150+ Water Names That Are Unique (& refreshing!)

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Water names include names that mean rain, mist, sea, ocean, waves, and tide. The earth is almost covered in water, even the human body is composed of water, and life even depends on it for survival – little wonder that many names would come from water.

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As a soon-to-be mom, finding suitable names to give to your little one should be your priority.

You might desire names meaning ‘water’ for your baby because you desire your child to have that same trait of calmness and strength as exhibited by water. Also, you might just love that your baby’s name reflects the symbol of water.

These water names for both boys and girls, cut across different cultures and traditions around the world. So, whatever might be your reason for giving your little one the names that mean ‘water’ – the following ideas will help you to narrow down your search.

Girl Names Meaning Water


Origin: Japanese and Basque

Meaning: “night rain”

Amaya is commonly used as a surname or first name in the Spanish culture – it originated from the Amaya village


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “brings rain”

It can also be used as a nickname for a name like Arabella


Origin: Persian

Meaning: “water” or “river goddess”


Origin: Canadian

Meaning: “river by the field”

A modern name that blends with today’s culture. It was used by L.M. Montgomery as the name of a fictional Canadian village.

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Origin: English

Meaning: “dweller of the beaver stream”

It became famous in the 1900s and had since been used by several celebrity figures like Beverly Johnson.


Origin: English

Meaning: “water falling downward” or simply “waterfall”


Origin: Latin

Meaning: “daughter or heart of the sea”

This old-fashioned water name for girls is gradually becoming famous


Origin: Greek

Meaning: “gift of the ocean”

Though not a famous name but it’s gradually gaining popularity with names like Dorothy


Origin: Israeli

Meaning: “wave”

Another version of this female water name is Gali.


Origin: Cornish

Meaning: “white wave” or “white shadow”

Was very popular in the 70s though not as popular today – Jeniffer can also be spelled as Jenifer


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “flowing down”

The name of the river where Jesus was baptized, the name is more common among boys today than among girls. So, for the female folks – the name is now spelled as Jordyn


Origin: English

Meaning: “valley of the river Kent”


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “lake”

It is also used for boys; it became famous in the 1940s when it was used as a replacement for Linda


Origin: Spanish, Greek, Hebrew

Meaning: “water”

Maia is the most famous variant


Origin: Celtic

Meaning: Latin name for the River Severn

Similar names to this are Sabina and Serena


Origin: English

Meaning: “Wynn’s stream”

Has often been used as a surname but now it’s been used as a first name.

Boys Names That Mean Water

Photo of a baby boy in a raincoat


Origin: Latin

Meaning: “water” or “sea”


Origin: German

Meaning: “eagle” in Germany

In Italy, Arno is the name of a famous river flowing from the Ligurian Sea into the mainland. So, in Italy – Arno means “flowing water”


Origin: English

Meaning: “homestead by the stream”

Increasingly been popular within the last ten years in the US – being the surname of the famous soccer player David Beckham


Origin: English

Meaning: “of the brook”

It’s mostly used as a surname but most parents are now using it as a first name


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: from the river Clyde flowing through Glasgow in Scotland


Origin: English

Meaning: “islet in the river”


Origin: English

Meaning: “Hugh’s son”

Though the meaning is not water-related – but it shares the name of a popular river in the US called the Hudson River.


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: “great stream”


Origin: Egyptian

Meaning: “delivered from the water”

Variants to the name Moses include; Mosheh in Hebrew, Moises in Spanish, and Musa in Arabic


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: means a land rich in water

It is popular in North Africa and the Middle East with some girls using the name.


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: “black water”

Doug can be used as a nickname


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: “sea friend” and “green river”

Native American Water Names For Boys

Waban – “East wind”

Misu – “rippling water”

Tahoma – “giver of water”

Wiyot – “river name”

Nodin – “wind”

Wayra – “gust of wind”

Kosumi – “salmon fishes with a spear”

Lonan – “cloud”

Tahoma – “giver of the water”

Seattle – “man of a high status”

Sahale – “above or high places”

Paco – “eagle”

Bodaway – “fire maker”

Nitis – “friend”

Wahkan – “sacred”

Wapi – “lucky”

Native American Water Names For Girls

Tallulah – “leaping water”

Pavati – “clear water”

Soyala – “time of the winter solstice

Tadewi – “wind”

Istas – “snow

Lomasi – “rich flowers”

Nina – “fire” or “mighty”

Taa – “seed”

Takoda – “friend to all”

Winona – “the first daughter”

Sacajawea – “bird woman”

Urika – “useful”

Orenda – “magic power”

Sakari – “sweet”

Tablita – “crown”

Water Goddess Name

Amphitrite – “the goddess queen”

Aphrodite – “the goddess of beauty”

Argyra – “the slippery one”

Benthesicyme – “deep wave”

Ceto – “sea monster” or “whale”

Charybdis – “the goddess of tides”

Galena – “the goddess of calm sea”

Psamathe – “the goddess of sandy beaches”

Tethys – “the freshwater goddess”

Tritons – “fish-tailed Daemones of the sea

Anuket – “goddess of the Nile,”

Mami Wata – “water”

Ganga – “mercy, health, water”

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Water

Often, names of Japanese origin are nature-based and are in close connection with society and family. So, check out the following Japanese girl names that mean water;


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: “water”

A name that is influenced by the Latin word aqua


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: “water route”

A very popular Japanese girl name meaning water


Origin: Japanese 

Meaning: “to cross a body of water”

The meaning also has something to do with affection and love


Origin: Japanese 

Meaning: “a lake of water”

One of the most amazing and sweet Japanese girl names


Origin: Japanese 

Meaning: “waterway or “water channel”

The name could also mean pity and beautiful


Origin: Japanese 

Meaning: “water or “love”

Also, Anna could mean quiet, peaceful, or graceful


Origin: Japanese 

Meaning: “God of the sea”

For the parents who believe in Japanese mythology, this is a perfect name that is suitable for your newly born.

