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5 Best Ovulation Kits (& how to use them for best results)

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Are you having difficulties getting pregnant? Or you have had the same gender from your previous births and you are looking forward to having a different gender? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are reading through the right material because here, you will discover the best ovulation kit that can help you to provide solutions and answers to your many questions.

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The best ovulation kits will help you to predict your most fertile periods which will, in turn, increase your chances of conceiving. These ovulation kits can guide you on the best time to have intercourse. They are very affordable and easy to use at home.

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Even if you have a challenge on how to use it, this article will properly educate you on how to use it and get maximum results doing so.

What Is An Ovulation Kit?

An ovulation kit is used to monitor fertility in a woman by detecting when the LH (luteinizing hormone) surge takes place before the release of an egg. The surge guides you on the best time to have fruitful sexual intercourse.

The tests signify that your body is about to reach the peak of your cycle.

When To Take Ovulation Test After A Period

The ovulation period is very important and ought to be carried out appropriately if you are looking forward to becoming a mother. The days are few in every cycle and therefore must be discovered and guided by doing the needful in those few days.

If it is your first time using any of the best ovulation kits, it is safe to start carrying out the test immediately after your period ends in order not to miss the surge.

What Time Of The Day To Take Ovulation Test

Anytime the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in a woman’s body rises, ovulation is triggered which happens to be the most fertile period in the woman’s cycle. Hence being able to track it, puts you on the verge of conceiving.

The LH surge starts between midnight and around 8 am which can be discovered in your urine within three to six hours after and that’s why it is better to test the levels of LH with your second urine in the morning.

Also, because of the tendency to miss the surges, it is best that as you get closer to the time of your expected ovulation, carry out the test twice in the day which is in the mornings and evenings. 

Best Ovulation Test For Irregular Period

Irregular periods can be described as a menstrual cycle that is not up to 21days or exceeds 36days. A menstrual cycle may also be termed irregular when it varies significantly monthly. For instance, if in month 1, your cycle was 24days while in month 2, you had a cycle of 32 days then in month 3 it goes to 29 days.

The challenge is that if you happen to be a victim of the latter scenario, you may find it difficult to conceive and this may require the assistance of a doctor unlike the former which is still safer if it is the same length monthly.  

Since timing is important in carrying out an ovulation test, it becomes quite difficult to track when your ovulation period, which ought to be 14 days before your next period.

The good news is that aside from using the test kits, the symptoms associated with ovulation are easy to notice and so can be a guide to help you know the best time to give it a try.

Signs That Your Ovulation Will Happen Soon

Cervical Mucus

As you near ovulation, you may notice raw-egg-white-like mucus or wet cervical mucus, this is the best time for you to have sexual intercourse.

Increased Sex Desire

If you happen to be a victim of irregular periods, you may watch out for times when you tend to desire sex more because it signifies that you are probably ovulating or close to ovulating which is often the best time to try.

Ovulation Pain

Ovulation pain, also known as mittelschmerz in German is a mid-cycle that some women experience monthly. This pain occurs at the lower abdomen which signifies that ovulation is about to take place and it is usually the most fertile period of a woman. Unfortunately, this pain which is usually mild may be a severe one for some other women and therefore may prevent them from having intercourse at the best time they have the highest chances to conceive.

Don’t hesitate to see your doctors if you notice you are having severe mid-cycle pain.

If you are having irregular periods and also trying to conceive, this can be a great tool for you. 

Increase In Basal Body Temperature

Although this may not be a perfect tool to check your ovulation period because different occasions can give rise to the body temperature such as quality of sleep, type of food consumed illness, and level of activity.

Breast Tenderness

This only gives you an assurance that you have ovulated because it occurs as a result of the hormones produced by your body after ovulation has occurred but it cannot be used to track the period of ovulation.

Cervical Changes Position

Your cervix can be felt at the end of your vagina. When you touch it, it is usually hard but once you are near ovulation, your cervix moves higher making it difficult for you to reach it, it also becomes softer and opens up slightly.

Daily Sexual Intercourse

Sometimes the tools listed above may not be accurate for you so you should have sex every day so that you can be at an advantage of even having sex during your most fertile season. 

Best Ovulation Kits Over The Counter

Some over the counter ovulation kits include;

Ovaview Sensitive Ovulation Kit

Photo of Ovaview; one of the best ovulation kits

If you want one of the best for a cheaper price ovulation kit, you should opt for Ovaview. Although a bit technical yet has good reviews from previous users.

