Roma: Exalted, lofty, height

Reut: Friendship

Nediva: Generous

Malkah: Queen

Itiya: God is with me

Flower Names For Girls In Hebrew

Ria: Fragrance of a flower

Pua: Flower

Bela: A flower, jasmine

Jola: Violet flower, pretty

Luna: Lotus flower, purity, lovely

Zaza: Flowery

Flora: The goddess of flower, blooming

Hodel: From the flowering myrtle tree

Nurit: Flower, plant

Susan: A pretty plant, flower, lotus

Orina: Flower

Genta: The Gentian flower

Nirit: Flower, plant


Final Thoughts

Names with Hebrew roots are not only strong but they come with great meanings that can guide your child into the future.

For ease of selection, the Hebrew girl names have been classified according to the following; Hebrew bible names for girls, Hebrew names for girls meaning strong child, Hebrew names for girls that start with T, B, Q and AM

Others are;

Hebrew angel names for girls, Hebrew names with an S, K, and E for girls, rare Hebrew names for girls, and flower names for girls in Hebrew.

So, what choice are you making? Let us know in the comment section.

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