Cute Island Names For Girl


Origin: African/Barbados

Meaning: “beautiful flowers


Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: “beautiful”


Origin: Romanian

Meaning: “of the sea”


Origin: Dominican

Meaning: “golden-haired”


Origin: African/Barbados

Meaning: “ocean”


Origin: Hawaiian/Tahitian

Meaning: “dark skin beauty”


Origin: Anglo-Saxon

Meaning: “the ledge meadow”


Origin: Polynesian

Meaning: “torch”

Cute Island Names For Boy


Origin: Dominican Republic/Italian

Meaning: “belonging to the Lord”


Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: “from the sea”


Origin: Caribbean

Meaning: “King” or “Chief”


Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: “a seafaring person”


Origin: Tahitian

Meaning: “peacemaker”


Origin: Polynesian

Meaning: “bird of the night”


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: “strawberry”


Origin: Caribbean

Meaning: “shell island”

Girl Names That Mean Ocean

Photo of a father playing with his daughter by the sea side


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: it means powerful, noble, or strong


Origin: Greek

Meaning: it means gift of the ocean


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: “seacoast, beach or seashore”


Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: “afloat in calm water”


Origin: French

Meaning: “defender of the sea”


Origin: Italian

Meaning: “lake or pond”


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: “arm of the sea


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “my wave”


Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: “power of the ocean”

More Ocean Names For Girls


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: “ocean”


Origin: Persian

Meaning: “sea”


Origin: French

Meaning: “of the sea”


Origin: Greek

Meaning: “mouth of the river”


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: “arm of the sea”


Origin: Greek

Meaning: “from the sea”


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: “child of the sea”


Origin: Brazilian

Meaning: “water lady”


Origin: Turkish

Meaning: “flows like water”


Origin: English

Meaning: “friend of the sea”


Origin: Turkish

Meaning: “one who is from the ocean”


Origin: Icelandic

Meaning: “sea”

Boy Names That Mean Ocean


Origin: Turkish

Meaning: “waves, sea”


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “sea hill”


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “underwater ridge”


Origin: Irish

Meaning: “floodtide, raffish, prosperity, and jaunty”


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Sea’s messenger and was the Son of sea God Neptune


Origin: Latin

Meaning: “of the sea”


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: “sea friend, green river


Origin: French

Meaning: “fishermen”


Origin: Indian

Meaning: “ocean”


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “of the sea”


Origin: Scandinavian

Meaning: “sea competition”


Origin: Latin

Meaning: “sea channel”

Water Nymph Names

Nymphs were not immortals but were long-lived and were kind towards men. They were beautiful female nature spirits or little goddesses associated mostly with water. These beautiful water nymph names will look good on your baby

Acraea – “of the height”

Actaea – “seashore”

Akaste – “unstable.” The goddess of erratic water flow, weather

Galaxaura – “milky breeze”

Chione – “snow” – Goddess of snow

Callirhoe – “beautiful flow”

Plexaure – “weaving breeze”

Phrixa – “ripple”

Ocyrhoe – “fast-flowing”

Nephele – “cloud”

Stilbe – “glittering surface”

Phoebe – “shining/bright”

Xanthe – “yellow-brown”

Thronia – “of the throne”

Thero – “wild beast”

Telesto – “success”

Melchior – “king of light”

Maddock – “fortunate”

Names Meaning Rain

Baran (male/female)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: “rain”

Glaw (male/female)

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “rain”

Mazin (male)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “rain clouds”

Puleng (female)

Origin: African

Meaning: “in the rain”

Indra (male)

Origin: Indian, Hinduism

Meaning: “possessing drops of rain

Brennan (male)

Origin: Irish

Meaning: “rain, moisture, drop”

Lokni (male)

Origin: American

Meaning: “rain falling through the roof”

Anan (male)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “cloud”

Talia (female)

Origin: Russian

Meaning: “rain from heaven”

Varsha (female)

Origin: Hindu

Meaning: “rain”

Reva (female)

Origin: Hindi

Meaning: “rain”

Names That Mean Air

Aria (female)

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “air”

Makani (male)

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “wind”

Ilma (female)

Origin: Finnish

Meaning: “air”

Zeru (male)

Origin: Basque

Meaning: “sky”

Ciela (female)

Origin: Esperanto

Meaning: “heavenly”

Neil (male)

Origin: Irish

Meaning: “cloud”

Paloma (female)

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “dove”

Anil (male)

Origin: Indian

Meaning: “air, wind”

Alizeh (female)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: “wind”

Nephele (female)

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “cloud”

Final Thoughts

The name given to a baby is one of the first things parents-to-be think about as they await the arrival of their baby – because names have a way of shaping the destiny of a child. So, focusing on water names helps you to narrow down your search.

Therefore, choose from the highlighted class of names such as girl names meaning water, or boy names that mean water, or native American boy names, or native American names for girls, or water goddess name, Japanese girl names meaning water, or cute Island names for girl, or cute Island names for boy, or girl names that mean ocean, or names that mean ocean for a boy, or water nymph names, or names meaning rain, or the names that mean air. 

Have a safe delivery!

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