Ovusense Ovulation Test

Photo of Ovusense; one of the best ovulation kits

Users of Ovusense proved the efficiency of this kit and have been rated as one of the best. With it, you will be in control of your fertility.

Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test

photo of Clearblue; one of the best ovulation kits

This is one of the recommended kits by doctors as it has earned the trust of many. It has both ovulation and pregnancy test brands and it can be used as a strip or stick test.

Natalist Ovulation Test

Photo of Natalist; one of the best ovulation kits

This is one of the best ovulation kits that is beautiful in and out because it has beautiful packaging, design and is perfect for use. This kit includes clear instructions that can put you through all

Pearl Fertility Ovulation Test

Photo of Pearl; one of the best ovulation kits

Pearl fertility ovulation test is one of the best ovulation kits over the counter although not like the usual blurred line kit for predicting ovulation. It has fifteen strips that are used in measuring your hormones for the prediction of your fertile period.

It has an app that enables you to upload your strips photos for precise reading. With the app, you can get the accurate LH and FSH hormone level and also reveals your expected window about 6 days ahead.

It is perfect for women who have irregular cycles because, after every test, it updates you with the expected fertile period about 6days ahead.

Best Way To Use Ovulation Kit

For an effective result, there are two methods for testing your fertility. You can use urine-based or saliva-based.

Urine-based for predicting ovulation

To carry out the urine-based test, follow the steps below.

  • Pee on the stick
  •  A colored band will show up on the stick
  • If the test card shows a positive sign, this means an LH surge is taking place and ovulation may occur within the next 2 days.

To make use of your ODK (Ovulation Detection Kit)

  • Take some sample of your urine at about the same every time each day 
  •  Do not take much fluid at least two hours before making use of the ovulation kit. Excess fluid will make it difficult to detect your LH surge because it dilutes the urine.
  • Go through the results given on the test card within the specified time indicated on the instructions. ( a positive result is usually darker unlike the faint color given by a negative result)
  • You can now dispose of the test stick


Saliva based For Predicting Ovulation

If you want to predict ovulation using your saliva, follow the steps below.

  •  Add a drop of your saliva on the slide and allow it to dry.
  • View the slide using a microscope.
  • If ovulation is starting soon, a fern-like pattern will be displayed under the microscope.

For Ovulation Detection

  • Do not allow anything to go through your mouth before the test. Don’t even brush your teeth.
  • Add a drop of your saliva on the surface of the slide and allow it to dry.
  • View the slide using a microscope.

Best Ovulation Prediction for Gender Selection

If all your previous births have been same-sex and you desire the other sex, there is what you need to do to either have a girl or boy. Although many times this is not the case of a woman who hasn’t had any child and all that she looks forward to is having a healthy child.

For The Female Gender

If you desire a baby girl, you should have sex three days before the day of ovulation and avoid intercourse for some days to increase your chances of having a baby girl.

This theory was arrived at based on the activities of the different set of chromosomes that makes up a baby. Every woman carries X chromosomes while the men usually have the X and Y chromosomes, making the man the main determinant of gender.

The Y chromosomes are often lighter and faster to fertilize the eggs released in the woman during ovulation. So for you to have a baby girl, have sex much earlier before the eggs are released so that by the times the eggs are released, the Y chromosomes would have exhausted their energy giving room for the X chromosomes that are stronger to fertilize the eggs.

For The Male Gender

For couples that desire a boy, having sex on the day of ovulation while you avoid having intercourse before and after ovulation will increase the chances of having a boy.

This is believed that this theory is effective because the Y chromosomes are usually faster and will fertilize the eggs released quickly. So having sex on the day ovulation will increase your chances of having a baby boy.

What you need to know

The truth is that there is no scientific proof on how to have a specific gender but some of these methods are said to be true to an extent.

Are Ovulation Kits Accurate

Ovulation kits have been proven to be more accurate when compared to temperature and calendar-based methods when testing for ovulation.

Ovulation Predictors can help you to accurately predict your LH before ovulation though they can prove if ovulation truly occurred within the two days that followed. This is because some women may experience a surge without having an egg released which will cause them to have a false-positive result.

Final Thoughts

Being a mother is the dream of every woman and so it could hurt so much when you are finding it difficult to conceive. With the use of the Ovulation kit for prediction and detection, you will be able to track your most fertile period and do the needful immediately to improve your chances of conceiving.

Also, if you are in search of a particular gender – the steps highlighted in this article could be used to boost your chances.

Some of the best ovulation kits guarantee accuracy in your test results. More so, you will also find out how to carry out the two main ways of predicting and detecting ovulation. 

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